How to Calculate Ohm’s and Joule’s Law When Vaping CBD

There are two types of CBD vapers: those who want the fastest, easiest way to inhale the compounds of the hemp plant into their lungs, and those who want to understand the technology behind this delivery method so that they may make adjustments that ensure the best experience possible.

If belonging to the latter group, you should find this article quite interesting.  We are going to be covering Joule’s Law and Ohm’s Law. These are two scientific laws dealing with electricity that play an enormous role in your vaping experience with all different types of cannabidiol products.  Ultimately, knowing them will help you understand exactly how to adjust your setup to vaporize hemp in the most desirable manner possible.

Because vaping relies on electricity, requiring that the current produced by the battery is capable of properly heating the coil that is tasked with vaporizing your hemp, knowing these laws really comes in handy.  They essentially determine the type of coil that you need to use to ensure proper vaporization, the ideal wattage for your product and more.

What is Joule’s Law?

Joule’s Law revolves around the relationship between voltage, current and wattage.  A joule is a unit of energy and relates to how that energy is transferred to produce electricity.  A watt is one joule per second, which means that a device that is operating at, say, 15 watts, uses 15 joules per second to give the device power to create vapor.

Joule’s Law states: H (Heat) = I (Current) x V (Voltage) x T (Time the current is allowed to flow).

Or, written differently,

H (Heat) = I2 (Current squared) x R (Resistance) x T (Time the current is allowed to flow). [Source]

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How Do You Apply Joule’s Law to Vaping in the Practical Sense? 

Well, determining the ideal wattage level for your device results from multiplying the voltage of the battery by the current.  This information is extremely important, both for your safety and for your CBD.  Operating at the improper wattage can burn your cannabidiol.  To expand on that, if you are using a mechanical vaping device, it can lead to an exploding battery, although this is exceedingly rare.

What is Ohm’s Law?

Derived from German physicist Georg Ohm (1789-1854), Ohm’s Law addresses the key quantities at work in circuits. It is a formula directed at calculating the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance level in an electrical circuit.

In the world of electronics, Ohm’s Law (E = IR) is more than crucial. Too many scientists and engineers especially, it’s basically equivalent to Einstein’s Relativity equation (E = mc²) is to physicists.

E = I x R; Voltage = Current x Resistance, or Volts = Amps x Ohms, or V = A x Ω

How Can a Vaper Apply Ohm’s Law to the World of Vaping?

Ohm’s Law relates to the coil that’s either manually installed or built into the cartridge, tank, or chamber of your vaping setup.  The coil gets its power from the battery. This allows it to reach a specific temperature that will properly vaporize your CBD product.  As you know, every coil has a resistance level which is measured by its number of ohms.  Ohm’s Law helps determine what that coil resistance level should be.

In short, to determine the ideal resistance level for your coil, you must divide the voltage of your battery by its current.  If you ignore this principle and use any old coil you’d like, you run the risk of either burning your product or ending up with a coil that can’t heat the cannabinoids and other hemp compounds properly to produce vapor.

How Can a Vaper Apply Ohm’s Law to the World of Vaping?

Vaping CBD Vape Oil

Now, let’s apply this information to vaping CBD oil

CBD vape oil is also known as CBD e-liquid, CBD e-juice, or CBD vape juice. It comes in a bottle which allows you to manually pour the desired amount into your tank or cartridge.  Within that tank or cartridge is a coil that is tasked with heating up the oil so that it turns into vapor without burning the essential compounds in the e-liquid, such as CBD itself.

Every hardware system is different, having a unique voltage and current level, along with wattage capabilities.  But you can use the two laws detailed above to configure your setup for the best vaping experience. 

  1. Use the equation for Joule’s law to come up with the ideal wattage to set your device at.  This will ensure that your system is producing the adequate level of power to vaporize the hemp.
  2. Utilize Ohm’s Law to determine the coil resistance level that you should be using.  Doing so will ensure that you’re not only using the right coil for your battery, but for the wattage that you have your device set at. 
  3. When you have the right configuration based on these two laws, it’s time to then enjoy smooth clouds of vapor.

Vaping CBD Wax

CBD wax is a type of concentrate that is becoming more popular. It requires a specialized device known as a dab pen.  Rather than pouring oil into a tank or cartridge, you insert the desired amount of wax into the chamber. From there, this wax vaporizes when the chamber reaches the desired temperature as a result of receiving power from the battery.

While this type of vaping setup is different, Joule’s Law and Ohm’s Law still apply.  Why? Because it doesn’t really matter what type of product you’re vaping. What does matter, however, is the configurations of your battery, wattage, and resistance level. 

Vaping CBD Flower

CBD flower is the raw buds of the hemp plant. It can be vaporized with a type of vaping setup designed specifically for flower-based products.  Into the chamber, you insert your raw buds, and the device operates in the same manner as the others, using the power of the battery to heat the chamber so that vapor is produced.  This means that again, Joule’s Law and Ohm’s Law apply just as much as they do with the other two setups listed above.

Your Device Makes a Difference

Joule’s Law and Ohm’s Law are fairly advanced. Thus, the average beginner to CBD vaping may feel intimidated by this information.  But rest assured that today’s devices are designed to operate safely. In fact, most of them utilize intelligent technology that does the hard work for you by adjusting the voltage, current or wattage automatically.  Still, if you’re using a more advanced, customizable setup, you will need to do the math yourself to ensure that your configuration is adequate.

Joule’s Law and Ohm’s Law are Two Staples of Vaping

In fact, each applies to vaping with CBD as much as any other type of vaping product.  If you’re operating a more advanced system, you will need to follow these laws carefully.  But, fortunately, today’s hardware by and large features safety functionalities/protocols and intelligent technology, all to ensure that our setup runs smoothly no matter what.

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