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Convection Vaping at Its Finest: CBD Flower Pens

Updated 08/17/2020

For consumers looking for a new way to experience hemp, we strongly suggest that you try out the selection of CBD Flower Pens at Pure CBD Now.  In fact, an influx of CBD users are gravitating toward this style of hemp consumption. 

Today, we’re going to be talking about the CBD Flower Pens that we offer, how they work, and how they differ from other hemp consumption methods.  This way, you’ll be able to make the right purchase.

What are CBD Flower Pens?

CBD Flower Pens are vaporizer devices designed to turn CBD flower into a vapor that can easily be inhaled through a mouthpiece.  They’re electronic devices that utilize convection to heat and vaporize the plant material, meaning that no smoke will actually be inhaled during the process.  They’re battery-operated, portable and easy to use. However, CBD flower pens vary in terms of power, features, and design. 

CBD Flower Pens utilize hemp CBD flower (the purest form of hemp available) rather than a hemp oil extract.  While CBD extracts undergo an extraction process that utilizes heat, pressure and other external factors, CBD flower is simply the dried flowers picked straight from the hemp plant during the harvesting season and carefully dried.

CBD flower is quite different from CBD extract in a number of ways.  For one thing, it’s often more cost-efficient.  Additionally, many users believe that since the hemp matter has not been subjected to an extraction process, the potency of the chemical compounds found within the plant material are more potent. 

Additionally, CBD flower is more potent in terms of flavor and aroma, which is quite appealing to many true cannabis enthusiasts.

A Quick Word on Conduction vs. Convection

Our selection of  CBD Flower Pens utilize the convection method as opposed to the conduction method.  Cannabis vaporizers use one method or the other to heat the plant material and turn it into a smooth vapor.  Convection, however, is widely considered superior for a number of reasons.  While conduction heats the plant material faster, it often does so unevenly, producing an inconsistent vaping session.  Additionally, it increases the risk of burning the plant material which can produce an unfavorable flavor and decreased potency.

Convection essentially pushes heat through the plant material rather than heating the base of the plant.  This allows for the plant material to be heated at an even rate, which increases the consistency of each hit, and produces a smoother vaping experience.  Additionally, it’s gentler on the plant material, ensuring that the integrity of the compounds remains intact. 

How are CBD Flower Pens Used?

CBD Flower Pens differ in design, which means that each one is used differently.  However, they all have many things in common.  There’s a compartment into which the flower goes, and this compartment contains a heating element that pushes heat through the plant material.  This compartment attaches to what’s known as a mod, which contains the device’s circuitry as well as the battery.  Most flower pens allow the user to adjust certain settings to better customize their experience according to their unique vaping needs and preferences.

Unique Qualities of Using CBD Flower Pens

CBD Flower Pens are considered ideal for those who wish to take in the raw, pure plant material, but do not want to smoke it.  Up until recently, the only way to consume raw hemp flower was to smoke it, and many people prefer not to inhale smoke because of certain respiratory issues or because of the strong smell.  Vaporizing the plant material using a CBD Flower Pen lets you get the full blast of pure, potent hemp without having to inhale any smoke because of the fact that the hemp plant is vaporized rather than combusted.

Using a CBD Flower Pen is also more discreet than smoking CBD flower.  The smell is far less pungent because of the fact that smoke carries more aroma molecules than vapor does.  And, the vapor that’s produced is far less thick and abundant than the smoke that is created from smoking CBD flower. 

Also, because no fire is being used to light the product, you don’t have to worry about accidental burning or causing a fire. 

How Do CBD Flower Pens Differ from More Traditional CBD Vaping Goods?

Many people first started their CBD journey by vaping a CBD oil.  Vaping a CBD oil is similar to using a CBD Flower Pen, except for the fact that the product being inhaled is the raw CBD flower rather than a concentrated hemp extract.

More users are switching to CBD Flower Pens from other methods for a number of reasons.  For one thing, many people find the idea of consuming the raw, unadulterated plant material far more appealing, especially considering the fact that the CBD industry is still unregulated.  CBD extracts are more difficult to monitor for quality compared to the raw plant material.  So, using the CBD flower rather than a CBD hemp extract allows a user to smell, touch and taste the plant material, which makes them feel assured that the product is the real thing.

Additionally, many find that vaping CBD flower provides a more potent experience, and this probably has to do with the fact that CBD flower has not been processed in any way, and therefore is at a smaller risk of having its compounds damaged during the manufacturing process. 

Lastly, it lets the user enjoy using a high-tech device that’s very easy to maintain and operate.

What Types of CBD Flower Pens Can I Choose From?

On our site, you’ll notice a nice selection that varies based upon a vaper’s needs.  From different sizes, output levels, and designs, all flower pens utilize the convection method for heating the plant material.  They’re all portable, user-friendly and constructed from quality materials to ensure reliability and durability, meaning you can trust that your device will last you for a long time.

A Must-Have Device for Vapers to Use!

CBD Flower Pens allow for the hemp plant to be taken in its purest, most unadulterated form, without having to inhale any smoke.  Essentially, this type of product gives you the best of both worlds, while making it easy to customize your hemp experience.  At Pure CBD Now, we offer a wide selection of convection-based CBD Flower Pens so that you can find the one that best suits your need for a more controlled and customized vaping experience.

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Joshua Willard (Freelance CBD Content Writer/Editor)

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