How Well Does Delta 8 Vape Oil Actually Vape?

An influx of people are starting to embrace delta 8 and for good reason. This highly unique hemp compound is changing the way in which we experience cannabis Its massive growth in popularity in recent months has resulted in a wide array of delta8-specific products.

Without a doubt, the most popular way to consume cannabis is by inhaling it into the lungs, and this has been the case for centuries.  Therefore, it’s not surprising that delta 8 enthusiasts are gravitating toward vaping products containing this cannabinoid.  There are many forms in which you can buy delta 8 vapes/oil, and today, we’ll be focusing on bottled vape oils that put this compound front and center.  More specifically, we’ll be discussing their “vapeability,”. An example of this would be how well they work with a standard vape tank.

What is Delta8?

Before we get into the specifics of delta 8 vape oil, let’s first talk about the compound itself. 

Delta 8 is delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol, which means that technically, it’s THC.  But it’s not the same THC that is so prominent in the marijuana plant that it’s outlawed – that would be delta 9 THC.  Delta 8 is a lowly occurring cannabinoid in the hemp plant that is actually degraded delta 9.  Being degraded, it’s not as potent, but it is still psychoactive.  Users report a much milder experience when they consume delta 8 than delta 9.

Delta-8 is legal in the United States because it’s derived from the hemp plant. Federal law states that all derivatives from the hemp plant, including individual cannabinoids, are legal.  Some states have banned delta 8. So, make sure that you live in a state in which you can use it.

Another thing to know about delta 8 is that it shares many of the same properties as CBD. However, it may offer more potent amounts of these properties. This is because it binds twice with cannabinoid receptors, rather than once like cannabidiol. 

What is Delta 8 Vape Oil?

Delta 8 vape oil is a standard vape oil that contains delta 8 extract. Its extract can contain only this compound. Or, it can contain additional hemp compounds like cannabinoids, terpenes, or both.  The key is that a delta 8 vape oil is formulated to give you a strong delta 8 experience, as this compound is put at the forefront of the e-liquid.

Like all vape oils and e-liquids, delta 8 vape oil comes in a variety of strengths, formulas and even flavors.  It’s bottled, so it must manually pour into a tank/cartridge designed to be refillable.  And, they must have a vaping device handy.

Delta-8 Vape Oil vs. Delta 8 Cartridges

Delta 8 vape oil acts as an alternative to delta 8 cartridges, which are cartridges that are pre-filled with e-liquid and made to attach to a low-wattage vape pen.  These carts are disposable and therefore do not require refilling.  Vape oils appeal to many vapers over cartridges. They come in a wider array of formulas, are more cost-effective, and are less likely to clog the atomizer.

Using Delta 8 Vape Oil in a Standard Vape Tank: Does it Work?

A lot of people who use various hemp extract vape oils pour them into a cartridge that is attached to a CBD vape pen.  This is a low-output device that is quite simple in terms of its technology and reaches the perfect temperature to preserve the compounds rather than burning them.

This type of vaping setup is different from the more robust ones that many of us associate with vaping nicotine e-liquids.  These types of systems use a stronger, higher-output mod and a tank rather than a cartridge.  A tank is, in essence, a large cartridge, which uses a design more compatible with high output levels produced by the devices.  Also, vape tanks use interchangeable coils, while cartridges have one that’s built in in most cases.

So, can delta 8 vape oil specifically work with standard vape tanks?  Well, it depends.  Here are the main factors that determine how “vapeable” a delta 8 vape oil is in one of these tanks.

#1: Quality of the Delta 8 Extract

Pay attention to this one closely.  Lower-quality vape oils, containing hemp compounds extracted using cheaper means in most cases, are less likely to give you a satisfying experience when put into a standard vape tank.  This is because they’re less chemically stable. Meaning, they lose their potency easily when exposed to various unfavorable conditions.  A vape tank uses more output to heat the e-liquid. Hence, low-quality delta 8 vape oil could become degraded as a result of exposure to this type of output level.

#2: Other Ingredients in Vape Oil

Standard vape tanks respond best to a VG/PG e-liquid base that has the right balance to support the needs of the coil and the device.  

#3: Coil You’re Using

Yes, the coil that you’re using with the vape tank plays a big role in how well the delta 8 vape oil will vaporize. It’s important to choose a coil that’s compatible with the device and is compatible with the consistency of the delta 8 vape oil as well.

#4: Device’s Output Capabilities

Delta 8 vape oil, in general, cannot handle  extremely high wattage or temperature levels that you might be used to when vaping standard nicotine e-juice.  The reason, hemp compounds are more sensitive than nicotine compounds. 

How to Know Whether or Not a Delta 8 Vape Oil Product is Suitable for a Vape Tank

The best way to identify whether or not you can use a particular delta 8 vape oil in a standard vape tank is to look through the description of the product, as provided by the manufacturer.  Typically, a manufacturer will state whether or not their e-liquid is compatible with this type of vaping system.  Plus, you can always reach out to the company if you are still unsure.

Overall, delta 8 vape oil may or may not be compatible with a standard vape tank. Its fairly easy though, to find out this information from the manufacturer.  Remember certain factors must be favorable, or else you can end up burning your e-liquid, making it practically useless.

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