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4 Reasons to Choose CBN Oil Tinctures

Updated September 6th, 2020

Tinctures are easy to take, they come in a wide variety of tasty flavors, and they work pretty quickly.

When we think of tinctures, we tend to think of CBD isolate varieties or ones that contain full or broad spectrum hemp extract.  But, there’s a new type of hemp tincture in town, and it’s CBN.  Now, if you’ve never heard of CBN, we don’t blame you.  While hemp continues to climb in popularity, society tends to fixate on CBD, which, in fact, is just one of the many compounds that’s native to the hemp plant.

But, as more studies are done on the hemp plant, we’re learning a great deal about the other fascinating compounds that exist, with CBN being one of them.  In fact, CBN has been shown to have such unique properties that we’re now seeing CBN isolate products hit the market at last, with great success.

Today, we’ll be talking about CBN tinctures.  CBN tinctures are oral tinctures that combine CBN isolate with a carrier oil.  They’re taken just like standard hemp tinctures, and they absorb into the body in the same manner.  Only, as you’ll see, CBN is a unique compound that deserves its own formulation.

What is CBN?

Most of us know that the hemp plant is uniquely rich in a wide array of compounds.  One class of compounds is cannabinoids, and these compounds are highly unique because unlike other plant compounds, they feed the body’s endocannabinoid system directly.  This bodily system is found in every mammal and seems to have a lot to do with the regulation of bodily processes such as mood and cognitive function, among other things.  Cannabinoid receptors, as it turns out, exist all throughout the body, including the skin, the muscles, the brain and the body’s natural defenses.  These cannabinoid receptors easily receive cannabinoids that come from the hemp plant and use them for regulation purposes.

The cannabinoid that we always hear about is, of course, CBD.  And, that’s for good reason.  CBD has been found to offer many unique properties, and the endocannabinoid system knows how to put CBD to good use.

However, we also know that the endocannabinoid system is just as eager to utilize other cannabinoids, with CBN being one of them.  In fact, CBN has properties that are different from CBD, especially in regard to appetite.

The main reason why CBN is becoming so popular is because it appears that it can be a more calming compound.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that people who seek out CBN tend to be those trying to manage occasional overwhelm in a natural way.

How is a CBN Tincture Produced?

To produce a CBN tincture, you need to start with CBN isolate.  When the hemp plant is run through an extraction process, its chemical compounds, which include cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, are carefully lifted from the plant material.  The plant material is then discarded, as it no longer contains the desirable compounds.  The result is a concentrated oil that contains the full variety of compounds found in hemp.  Among these compounds are CBD and CBN.

A CBN isolate is a concentrate containing only CBN, without any of the other compounds.  To produce this, CBN is isolated and removed from the hemp concentrate, and accumulated to produce a decent amount of pure CBN.  A lot of plant material must be used to make this, as there’s less CBN in the hemp plant than CBD.

Now, a company can use this CBN isolate to make a tincture.  All that they need to do is combine the CBN with a carrier oil.  Then, they can add flavors if they so choose.

Like most CBD products, CBN tinctures come in a variety of milligram strengths, bottle sizes and flavors.  They are taken in the same manner as any hemp tincture.

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose a CBN Oil Tincture

Now, let’s talk about what makes a CBN tincture so unique.  As you’ll see, this type of product has a lot to offer.

Reason #1: CBN Tinctures Can Work Quickly

The sublingual tissue beneath the tongue is known for being highly absorbent.  This means that it absorbs compounds such as CBN very quickly compared to other parts of the body.  For this reason, CBN tinctures can act fast, which is great for those who are looking to experience its properties in a short period of time.  Most people find that a CBN tincture activates in the system within fifteen to thirty minutes.

Reason #2: CBN Tinctures Can Stay Active in the System for a Long Time

This means that a single dose taken in the morning may get you through those rough first few hours at work.  If you’re trying to maximize your CBN usage to enjoy its properties for as long as possible, a tincture is a great option.

Reason #3: CBN Tinctures are Great for Bedtime

A lot of people who use CBN isolate like to take it before bedtime, and this is because of its unique properties and the way in which it interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain.

Reason #4: CBN Tinctures are Easy to Use

CBN tinctures are easy to dose out due to the dropper bottles that contain a full dose per dropper amount.  And, they don’t require any special equipment, such as a vaping device.  They can be taken anywhere at any time, meaning that you don’t have to wait to take a dose as needed.  As an added bonus, they can taste delicious because many of them are made with flavoring extracts that come from natural sources.

You May Just Find that CBN is What Has Been Missing from Your Daily Routine

CBN is quickly becoming a highly desirable compound in the hemp plant, so much so that manufacturers are starting to produce tincture formulas made with CBN isolate.  If you want to learn more about this fascinating cannabinoid, the best way to do so is to try it out for yourself.  Seek out a CBN tincture from a company known for making high-quality hemp goods.


Joshua Willard (Freelance CBD Content Writer/Editor)

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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