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Can You Take More Than One Delta 10 Product?

Now that delta 10 products are making their way onto the market, we’re finding that more and more people are eager to try it in every way that they can.  Like cannabidiol (CBD) and delta 8 THC, delta 10 THC comes in a wide array of formulas, delivery methods and milligram strengths, letting us get picky about our daily routines with the cannabinoid.

Naturally, some people wish to try more than one delta 10 product to see how they feel, or to maximize the potential that delta-10 has by consuming it through two different means.

Is it Okay to Take Two Delta 10 Products?

Generally speaking, it is perfectly fine to take two delta 10 products in a day.  Delta 10 THC is nontoxic and taking multiple doses in a day is no more concerning than taking two doses of delta 8, or CBD for that matter. 

The only instance under which we would recommend being cautious about taking more than one product would be if you were taking a medication prescribed by your doctor, since we do not know yet whether or not delta-10 interacts with any medications.  If this is the case, simply speak to your doctor about your plans of taking delta10, as they can tell you whether or not it would be safe to proceed.

Taking Two Delta 10 Products at Once

So, taking two delta 10 products in a day is not a cause for concern, but what about taking two products at once?  Again, this is generally fine, because it’s really no different from taking an extra potent dose of one delta 10 product. 

Each type of delivery method has a unique onset time, duration of effects and potency due to its bioavailability, so taking two different delivery methods at once does not necessarily mean that both products are peaking in the body at the same time.  Allow us to clarify.

  • Tinctures: Take about 45 minutes before the effects are felt, and they last for up to 6 hours, at a medium potency level in terms of the overall effects.
  • Vapes: These include e-liquids, cartridges, and disposable devices.  They are effective within minutes, being highly potent compared to other methods, and wearing off after about an hour.
  • Flower: When inhaled, it has the same characteristics as vaping products.
  • Edibles: Can take up to 2 hours before the effects are felt, but they can last for 8 to 9 hours.  The effects tend to be subtler, and more prominent in the body rather than being almost exclusively cerebral.
  • Capsules: Ingested like edibles, but often peak in an hour to 90 minutes as their minimal ingredients help them absorb more quickly into the body.
  • Concentrates/Dabs: Extremely potent, so keep this in mind before adding a concentrate to an existing routine.  They tend to take effect almost instantly, wearing off in less than an hour.

Taking Two Delta 10 Products with CBD

Delta 10 THC and CBD do not interact with one another in a negative way, as cannabinoids from the same plant work synergistically in a way that’s largely favorable, balancing one another out for a more well-rounded experience.

What Should You Keep in Mind When Taking Two Delta 10 Products in 24-Hours?

If you want to take more than one delta 10 product per day, allow us to lay out some general guidelines so that your experience with multiple forms of delta-10 is as enjoyable as possible.

#1: Tolerance

Everyone’s tolerance to delta 10 THC is unique, as our endocannabinoid systems have varying levels of sensitivity to cannabinoids based on how many cannabinoid receptors we have.  Some people may find that a small dose of delta 10 gets them noticeably high, while others may require slightly heavier doses to feel anything at all.  Because of this, we do recommend that beginners start with just one dose of delta-10 each day to get a feel for their tolerance, and also because one’s tolerance to these effects tends to increase over time.

#2: Your Responsibilities

Taking two doses of delta 10 within short succession of one another is generally okay, but remember that if you’re driving, you should not take any delta-10 at all.  Also, taking two doses rather than one could interfere with work and other daily responsibilities, so be mindful of when you take your delta10 products to make sure that they can be enjoyed at a calmer time of the day.

#3: Delivery Methods

As we said, each delivery method is unique. 

  • Taking a capsule and an edible in the morning will mean that those two products peaks at the same time and last for the same amount of time in terms of their effects.
  •  Taking a delta 10 edible and a hit off your vape means that the vape will likely wear off just as the delta 10 edible is starting to kick in, due to differences in how these delivery methods affect us, as discussed above.

#4: Your Dosage Amounts

Of course, the size of your dosage matters.  Taking only half the recommended dosage amount of two different products is like taking one full dose of a single product and taking high doses of each will inevitably lead to more potent effects.

Recommended dosage

#5: How Potent Each Product is

The milligram strength of each product matters as well.  Delta 10 products, like CBD and delta 8 products, come in different milligram strength amounts as indicated by the manufacturer, with the milligram strength reflecting how potent each dose is according to the number of milligrams of delta-10 it contains.  Taking two low-potency delta10 products is quite different from taking two high-potency products, as you would expect.

#6: How Soon You Take One After Another

Timing also matters a lot.  If you take two delta 10 products in the morning, you’ll almost definitely experience an overlap period when you’re feeling the effects of both at the same time.  Meanwhile, taking one delta 10 product first thing in the morning one and another around bedtime means that there won’t be a period during which you’re feeling the high of both products at once.

#7: Strains

Delta 10 products come in different strains, as they contain terpenes taken from the hemp plant.  Each strain has its own unique effects thanks to its particular composition of terpenes, so taking two different delta 10 products, each with their own strain, will yield a unique experience due to the distinctive properties that each strain has.

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The Bottom Line: Doubling Up on Delta 10 is Totally Fine

Overall, there is nothing wrong with taking more than one delta 10 product in a day.  We also expect that many will do so, as they explore the various formulas that are hitting the market that introduce delta 10 THC into the body in unique ways.  Still, at the end of the day, as a first-timer, it’s really best to try one delta 10 product for about 2 weeks before adding another one into your routine, just to get a feel for your tolerance to this new cannabinoid.

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