8 Creative Ways to Enjoy THC-O

Did you know THC-O-Acetate (THC-O) is the newer cannabinoid that has gotten everyone talking? This is all thanks to its potent high which is 3x that of delta 9 THC.  It’s also incredibly euphoric, since it has the potential to produce mild psychedelic effects according to some of its users.  If you’re looking for a cannabinoid that has the ability to boost your creativity, THC-O is an easy choice. 

What is the Actual Driving Force Behind Creativity?

Creativity is engineered by the brain’s frontal lobe.  It refers to the use of imagination or original ideas to craft something of usefulness.  Although this frequently pertains to artistic work, creative thinking, also known as “divergent thinking”, can actually be utilized in many ways of our lives.

Divergent thinking is a recurrent “scientific measure” of creativity.  The obverse of convergent thinking, which’s quite sequential and positions for reaching a single solution to a problem; divergent thinking utilizes both creativity and imagination to generate multiple answers and options to resolve an issue.  In psychology literature, divergent thinking is overly used as a head-on synonym for creativity.

How to Explore Your Creative Side with the Help of THC-O

So, now the fun part begins.  Taking your creative side and giving it that extra jolt if you will, by taking THC-O.

Creative Way #1: Tackle a Neglected Space in Your Home

Being creative doesn’t have to mean painting a masterpiece or writing a song.  It can be something that’s practical, like finally starting that home project.  THC-O’s powerful intoxicating qualities can give you a fresh perspective on a neglected area in your house or apartment that could use an upgrade, whether it be new tile, some inspiring artwork to hang or simply a new color for your walls.  Home improvement doesn’t have to be boring when you have a cannabinoid like THC-O to enhance your artistic side.

Creative Way #2: Give Adult Coloring a Try

Adult coloring is a 21st Century phenomenon thanks to its powerfully therapeutic nature that’s often overlooked.  Simply coloring in shapes with handpicked colors can act as a highly meditative experience. Thus, enhancing our sense of mindfulness as we engage in a form of art therapy that requires zero technical skills.  Today, you can find all kinds of adult coloring books out there, to get started.  THC-O can enhance your ability to focus, while getting more of a gratifying experience out of such a seemingly simple act; due to its ability to help us feel more inspired by shape and color.

Creative Way #3: Get Outside and Paint Nature

Speaking of the visually enhancing nature of THC-O, one of the best ways to spend an afternoon on the cannabinoid is to get outside with a canvas, some brushes and some paint.  Painting is an immensely relaxing hobby, as is being surrounded by nature, and you can bring these two things together all while getting more out of the day with the cannabinoid’s psychoactive properties.  You don’t need to be a master of technical painting skills in order to feel a sense of accomplishment, and to feel like you’re letting some creative energy out of your system.

Creative Way #4: Go on a Nature Walk and Bring Back Some Mementos

THC-O and nature go hand in hand.  Psychoactive cannabinoids can help us be more present as we explore the sights, sounds and smells of the great outdoors.  That’s why a nature walk can be incredibly rewarding. Whether you embark on a lengthy afternoon hike or just go for a walk through your local park.  A way to tap into your creative juices is to find something that speaks to you on your nature walk and bring it back with you, whether it be river rocks, wildflowers or anything that catches your eye.  From there, you can make a display to bring the outdoors in.

Creative Way #5: Take a Pottery Class

Maybe you’re looking to start a new artistic hobby but don’t know where to start.  Taking a pottery class is a great way to get more out of your THC-O experience.  THC-O enhances our sensory perception while helping us feel more present and uplifted in the moment.  A pottery class comes with plenty of sensory stimuli – particularly the feeling of the materials against our hands – while giving us a new artistic perspective to make something that’s truly spectacular.  Who knows – maybe you’ll be able to turn it into a side gig?

Creative Way #6: Start an Upcycling Project

Upcycling is the art of taking an old object and giving it new life.  An example would be taking a beat up antique dresser that you find on the side of the road, and giving it a paint job and some new drawer knobs to transform it into a beautiful yet extremely functional work of art.  Upcycling is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon when you’re looking for a project that leaves you walking away with a sense of achievement.  And, THC-O can inspire you to really make the most of this creative time.  You can find plenty of “upcyclable” items by just checking out your local listings – you’d be surprised by what some people consider old junk.

Creative Way #7: Get Creative with Essential Oils

Of all of the 5 senses that we like to get creative with, one of the most neglected is our sense of smell.  THC-O works on all 5 of the senses, and you’re missing out if you’re not exploring each one through your psychoactive state.  One way to get creative with your sense of smell is to make some DIY essential oil blends.  Grab a bunch of essential oils and read up on their properties, blending them together to derive different effects.  For example, you can create an essential oil blend that’s perfect for when you’re looking to unwind, by mixing together lavender, rosemary, and clary sage oils.

Creative Way #8: Jot Down Your Thoughts

More people are getting into the practice of journaling, because they find that it’s actually quite healing to write their thoughts and feelings down onto paper rather than keeping them pent up inside.  With THC-O, you can enjoy a more stream-of-consciousness thought process that can give your writing a fresh new perspective.

What are You Waiting For? Enjoy a More Creative High with THC-O Today!

THC-O-Acetate truly is a unique hemp derivative with the potential to produce a strong psychoactive experience complete with creativity-enhancing effects.  Remember, finding the right dosage level is also essential, since there is a fine line between being creative and having thoughts, and then being too high in the clouds so-to-speak If you’re ready to see what THC-O can do for your creative side, look no further than the products at Pure CBD Now.  That way, you know you’re getting authentic, cleanly formulated, lab-tested, and bioavailable THC-O products for maximum satisfaction.

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