How to Use a Dab Pen

Many of us hemp enthusiasts love our daily CBD routine, but wish that it was just a bit more potent. Well, good news is that there’s an easy way to experience a more concentrated daily dose of hemp. How? By using a dab pen along with a concentrate. Concentrates are, as the name implies, extremely concentrated hemp products derived from the flower of the hemp plant, and require a specialized device to be utilized.

What is a Dab Pen?

First, let’s explain what a dab pen is, because if you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that you’ve never even seen one before. A dab pen is an electronic vaping device designed specifically for concentrates. Concentrates are not like CBD flower or CBD vape oil – for one thing, they’re very concentrated, which means that the consistency is quite different.  Further, they must be heated in a particular way to properly turn the product into smooth vapour.

The major difference between a dab pen and a traditional vaping pen is the atomizer.  Dab pens contain a chamber into which the product is inserted in a way that allows it to make even contact with the coil, or heating element.

The Process of Using Your Dab Pen

This piece will be discussing how to use and hit a dab pen for concentrates. A dab pen is easily the simplest way to get more potency out of your CBD.

  1. Charge dab pen

    You’ll need a fully charged dab pen, your concentrate and a dab tool, or a paper clip.
    Dab Pen

  2. Turn on dab pen

    Now, turn on your dab pen.
    turn on dab pen

  3. Remove mouthpiece

    Next, remove the mouthpiece, which will reveal the chamber.
    Dab pen chamber

  4. Scoop out concentrate

    Use the dab tool or paper clip to scoop out a little bit of concentrate. Then, place it carefully in the chamber, being sure not to break it apart with too much force.
    How to use and hit a dab pen

  5. Press the firing button

    Press the firing button, which is often the same as the power button. This will instantly heat up your concentrate.
    turn on dab pen

  6. Take a hit

    Take in a nice big hit of vapor. From there, you can try to take another hit, but know that when it comes to concentrates, usually each application of product is good for only one or two hits max.

Because concentrates are so potent, you might want to wait before going in for another hit.  You might find that one hit of a concentrate can do the work of a few hits of a standard vape oil or CBD flower.

Be aware that a dab pen requires some maintenance.  You’ll need to make sure the battery is charged at all times, and you’ll need to clean the chamber weekly or so to keep it clean and free of clogs.  The coil will also need to be replaced as needed.

Pure CBD Now have these concentrates that can be used with a dab pen:

Get the Most Outta Your Dab Pen – The Right Way!

Using a dab pen allows you to enjoy the full array of concentrates that are available today.  The key to getting the most satisfaction out of a concentrate with a dab pen, however, is using it properly.  Follow this guide so that you can experience concentrates to their fullest potential.

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