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How Do Identical CBD Pet Products Actually Differ in Potency?

Updated September 6th, 2020

If you’ve been considering giving your pet CBD, you’ve probably figured out by now that you can’t just give them any old hemp product that you have lying around your house.  While it’s true that pets absorb and utilize cannabinoids in hemp just like humans do, that doesn’t mean that they can use the same formulations that we take daily.

The reason why this is the case is because pets’ bodies are different from ours.  Not only do they have smaller body weights, but their bodies function in different ways.  Additionally, a lot of the CBD products that we take routinely contain ingredients that are totally safe for us to consume but can be deadly for pets.

Good news is that our industry has recognized the unique needs of our furry friends and has created many pet-friendly CBD products that are specifically formulated for their needs, bodies and tastes.

Today, we’ll be talking about the most important thing to consider when starting your pet on a hemp routine- milligram strength.  This refers to the potency level that you give them with each dose, and as you’ll see, it makes a huge difference in terms of their overall CBD experience.

We also need to point out that before you start giving your pet CBD, it’s very important to speak with your veterinarian first.  They may be able to help guide you along the process of creating a routine that’s targeted toward their specific needs.

Why Potency Matters When It Comes to CBD Pet Products

Whenever we seek out a new product for our pet, we have two goals in mind.  One is that the product is effective, and the other is that it’s safe. 

Now, some veterinarians agree that giving a cat or dog hemp is perfectly fine.  But, still, you want to make sure that you carefully select the right product in order to ensure that it delivers the desired results without giving them unwanted side effects.

The greatest thing to consider when choosing a pet CBD product is the milligram strength.  This refers to the number of milligrams of hemp extract that’s in a product’s formulation.  Virtually every pet hemp product on the market contains more than just hemp extract.  So, the milligram strength can vary, even if the bottle size of the product is exactly the same as another.

How to Determine the Right Potency Level for Your Pet

There are two factors that must be considered.  One is their weight, and one is their needs.  For instance, if you’re trying to accomplish something specific with CBD, you may want to go with a higher strength in order to target a specific area of their body.  But, if you just want to start them on a wellness routine, you can give them a smaller potency level.

Body weight is, in fact, the most important factor to consider.  Giving your pet the wrong milligram strength can mean that they don’t receive enough of the hemp compounds to actually do anything, or they receive too much, which can make them sleepy, or just cause you to waste unnecessary amounts of CBD.

And, to make things easy for you, CBD pet product manufacturers have guides on their product descriptions and labels.  This means that you can simply look up your pet’s body weight and find the right milligram strength for them, according to the manufacturer’s calculations and experience with CBD pet goods.

Of course, the best method of all for choosing the right milligram strength for your pet is speaking to your vet.  Your vet knows your pet, and can figure out a potency level based on their unique circumstances.

Knowing How to Pick the Right Potency Based on the Specific Type of Delivery Method

You’ll likely find that milligram strength ranges from product type to product type.  This is because of the absorption rate that’s unique to each delivery method.  For instance, tinctures tend to come in higher milligram strength options than edibles, and this is because tinctures absorb in a different way, and so the pet can benefit from a higher potency level.  Therefore, don’t assume that because you had success with a certain potency level in a tincture, you’ll have the same results with the exact same potency level in the form of an edible.  Instead, always refer to the guide supplied by the product’s manufacturer.

Other Factors That Determine the Potency of a CBD Pet Product

Knowing these is key and here’s why.

Factor #1: Dosage Level

You should also consider the dosage level that’s suggested.  While the milligram strength determines the amount of milligrams of hemp in a particular serving size, the dosage level determines how many of those serving sizes your pet will be receiving. 

Factor #2: Other Ingredients

The other ingredients come into play as well.  Some ingredients produce additional effects thanks to their chemical properties.  Sometimes, certain additional plant compounds can naturally boost the effects of hemp due to synergistic properties.  Pay attention to the full list of ingredients on a pet CBD product before making a purchase.

Factor #3: Type of Hemp Extract Used

You also have to consider the type of hemp extract that’s in the pet product formula.  Full spectrum hemp extract gives your pet the full variety of plant compounds in hemp, including a trace amount of THC that’s too low to be toxic or psychoactive.  Then, broad spectrum hemp extract contains every compound except THC.  Lastly, CBD isolate contains just pure CBD with no other plant compounds.  Some believe that the more hemp compounds are in a hemp extract, the more potent it is.  Again, this is because of the synergistic nature of the hemp plant’s chemical composition, as it’s believed that the more compounds are consumed at once, the more potent they become.

Factor #4: Age of the Product

Once a CBD product has surpassed its expiration date, its potency level can decline rapidly.  This is due to the chemical compounds destabilizing due to oxidization.  This is why you should always check the expiration date of a CBD product before purchasing it, to make sure that it’s still fresh and fully active.

Milligram Strength in the World of CBD Pet Products Matters!

If you’re going to get your pet started on CBD, it’s absolutely essential that you pay a lot of attention to the milligram strength that you’re giving them.  Luckily, it’s easy to determine the right milligram strength for them as companies clearly outline on their product labels which milligram strengths are ideal for which breeds and body weight amounts.  Use this guide to understand how milligram strengths work in the world of CBD pet goods and apply this information accordingly when creating a routine for them.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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