CBD Vape Oil: Finding the Perfect Temperature

Updated 08/13/2020

The history of smoking cannabis dates back to ancient times. Therefore, consuming CBD vape oil is merely a modern continuation of that trend. Vape pens provide an excellent level of control upon the amount of material vaporized and consumed. This quality alone contributes significantly to the widespread acceptance and popularity of vaping and vaping-related products. In this article, we discuss CBD vape oil and how to find the perfect vaping temperature. 

CBD Vape Oil: Finding the Perfect Temperature

There are a few critical findings when it comes to exploring the intricacies of cannabinoid boiling points. A temperature range exists in which the different cannabis compounds get released. However, the standard temperature for extracting a large selection of compounds comes to 185° C (365° F). However, the optimum temperature range for cannabis lies between 180 and 210° C (356 and 410° F). 

Guide to Different CBD Vape Oil Temperatures

The temperature range in which all kinds of cannabinoids evaporate is situated between 157 and 220° C (314.6 and 428° F).

  • THCVaporizes at 157° C (314.6° F) 
  • CBDVaporizes between 160 and 180° C (320 and 356° F)
  • Delta-8-THC: Vaporizes between 175 and 178° C (347 and 352.4° F)
  • CBN: Vaporizes at 185° C (365° F)
  • CBC: Vaporizes at 220° C (428° F)
  • THCV: Vaporizes at 220° C (428° F)

Note: Cannabis (marijuana) can combust in the region of 200 and 230° C (392 and 446° F). However, this is dependent upon humidity and many other environmental factors.


Flavonoids are a class of pigments extracted from plants. Along with terpenes, flavonoids are partially the cause of the smell, taste, and look of any given strain. 

The vaping temperatures (based upon the following studies) of various flavonoids are:


Terpenoids have a structural resemblance to terpenes and exist throughout nature. They contribute to the aromatic quality of plants by emitting distinct and unique fragrances of menthol, cloves, and cinnamon.

CBD Vape Oil Flavor

Consuming CBD vape oil is always a delight. Since flavor preference is widely dependent upon individual taste, it is unwise to recommend any particular one.

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Author: Joshua Willard (Freelance CBD Content Writer/Editor)

FDA Disclosure Statement: The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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