Creative Ways to Mask the Taste of Raw CBD Oil

While tinctures are perhaps the most effective method of administering a dose of CBD oil, a common complaint amongst consumers is their extremely pronounced organic, “earthy” taste. Several CBD companies offer a wide selection of flavored tinctures to combat this. Although, these often contain potentially harmful additives that many may wish to avoid. Therefore, the only remaining option is to find a unique method of masking the taste yourself at home. In this article, we discuss 10 creative ways to enhance your CBD experience.  

#1 Have A Drink Nearby

Many CBD vendors recommend keeping a drink handy to wash down the taste of raw CBD oil. This is perhaps the most obvious method. After administering a dose, take a few swigs from your favorite beverage to dispel the organic flavoring from your palate and taste buds. Many consumers claim coffee to be an ideal beverage to disperse the robust earthy flavor of a CBD oil. However, fruit juice and lemon water are additional palate-refreshing possibilities.  

#2 Brush Your Teeth Before Use

This may seem strange, but you could try brushing your teeth before dosing as an attempt to mask the tincture’s often unpleasant taste. If you have ever consumed any food or drink immediately after brushing your teeth, then you are already familiar with the resulting altered taste. Therefore, using a refreshing minty toothpaste could very easily overpower the piney taste of a CBD tincture.

#3 Place A Drop of Honey Under Your Tongue

As Mary Poppins so famously proclaimed, “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!” Honey is a potent organic sweetener that can effectively mask other flavors. Adding a drop of this incredibly sweet liquid under your tongue before adding the CBD tincture could allow for a more pleasant dosing experience for both your palate and taste buds. This trick can be utilized with practically any fresh juice or sweet syrup, and often proves useful for most consumers. 

#4 Swallow the Oil with Yogurt

If you can stomach the taste of a CBD tincture long enough for it to properly absorb (about 60-90 seconds), then you could attempt swallowing it with a tasty treat. A spoonful of fresh yogurt or even pudding afterward could exponentially remedy the natural flavor of consuming a raw CBD tincture.  

#5 Hold Your Nose

Ever wonder why eating or drinking with a stuffy nose isn’t quite so flavorful? Refusing to breathe through your nose severely restricts your taste buds from experiencing the full flavor of whatever is being consumed. While this method may not be ideal, it could manage in situations where access to food, drink, or any other masking tool may be unavailable. 

#6 Use Mints

Popping a mint, Tic Tac, or chewing gum after consuming a tincture could help create a more pleasant dosing experience. You could even tuck the minty treat under your tongue before administering the CBD tincture for a burst of refreshment.

#7 Have A Snack Handy

Eating delicious food to disperse the earthy taste of a raw CBD oil is perhaps one of the most popular masking methods discussed thus far. Chocolate is the preferred choice of many and can be consumed after, or even during, a dosing experience by placing a small square under the tongue before administering the raw CBD tincture. 

#8 Add A Couple Drops of Peppermint Extract

Creating your own flavored tincture at home could dramatically enhance your dosing experience. Infusing your raw CBD oil with peppermint, vanilla, or any other flavoring extract could effectively mask its organic taste. This method will definitely take some experimentation to get the flavor strength just right. Therefore, it is crucial to slowly infuse the extract to taste as not to add too much flavoring accidentally. 

#9 Mix the Oil Into Food or Drink

This option is considerably different from other methods that utilize food or drink to help mask the taste. Adding a CBD tincture to your favorite food or mixing it into a beverage before consumption drastically alters the application method and how its effects are experienced. 

#10 Purchase Empty Pill Capsules

Many are unaware that it is possible to purchase empty pill capsules. While this more traditional approach entails a considerable amount of prep time, capsules can be filled with your ideal dose of CBD oil for tasteless dosing practices. 

Creative Ways to Mask the Taste of Raw CBD Oil: Final Thoughts

If you have attempted each of our ten techniques to no avail, there are undoubtedly other creative tricks that we have not mentioned here that you could try. If nothing seems to work, it may be time to consider a different CBD application method. CBD edibles and pre-measured capsules, as well as CBD rubs, creams, and sprays may prove more beneficial. Browse our site by category or shop by brand to find your ideal CBD product today!

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