Smokeless CBD: Hitting You with the Right “Snuff”

Updated September 6th, 2020

As the CBD industry continues to gain more mainstream popularity, entrepreneurs continue to develop new innovative hemp-based products. These days, we’re seeing a wave of highly innovative CBD products that are more bioavailable, user-friendly, and richer in plant compounds than ever before.

One of the products that we expect to see a lot more of over the coming months is smokeless CBD, which is frequently referred to as CBD snuff. In this article, we explain what this product is in full detail to help you decide whether or not to make it a part of your daily regimen. 

What is CBD Snuff?

Snuff is a product that has been around for ages, and many tobacco enthusiasts have at least tried it a few times. The concept of traditional tobacco snuff is pretty simple. Rather than smoking tobacco, pinch off a small amount and place it between your gums and cheek. This allows nicotine to quickly reach the body without inhalation. 

CBD snuff works the same way, generally speaking. It comes in a pouch, and pinches of it are placed between the cheek and gums. However, CBD snuff doesn’t contain any tobacco. It consists of either hemp extract or hemp flowers, and other natural, plant-based ingredients that help give the product a moister consistency.

CBD snuff is becoming popular because it provides a more potent and fast-acting experience compared to many other consumption methods available on the market today. Snuff also potentially allows you to absorb more of the compounds available in the product.

How is CBD Snuff Made?

CBD snuff can be made in a variety of ways. The key to producing quality snuff is utilizing a high-quality hemp source. It can come in the form of the flower or a hemp extract, which is a highly concentrated oil-based substance. The compound is then mixed with other plant-based ingredients to give it a “pinchable” consistency. 

Quality Matters

What’s most valuable when selecting a CBD snuff product is that the CBD is high in quality. From the ingredients to the product method, you must take this into consideration. Also, look for third-party lab test results on a company’s website before making a purchase to confirm quality, consistency, and safety. 

Could This Really Be the Next Big CBD Thing?

CBD snuff is a groundbreaking product that may be more bioavailable than a lot of other hemp-derived compounds on the market today. More bioavailability means more absorption of those highly desirable plant compounds. This is one of the primary reasons why we here at Pure CBD Now are so excited about this new innovation within the CBD industry. 


Joshua Willard (Freelance CBD Content Writer/Editor)

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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