8 Creative Ways to Enjoy Delta-8 THC

Delta-8 THC is perhaps the second most popular psychoactive cannabinoid of all time – after, of course, delta 9 THC.  Being 30% milder in terms of its high, it’s great for those times when you want to enjoy a psychoactive effect while keeping a relatively clear and focused mind.  This also makes it particularly good for creative activities. How? Well, since it can act as a source of inspiration without taking away from your ability to concentrate on the creative process.  

So, how can you enjoy the creative delta-8 THC side of things in your life?  Let’s find out.

What is the Actual Driving Force Behind Creativity?

Creativity is engineered by the brain’s frontal lobe.  It refers to the use of imagination or original ideas to craft something of usefulness. Although this frequently pertains to artistic work, creative thinking, also known as “divergent thinking”, can, believe it or not, be utilized in numerous facets of our lives.

Divergent thinking is a recurrent “scientific measure” of creativity.  The obverse of convergent thinking, which’s quite sequential and positions for reaching a single solution to a problem; divergent thinking utilizes both creativity and imagination to generate multiple answers and options to resolve an issue.  In psychology literature, divergent thinking is overly used as a head-on synonym for creativity.

How to Explore Your Creative Side with the Help of Delta-8 THC

So, now the fun part begins.  Taking your creative side and giving it that extra jolt if you will, by taking federally compliant delta 9 THC.

Creative Way #1: Find Your Inner Poet

Creative writing is one of the most rewarding hobbies of all, since it can give us a sense of accomplishment while being incredibly therapeutic.  And, it doesn’t cost much – all that you need is a pen and paper.  Delta 8 can give us some pretty profound thoughts that are worth jotting down, especially when they’re of the introspective nature.  Writing poetry after taking delta 8 is a great way to get those thoughts out

of our system in a way that’s creatively rewarding, and emotionally gratifying at the same time.

Creative Way #2: Channel Your Culinary Abilities

If you’re someone who loves to cook or bake, see what delta 8 can do for your culinary hobby.  It can help you come up with new ideas for recipes, or simply enjoy making a classic recipe like never before.  It’s no secret that delta 8 can increase your appetite, and this can make you feel more engaged while you’re flexing your baking or cooking skills.  You can even consider making homemade delta 8 edibles with some raw flower or a pure tincture formula, to keep the delta 8 high going for hours.

Creative Way #3: Get Moving

Sometimes, the simplest yet most effective way to release our creative energy is to simply move our bodies.  Creative movement, in the form of dance or yoga, can be intensely therapeutic, and doesn’t require any particular skillset.  Put on some inspiring music and allow your body to move freely.  Movement is one of the most ancient forms of creative expression and can be powerfully healing at the same time.

Creative Way #4: Explore Some Visual Art

Many of us used to draw, paint, sculpt or engage in photography when we were younger.  But, it seems like our visual artistic hobbies are the first to take a backseat once our lives become more complicated with work, family life and so on.  Delta 8 can be the perfect way to get back into that creative mindset, and also rediscover our natural artistic gifts.  If inspiration is nowhere to be found, consider taking some delta 8 with you the next time you visit a museum, to get some ideas and take them home with you.

Creative Way #5: Try Playing Some Music

Music is a highly therapeutic hobby, and delta 8 THC can help us with any form of musical expression by helping us enjoy the process without the anxiety about whether or not we’re musically talented enough.  Just sitting down at the piano, strumming a guitar, singing along to a song or producing on our laptop can be all the more rewarding when we’re doing so with delta 8 in our system.  It can help us come up with new musical ideas, rediscover our natural talent or just get something out of our system emotionally through the power of sound.

Creative Way #6: Redecorate Your Space

If you’ve been meaning to give your space an upgrade but haven’t known where to begin, delta 8 can help.  It can help you see the rooms of your home with fresh eyes, and it can encourage you to redecorate in a way that’s more artistic, and more in line with your one-of-a-kind point of view.  Whether it be just painting your walls a new color or doing a complete gut job in your bathroom, delta 8 can give you the visual inspiration you need to create a space that’s true to you.

Creative Way #7: Get Crafty

There’s never a bad time to engage in some good old crafting, but so rarely do we make the time for it.  Well, delta 8 THC may give you that push to create something, by helping you feel locked into the process without the distractions of daily life bogging you down.  Even if you don’t consider yourself a particularly crafty person, there’s plenty that you can create to feel a sense of accomplishment and be proud of your work.  The internet is full of ideas for crafts compatible with every skillset. 

Creative Way #8: Plan That Creative Side Gig

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of launching a side gig that relies on your most innate talents, but just haven’t known where to start.  The way that delta 8 can increase our creativity can give us that push we need to take the plunge.  Next time you take the cannabinoid, ask yourself what it is that you want to do with your free time, to both engage in your creative side and make some extra cash from your unique skills.  Delta 8’s uplifting properties can give you the optimism and enthusiasm you need to make it happen at last.

What are You Waiting For? Embrace Your Creative Side with Delta-8 THC!

Delta 8 promotes a psychoactive high that is soothing and creativity-enhancing, yet mild enough to keep you locked into your favorite creative hobbies.  Keep in mind though, that finding the right dosage level is also essential, since there is a fine line between being creative and having thoughts, and being too high in the clouds so-to-speak.

If you want to explore all that this cannabinoid can do as a muse, then check out the lab-tested, potent, and cleanly formulated delta 8 products that we offer at Pure CBD Now. From vapes to gummies, dabs and flower, and everything else in between, we got you creative delta-8 THC needs covered!

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