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Updated 08/14/2020

Now that hemp cultivation has become legal in some parts of the world, widespread discussions about its unique properties have intensified. Since it is derived from hemp, a close relative of cannabis, people have apprehensions about this product. However, with widespread media coverage usage, it has steadily become common to use. CBD is one of the many cannabidiols that exist naturally in the Cannabis plant along with THC. There’s a difference between plants rich in CBD and those abundant in THC. 

CBD Oil is Curative

CBD rich oil is also used as a chief ingredient in vaping oil for use in e-cigarettes.

What is CBD Oil Derived From?

The cannabidiol oil is derived from flowers of cannabis plants and is concentrated in its resin glands or trichomes. These glands contain oil that is rich in CBD. It differs in quality and quantity between different strains of the cannabis plant. The active CBD available within the flower can be purified and concentrated using precise production techniques. When oil of high potency and concentration is derived from the glands, it can be used in a lesser dose. This lower dosage saves money. That’s because CBD oil is an expensive product but produces those desired effects.

Production of CBD oil

Industrial production of CBD oil is done by combining the cannabinoid-rich plant with other compounds. These consist of CO², butane, ethanol, olive oil, etc. All of which leave their residues in the final product. The most crucial part of CBD extraction is the selection of the right plant. The cost of the final product will depend on its potency and purity, which are controllable only via the oil extraction technique. [Source]

Carrier Oil Extraction Method

The carrier oil extraction method is regarded as the most inexpensive method of extracting. CBD oil extracted by this method will contain a dose of Omega-rich acids and minimalistic chemical residues in the pure oil. Usually, hemp seed oil or olive oil is used as a carrier in these methods. It’s the most effective way to extract resin from plants and flowers. The only drawback is the short shelf life of oil obtained in this manner. Although, it’s highly effective when taken orally or applied topically on the skin.

CO² Extraction or Decarboxylation Method

The CO² extraction (decarboxylation) method is considered the cleanest and most scientific approach. Referred to as sub-critical or super-critical CO², it uses carbon dioxide under different pressures to extract the medicinal oil. The CO2 extraction technique is among the most expensive methods of extraction due to the use of hi-tech equipment that can only be operated by trained personnel. The advantage of this technique is that the end product is the purest form of CBD oil, highly potent, and free of chlorophyll.

Extraction with Solvents

Being a relatively inexpensive method, extracting with solvents is preferred by small scale producers of CBD and THC oils. During extraction, this method uses solvents like butane, ethanol, and alcohol derived from grains. This method has several disadvantages, the worst of which is the potential of an explosion. At the same time, the second is the leftover residue of these solvents. Scientists and doctors advise against using this method, as it can make the end product unsafe for wellness use and make the existing wellness condition much worse. When there are unsafe residues in CBD oil, it reduces healing powers and can even compromise individuals’ wellness.

Extraction of Cannabis Oil with Grain Alcohol

This method yields therapeutic grade CBD oil of around two to four grams for each flower. With grain alcohol, there is minimal residue and impurities in the oil that should be consumed directly instead of vaping or smoking.

CBD Oils for Electronic Cigarettes

Only high-grade CBD oil is used to manufacture e-liquid or vaping oil used in electronic cigarettes. The vaping liquids used in both disposable and non-disposable electronic cigarettes are made with CBD oil, alkaline e-liquids, vegetable glycerin, flavors, and nicotine. However, buyers of e-liquid refills should carefully review all ingredients to ensure that they do not contain synthetic ingredients like propylene glycol or formaldehyde. The CBD oil that is extracted from these methods is thick in consistency unlike e-liquids which is used in e-cigarettes for vaping.

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Author: Joshua Willard (Freelance CBD Content Writer/Editor)

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