How to Fill JUUL Pods

One of the best things about JUUL is how convenient and user-friendly it is. The JUUL is an all-in-one, pocket-friendly vaping system that consists of only two components: the device also referred to as a battery or mod, and the pod cartridge.

The JUUL vaping system uses pods that are pre-filled with vape juice by the company, that easily attach to the device. This is a welcome feature to many vapers, as it means that they don’t have to manually refill the pod each time the vape juice runs out, as they do with most other pod kits on the market.

If you’re in love with your trusty JUUL system, but feel a bit limited by the flavor selection, then you might be wondering if it’s possible to fill a JUUL pod with an e-liquid of your choice.  The truth is that JUUL pods can be refilled, technically speaking, but it involves a process that must be followed properly to avoid damaging the pod’s structural integrity. 

Why You Would Want to Fill a JUUL Pod in the First Place

Before we discuss whether or not this is possible, let’s explain why some vapers would want to do so to begin with. Mainly, it’s because it allows for more control over one’s vaping experience. Rather than having to settle for the limited selection of flavors that JUUL produces, the vaper can fill the pod with literally any salt nic vape juice that’s on the market, which lets them to control both their flavor and their nicotine strength.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before you go about filling a JUUL pod, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind first.

  • Even if you follow all of the steps below, there’s still a risk of breaking the pod, making it unusable.  Again, this is because JUUL pods are not made to be opened by the consumer.  Opening them requires using force, which can cause some type of break in the structure.
  • You can only refill a pod cartridge a couple of times, because constantly reopening those parts that aren’t made to be opened will cause them to eventually break.
  • Some companies make refillable pod cartridges specifically for JUUL devices.  This may be a better alternative to trying to open a JUUL pod.
  • If you’re going to refill a pod with an e-liquid of your choice, you must make sure that it is made with salt-based nicotine, rather than freebase nicotine.  JUUL is only compatible with salt nic e-liquids, and so using a freebase nic vape juice simply will not work.

Process of Filling a JUUL Pod for the First Time

Now, let’s discuss filling a JUUL pod. It is, in fact, possible to refill it yourself, but it requires that you’re very careful. Before we break down the steps to filling a JUUL pod with e-liquid, we’d like to discuss a more user-friendly alternative. Several companies make JUUL-compatible pod cartridges that work with the JUUL device but are designed to be refillable. They arrive empty and make it easy for you to fill them with the vape juice of your choosing.

These are the proper steps to take:

  1. Empty Pod

    First, make sure that the JUUL pod is empty.

  2. Locate the Black Mouthpiece Cap on Top of the Pod

    Wiggle it a little bit between your fingers to gently dislodge the seal. Now, you can gently pull it off. This may require a bit of work, so be prepared to spend some time if needed.

  3. Once You Get the Mouthpiece Off

    Remove the black plug that is at the top, where the mouthpiece was. This will also require some effort to remove. It’s tiny, and made of plastic, so the chance of accidentally breaking it is fairly high, if you’re not careful. Your best bet is to use your fingernail to pop it off. Make sure that you don’t lose it, as you’ll need to put it back on when you’re done.

  4. You Now Have Access to the Juice Well Inside the Pod

    To fill it with e-liquid, you’ll need a bottle with a very small spout that can fit into that hole. Most salt nic e-liquids already have this kind of spout.

  5. Pouring Time

    Carefully pour the e-liquid directly into the pod cartridge, filling it almost to the top.

  6. Put It All Back Together

    Now, you can put the plug back on, followed by the mouthpiece, making sure that both pieces are attached securely.

Bear in mind that this process should only be done when your pod is completely empty.  Adding a new flavor to a pod that still contains some of the original vape juice can leave you with a poor flavor experience.

This method can only work a couple of times on the same pod.  Eventually, removing those parts that aren’t meant to be removed will leave you with a broken pod that is no longer functional.

Filling a JUUL Pod with Another Compatible Vape Juice is Possible

The JUUL system allows for minimal maintenance, such as having to manually refill one’s cartridge. There are some unique advantages though, to being able to fill a JUUL pod with any vape juice. If you’re someone who would rather be able to refill their pod themselves, keep this guide on-hand.

However, you must be incredibly careful when taking apart the pod to avoid breaking it.  Use this guide to do it properly, keeping all of the information discussed above in mind while doing so.

Note: JUUL as a company advises against this, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. Before we break down the process, however, we need to discuss some things that you need to know.

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