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2022 Springtime CBD Traveling Tips

Spring is in the air, which means that the majority of our CBD friends are getting ready to book a flight so that they can enjoy a springtime getaway.  Now, CBD is legal on a federal level throughout the country.  However, many users wonder if these laws apply to air travel as well.

As you’ll see, the laws regarding flying with CBD are a bit, well, complicated.  However, lots of users successfully travel with CBD every day, and, therefore, you should not have any problems. 

But, before you throw your CBD into your suitcase, read these tips thoroughly first.  We will be explaining the ways in which to travel with it. That way, you do not raise any red flags and risk having your precious hemp confiscated.

While CBD is legal according to federal law, the TSA does not agree.  According to the TSA, anything that is derived from cannabis is illegal and therefore subject to confiscation.  However, if you do some research, you’ll quickly find that it’s extremely rare that CBD gets confiscated.

The reason why is because the TSA does not really care about your CBD.  What the TSA cares about is your safety as a passenger. So, what they are really looking for are weapons and other dangerous items that people might be trying to bring with them on a plane.  Now, of course, if you happen to be traveling with an illegal drug, the TSA is still allowed to contact the police. 

While CBD technically is not allowed on a flight, it’s more than likely that your TSA agent just won’t care if they come across it.  What really matters is that you follow the TSA’s guidelines in order to get through security without any hiccups.

CBD technically is not allowed on a flight

Tips for Taking CBD on a Plane

These tips follow both the TSA guidelines and some common advice in general.

Tip #1: Follow the TSA’s General Guidelines

The TSA makes it perfectly clear how they would like you to pack your items.  They have specific rules about where certain items can go in your luggage and how much of certain items you can take with you.  For instance, when it comes to liquids, the TSA is strict about amounts.  Follow all of these guidelines as closely as possible if you want to get through security without raising any eyebrows.  After all, failing to follow their guidelines can cause them to want to search your things more thoroughly. Meaning, it’s more likely they’ll confiscate your CBD.

Tip #2: Be Courteous

TSA agents are not your enemies.  They are really just doing their job.  So, it is important not to be rude to them while you go through security, especially if you want them to let your CBD bottle fly.  Smile and say “thank you”, then go along your way for the smoothest experience possible.

Tip #3: Check the Laws in Your Destination

Once you get off that plane, you’re entering a new territory that may have laws related to CBD that are different from what you’re used to at home.  Always check the specific CBD laws in your destination so that you do not accidentally do anything illegal and risk getting penalized.  Be extra careful if you are traveling to another country as some countries have made it completely illegal to carry CBD.

Tip #4: Carry-On is the Way to Go

Checked bags are by nature subjected to more thorough searching. That’s why many CBD users suggest storing your product in your carry-on luggage. 

Tip #5: Bring Any Documents

Just in case your CBD bottle does raise an eyebrow or two, we recommend bringing any documentation relating to the product that you may have.  For instance, many CBD products come with lab results that verify the chemical breakdown of the product.  This can be used to assure any suspicious agents that what you’re carrying is, in fact, not marijuana or another federally illegal substance.

And, if you’ve paperwork from a doctor claiming that you are taking CBD for wellness reasons, absolutely bring that along as well.  TSA agents are likely to be way more lenient if you are taking CBD as a form of treatment for a condition that you have. 

Tip #6: Keep the Product in the Original Package (If Possible)

If you can, keep the CBD in its original packaging.  A TSA agent might interpret a blank bottle of liquid or capsules as a drug or even a potential explosive.  If they can clearly see that what you’re traveling with is a commercial CBD product, they will be less suspicious.

Tip #7: Remember That Every TSA Agent is Different

Maybe you’ve flown a hundred times with CBD and you have found that your TSA agents don’t bat an eye at your big tincture bottle.  Therefore, you feel like you can relax a bit and not follow those guidelines so strictly.  However, you really should never let your guard down.  Every TSA agent has their own unique priorities. And, you will likely run into one who is extremely strict at some point or another.  Keep in mind every airport also has its own rules, so keep that in mind before thinking that you can be a little more lax while you pack for your trip.

Tip #8: Do Not Vape Your CBD in the Airport or on the Plane

It is completely illegal to vape inside an airport and on a plane.  Doing either of these things can land you in jail, or, at the very least, cause you to pay a really hefty fine.  If you must take CBD before flying, which we completely understand, consider taking an edible, capsule, drinkable, or even a tincture instead.  Just plan ahead as these methods of consumption can take a little longer to take effect.

Do Not Vape Your CBD in the Airport or on the Plane
Female tourists on hand have a happy travel map.

Traveling with CBD Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

While CBD’s not exactly allowed, the TSA doesn’t really seem to care that much when they do come across it.  Just follow these guidelines in order to travel with it in a way that does not raise any suspicion while you cross through security.

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