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How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

One of the most important things when starting a CBD routine is choosing the right product, which requires considering many unique factors, ranging from the extraction method used to the other ingredients in the formula.  But, once you get your ideal CBD product, the next step is determining how much of it you should actually take.

What makes this process hard is that there are several factors that determine what the ideal amount for you may be. 

  • One is your particular situation.
  • Another factor is your body weight, and also, the unique way in which your body utilizes and metabolizes CBD (we’ll dive more into those later on in this article). 
  • Other factors include the quality of the product and the delivery method.

We know this sounds confusing, but the good news is that you can feel comfortable experimenting with different amounts, because cannabidiol is nontoxic to the human body, and many people take high doses daily. 

For this piece, we will be focusing directly on CBD oil, both from an intake perspective and effects perspective.

How to Determine Your CBD Oil Intake

CBD oil is an oil-based product that combines hemp extract that’s naturally rich in CBD (cannabidiol) with a carrier oil.  It’s often used as a tincture. However, also be added to food or applied topically to the body.  Many people take it daily for a specific purpose and select the perfect milligram strength for their specific goals.

Let’s talk about some of the ways to determine what the right daily amount is for you.

Ask Your Doctor

This is important, as he or she must always know what you’re taking on a regular basis.  If they know about CBD, they may be able to give you advice regarding how much to take each day for your specific wellness circumstances and needs.

Milligram Strength, Dosage Amount, and Number of Daily Doses

Know that there are three factors when it comes to the amount you take:

  1. Milligram Strength: Concentration of the product
  2. Dosage Amount: How much product you consume per dose
  3. Daily Dosage: How much you consume each day, depending upon the above and what you’re using it for

Start with a Relatively Low Amount

It’s best to begin with an average milligram strength and take one dose in the recommended amount according to the manufacturer.

Increase as Needed After Two Weeks

Waiting a couple of weeks after starting the above routine before reassessing the situation is key.  If you feel that you should increase or decrease your amount, speak to your doctor about doing so.

Monitor Yourself

While taking cannabidiol for the first few weeks, make sure to pay attention to how it makes you feel.  This will determine whether or not you’re taking the right amount.

Be Willing to Experiment

Be open to experimenting, as CBD is such an individualized experience that the same product can affect two people in quite different ways.  Try various delivery methods, milligram strengths and dosing schedules until you settle on what works best.

Once the Effects Wear Off, CBD is Still in Your Body

When taking CBD oil, we can expect a general length of time during which its effects will last. Depending, of course, on the method. But does that mean that once the effects wear off, it’s totally out of our system?

Factor #1: How Often CBD is Taken

Someone who takes it occasionally will likely clear it out of their system in a day or two. This is compared to someone who takes multiple doses daily. Why? Because a person in the latter category has accumulated a lot of the compound in their body.

Factor #2: The Actual Amount that Someone Takes

As is the case with any type of substance or compound, the more a person takes, the longer it will take to clear out of the body. 

Factor #3: Delivery Method

We know with the length of activation within the body based on how the cannabinoid was absorbed into the system.  For instance, tinctures stay longer in the system than vapes. This is due to how they are absorbed into the body via a slower-moving mechanism.

Factor #4: Body Type

Yes, your body is unique, hence, everyone metabolizes cannabidiol differently.  Simply due to the unique chemistry of your body, you may happen to metabolize CBD more slowly or more quickly than other people.

Final CBD Oil Thoughts

How much CBD oil you should take daily depends on far too many factors to be able to give you a definitive answer.  Have a conversation with your doctor, who is authorized to advise you on this, and feel comfortable experimenting with different amounts until you figure out the regimen that best suits your individual needs and wellness goals.

Cannabidiol’s effects may wear off in anywhere from one to several hours. However, the compound can remain present in the body for quite a while after. Good news is that this doesn’t seem to be an issue, and won’t cause you to fail a drug test.

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