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The Growing Market For CBD And The Role Played By CBD Wholesalers In Fulfilling The Demand

Updated 08/13/2020

The popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) seems to grow by the day. So much so that its research-backed potential has caused a massive surge in demand for CBD-infused products. At CBD Wholesalers, we source products from some of the most reliable CBD producers. In summary, we offer an extensive collection from brands such as Bluemoon Hemp, Pure CBD Now, For The People, and Koi CBD. We strive to fill the chasm between demand and production by bringing together the best producers and distributors of CBD into a sustainable network of supply.

Increasing Demand Worldwide

With consumers becoming increasingly  wellness-conscious, as well as learning more about the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD, demand is dramatically rising. However, the problem is that the level of supply is not yet able to match the demand adequately. Store-owners talk about how their products vanish from the shelves as soon as they are stocked because supply channels are not well-set. However, the supply-demand chain could be strengthened and smoothed.

CBD Wholesalers’ Brands

CBD Wholesalers’ suppliers are some of the most well-known producers of CBD. Additionally, each of our brands have reputations for supplying only the purest cannabidiol attainable.

CBD Pure

CBD Pure carries high-quality CBD obtained from hemp grown organically and sustainable in Denmark. Additionally, CBD Pure has set high-quality standards and strives to maintain only the best CBD possible.

Blue Moon Hemp

Set its focus on delivering the purest quality CBD at affordable prices, Blue Moon Hemp is committed to bringing the goodness of CBD to all. They’re continuously trying to find innovative ways to extract and supply CBD.


Koi CBD is yet another manufacturer that has found innovative and practical uses for CBD. Furthermore, its products boast purity levels of up to an astounding 100% CBD!

CBD For The People

Similar to Blue Moon Hemp, CBD For The People strives to make pure CBD both affordable and enjoyable. This mission statement is now their brand’s identity.


Joshua Willard (Freelance CBD Content Writer/Editor)

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