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Best Americana Uncut CBD Products

One of the best companies on the hemp market right now is Americana Uncut, a brand that prioritizes purity levels, natural formulations, and sourcing only the finest hemp plant material on the planet.  They are known for their “uncut” vape cartridges, stunning flower selection, and other products which make it easy for us to enjoy highly bioavailable CBD on a daily basis. That’s why we have come up with the best of the best products from this great company.

First, About Americana Uncut

Did you know Americana Uncut was one of the first hemp brands to emphasize natural formulas with minimal ingredients? This allows those desirable compounds of hemp to speak for themselves.  One of the brand’s secrets to success is working closely and carefully with the most experienced hemp farmers in the United States. Why? To ensure maximum quality that starts with the seeds themselves.  If potency and purity are important to you, then you’ll want to explore this company’s impressive and extensive catalog.

#10: Americana CBD Flower Buds Suzy-Q

Ready to give flower a try? You’ll want to check out Suzy-Q flower buds from Americana Uncut. Suzy-Q is an extremely sought-after strain developed specifically for CBD enthusiasts wanting to feel the many properties for which CBD is known.  This strain has a sweet, fruity taste with strong notes of pine that many find hugely appealing. Not to mention, the perfect cannabidiol concentration. Receive a quarter-ounce of raw flower buds, which can be smoked, vaped or even cooked with.

Choose Americana CBD Flower Buds Suzy-Q Because…

  • Pure, raw hemp for maximum bioavailability
  • No stems or seeds
  • Naturally, full spectrum
  • Extremely popular strain
  • Great terpene flavor profile

#9: Americana Silicone CBD Flower Pipe (Marley)

Americana Uncut offers a rich selection of pure, raw hemp flower buds picked from the best hemp farms throughout America.  One of the best ways to experience this exquisite flower is with a quality pipe, like an Americana Silicone CBD Flower Pipe in Marley, a unique color pattern that pays tribute to a legend.  Pipe is made from silicone in order to be virtually indestructible. Great for clumsier enthusiasts who tend to break their glass pipes. Has the perfect airflow as well to accommodate your daily hemp-smoking needs, while being the right size for travel should you want to enjoy some fresh flower while on the go.  Also is dishwasher-friendly and fits into any pocket or purse easily, while requiring minimal maintenance.

Choose Americana Silicone CBD Flower Pipe (Marley) Because…

  • Extremely durable silicone
  • Vibrant color pattern for visual impact
  • Perfect for smoking your favorite flower
  • Easy to clean
  • Travel-friendly

#8: Americana Premium CBD Shake (4 Grams)

Tired of grinding your flower buds just to enjoy a quick and satisfying smoke?  Look no further than the Americana Premium CBD Shake, one of the only of its kind which conveniently provides you with the loose shake of the buds so that zero grinding or pulling apart is required.  This shake is easy to insert into a pipe or vaporizer chamber, roll up into papers or even bake with to make delicious edibles.  It is derived from three extremely popular sativa strains: Hawaiian Haze, Suzy-Q and Blueberry Haze, promoting a fruity flavor profile that’s almost as irresistible as the properties of raw, natural flower grown organically in the finest farms throughout America.

Choose Americana Premium CBD Shake Because…

  • No grinding required
  • 3 exceptionally popular strains in one
  • Fresh and potent
  • Grown organically and domestically
  • 4 grams per bag

#7: Americana CBD Flower Buds Hawaiian Haze

Yet another excellent choice for your daily flower needs is the Americana CBD Flower Buds in Hawaiian Haze, a very beloved sativa strain that is uplifting while boasting a dreamy tropical fruity flavor that comes from its delectable terpenes.  You’ll receive an eighth of an ounce to last for quite a while and enjoy the sublime freshness of these buds which lends itself to stronger flavor and potency overall.  The buds are easy to break up to be used in various ways, including smoking, vaping, and making your own edibles and extracts.  Meanwhile, the flower is grown organically in the United States, and is therefore free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and other unwanted growing materials that can disrupt the purity of the compounds you’re seeking out.

Choose Americana CBD Flower Buds Hawaiian Haze Because…

  • Naturally full spectrum product
  • Raw, unprocessed flower for maximum bioavailability
  • Delicious tropical flavor from naturally occurring terpenes
  • Sativa effects
  • Extremely versatile

#6: Pure Disposable Vape Pen 350mg Full Spectrum Uncut CBD  

If you’re all about vaping the compounds of the hemp plant, you’ll love the Pure Disposable Vape Pen 350mg Full Spectrum Uncut CBD, which offers a full spectrum hemp extract derived from organic, locally grown hemp boasting a rich array of desirable cannabinoids, terpenes and more.  Available in a fresh selection of mouthwatering flavors, these disposables contain some of the purest and cleanest formulas inside of them while being extremely easy to use, as disposables require zero maintenance – not even charging – to enjoy them until you reach the last drop of CBD e-liquid.  It’s a great option for beginners who are unfamiliar with more advanced vaping hardware, while being extremely pocket-friendly for your convenience.

Choose Pure Disposable Vape Pen 350mg Full Spectrum Uncut CBD Because…

  • Highly portable
  • Easy to use
  • Fast-acting effects
  • Great flavor selection
  • Full spectrum hemp extract  

#5: Disposable Vape Pens Americana (4-Pack) Full Spectrum Uncut CBD

If disposables are appealing to you but you cannot decide which option you want, seek out the Disposable Vape Pens Americana (4-Pack) Full Spectrum Uncut CBD, with each disposable containing 350 milligrams of full spectrum hemp extract blended lovingly with 4 unique mouthwatering flavors to enjoy in rotation.  Each disposable is made from durable materials to last, and they require zero maintenance so that you can simply take them out of their packages and start enjoying puffs of vapor rich in your favorite cannabinoids and terpenes.

Choose Disposable Vape Pens Americana (4-Pack) Full Spectrum Uncut CBD Because…

  • 4 disposables for a great price
  • Easy to use and maintenance-free
  • Portable and reliable
  • 4 different delicious flavors
  • 350mg full spectrum hemp extract per disposable

#4: CBG Flower CBG Ice by Americana

To switch up your hemp flower routine, you might want to try the CBG Flower CBG Ice from Americana, which comes in different sizes bags to offer a whole lot of flower that you’ll likely have no trouble going through as it’s simply an exceptional choice for flower enthusiasts.  This CBG-heavy sativa strain is specifically bred or its cannabigerol content, allowing you to experience this unique cannabinoid that everyone is talking about in higher concentrations than what you’ll find in most buds on the market today.  With an 18.7% CBG level, it’s some of the most abundant that you’ll find in a natural, raw product.  With its skunky and earthy aroma profile, it’s certain to please even the most discerning hemp connoisseurs. 

Choose CBG Flower CBG Ice by Americana Because…

  • Powerful CBG effects
  • Uplifting sativa
  • Potent flavor and aroma
  • Useful in a variety of applications
  • Raw, unprocessed, and full spectrum  

#3: Americana Sport Full Spectrum CBD Rub/Salve Lavender 1oz 125mg or 2oz 250mg

If topicals are more your style, you don’t want to miss out on the Americana Sport Full Spectrum CBD Rub/Salve in Lavender, which comes in a 1oz 125mg or 2oz 250mg jar.  The all-natural formula is great for sensitive skin, while we can’t get enough of the calming lavender aroma that comes from the real plant, along with its fast-absorbing and non-greasy consistency that smooths and moisturizes the skin while the cannabinoids in hemp get deep into the tissue below.  Made with full spectrum hemp, each application dazzles with a rich array of cannabinoids, terpenes and phytonutrients that work together to supply you with what you’re looking for in a top-quality topical.

Choose Americana Sport Full Spectrum CBD Rub/Salve Lavender 1oz 125mg or 2oz 250mg Because…

  • Full spectrum
  • Great for targeting areas
  • 125mg per ounce
  • Absorbs quickly without a greasy residue
  • Calming lavender scent

#2: Americana Uncut CBD Cartridge 325mg or 650mg (Choose Terpenes)

Americana Uncut first hit the scene with a splash thanks to their exceptional CBD vape cartridges, offered in a wide array of popular strains long before other companies followed.  These cartridges remain some of the best on the market, simply put, with outrageously high purity levels and zero dilution agents like PG, VG or MCT oil.  The result is stellar potency levels for those who want to really feel the effects of full spectrum hemp in action.  Choose between two sizes to enjoy either 325 or 650mg.

Choose Americana Uncut CBD Cartridge 325mg or 650mg (Choose Terpenes)


  • Full spectrum hemp
  • Undiluted for max potency
  • Two size options
  • Very generous strain selection
  • Derived from organic, local hemp

#1: Americana Uncut CBD Vape Kit 325mg or 650mg (Choose Terpenes)

If you’re totally new to vaping CBD, then you’ll want to get not only a cartridge but the right vape pen.  With the Americana Uncut CBD Vape Kit, you’ll receive everything that you need to enjoy a thoroughly effective and satisfying vape routine with full spectrum hemp available in a multitude of delicious strains.  The vape cartridge is the same one described above, which comes with a 510-threaded reusable and rechargeable vape pen device with the perfect output capabilities for preserving both the flavor and potency of the compounds in the hemp plant. 

Choose Americana Uncut CBD Vape Kit 325mg or 650mg (Choose Terpenes) Because…

  • Full spectrum hemp
  • Reliable, reusable vaping device (included)
  • Organic hemp compounds
  • Uncut and pure
  • Available in numerous popular strains

Americana Uncut Has It Going On From One Part of the Country to the Other

Americana Uncut has gone to great lengths to provide us with some stunning CBD products over the years, and in addition to these products, there are plenty more that introduce desirable hemp compounds into the body through various bioavailable means, all while boasting some of the absolute best hemp plant material used throughout our industry.  So, check out these products and more at Pure CBD Now today!

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