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Top 10 CBD & CBG Flower of 2022

CBD and CBG flower have changed the way in which we experience the compounds of the hemp plant by offering its properties in their rawest, purest, and most unadulterated form.  Today’s flower market is exploding with exceptional strains and higher quality standards than ever before.  If you’re looking for the finest flower possible, in order to enjoy that full potential of cannabinoids and terpenes, these awesome options will have you in hemp flower bliss.  Each flower-based product federal Farm Bill compliant, and also has been properly third-party lab tested for purity and compliance.

How to Use CBD and CBG Flower

Both CBD flower (raw hemp buds) and CBG flower (raw hemp buds bred specifically to yield higher levels of cannabigerol) offer the plant’s compounds in a way that’s naturally full spectrum, while potentially increasing the bioavailability due to the more chemically stable nature of the compound profile that results from a lack of processing. 

  • Raw flower comes in two forms: loose buds and pre-rolls. 
  • CBG flower is strictly for smoking.

Keep in mind the former allows you to explore a wide array of possibilities, including smoking, vaping, making homemade extracts, and creating edibles from scratch.

#10: JGO Top Shelf Flower

Jolly Green Oil has been an industry favorite for years, and their flower is just one of many beloved products that they offer.  JGO Top Shelf Flower comes in an airtight 7 gram container, sealing in the flavor and potency of the compounds by maintaining maximum freshness.  You can choose between three strains: Animal Cookies (hybrid), Jolly Green Haze (sativa) and Northern Lights (indica), while knowing you’re getting only premium, organic buds.

Choose JGO Top Shelf Flower 7 Grams Because…

  • Organic flower
  • 3 great strains
  • 7 grams
  • Airtight container
  • Extremely fresh

#9: CBDoobie Pre-Rolled Herbal Mix

CBDoobie is a brand that specializes in pre-rolls.  They ensure only the finest quality possible by working directly with organic hemp farmers to derive the best plant material.  This company uses shake-free buds in their products to offer maximum compound density.  Choose between several popular strain options: OG Kush (hybrid), Super Lemon Haze (sativa), Jack Herer (sativa), and Strawberry Diesel (hybrid).  Once you select your strain, enjoy the convenience of not having to roll your own, while knowing you’re getting nothing but pharmaceutical grade hemp with each puff.

Choose CBDoobie Pre-Rolled Herbal Mix Because…

  • Conveniently pre-rolled
  • 4 great strains
  • Organic, pharmaceutical grade hemp
  • No additives or fillers 
  • No shake  

#8: The Kind Hemp Ultra Premium Hemp Flower

The Kind Hemp is a brand that customers trust, as they are known for offering some of the cleanest hemp products on them market.  Their 3.5g Hemp Flower provides you with 3.5 grams of nothing but the most beautiful buds possible, derived from organic farmers and boasting 18% cannabidiol (CBD) regardless of which strain (Bubba Kush, CBG, Lifter, Sour Space Candy, or Suver Haze) you end up selecting.  The buds are bright green and as fresh as can be, offering exceptional flavor and potency.  Comes in a properly sealed pouch to keep the freshness going for as long as possible.

Choose The Kind Hemp – 3.5g Hemp Flower Because…

  • 5 strains to choose from
  • Fresh in airtight bag
  • 3.5 grams  
  • Organic
  • 18% CBD

#7: Blue Moon Hemp CBD Flower Buds

Blue Moon Hemp is an industry veteran with a reputation many companies dream of achieving.  BMH’s CBD flower is clean, organic, and fresh, offering maximum flavor while coming in the following strains: Bubba Kush, Cowdaddy Crush, and Sour Space Candy.  The buds come in 3.5, 7 and 28g options, each providing you with an airtight jar that keeps the flower fresh in order to preserve its flavor and potency. 

Choose Blue Moon Hemp CBD Flower Buds in Jar Because…

  • Three size options
  • Exceptional strain choices
  • Organic flower
  • Domestically sourced
  • Fresh flavor

#6: Hempzilla Full Spectrum CBD Flower Bag

Hempzilla has wowed flower enthusiasts with a fantastic selection of loose buds and pre-rolls over the last couple of years, and their 1 gram bag of raw flower buds has proven to be extremely popular.  Available in Lifter and Suver Haze, this flower is completely organic, and the buds are totally unprocessed and additive-free while the seeds and stems have been removed completely.  The company’s advanced slow-curing process brings out the best flavor and overall quality to maximize customers satisfaction.

Choose Hempzilla Full Spectrum CBD Flower Bag Because…

  • Two popular strain choices
  • 1 full gram
  • No seeds or stems
  • Organic plant material
  • Airtight seal

#5: CBD Flower Pre-Rolls by For the People

Everyone knows that For the People makes some of the most powerful hemp products on the market, using their signature unrefined hemp extracts to deliver more bioavailability to the user.  Their CBD flower is equally impressive, including these pre-rolls which each contain 0.6 grams of raw flower, and come in a pack of 7 with an included matchbook.  The flower is completely organic, and the pre-rolls are known for offering the perfect burn rate to make each session a truly enjoyable experience that can be savored.

Choose CBD Flower Pre-Rolls by For the People Because…

  • 7 pre-rolls per tin
  • Comes with matchbook
  • 0.6 grams per pre-roll
  • Organic flower material
  • User-friendly

#4: Hempzilla CBD Hemp Cigarettes

Hempzilla’s Connoisseur Select line offers premium flower that’s specially bred and cultivated to offer superior bioavailability, compound density, purity and potency.  These CBD Hemp Cigarettes provide a very user-friendly way to smoke the raw flower material.  With 20 cigarettes in a pack, each has a filter for a smoother experience while containing zero nicotine or tobacco.  This hand-trimmed and slow-cured flower is profoundly fresh and flavorful, and grown in America using organic methods.

Choose Hempzilla CBD Hemp Cigarettes Because…

  • Organic, domestic flower
  • Filtered
  • 20 cigarettes per pack
  • Discreet
  • Excellent freshness for maximum flavor  

#3:  CBG Flower CBG Ice by Americana

Naturally derived from advanced breeding techniques, Americana’s CBG Ice is a strain that is bred to offer high CBG (cannabigerol) levels, allowing users to experience stronger effects associated with this particular, widely desired cannabinoid.  It’s a sativa strain known for its balanced and uplifting effects while also having a strong aroma. CBG Ice flower offers only organic buds grown in the Pacific Northwest.  Select between four sizes, ranging from 1 gram to a half an ounce depending on your daily flower needs.

Choose CBG Flower CBG Ice by Americana Because…

  • High CBG strain
  • Sativa  
  • 4 sizes available
  • Domestically grown
  • Organic

#2: CBD Flower by For the People 27% Wine Widow

CBD For the People waited for a while before releasing flower, because they were hard at work developing a custom strain that would deliver as phenomenal of a hemp experience as possible.  What they came up with was Wine Widow, an exceptional strain with a dazzling 27% CBD (cannabidiol).  The raw flower buds come in two sizes, both arriving in an airtight jar while offering sublime freshness so that you can savor the flavor while enjoying potent, bioavailable properties of cannabinoids and terpenes.  Roll it in paper or smoke it in a pipe according to your individual preferences.

Choose CBD Flower by For the People 27% Wine Widow Because…

  • 27% CBD
  • Custom Wine Widow strain
  • 2 sizes
  • Maximum freshness 
  • Organic

#1: Americana Premium CBD Shake

Americana’s flower is very popular here at Pure CBD Now, with phenomenal quality that translates to a gratifying hemp experience.  Their CBD Shake consists of a blend of Suzy Q, Hawaiian Haze, and Blueberry Haze, all premium strains, in shake form so that you can have an easier time rolling the flower or placing it in a pipe or vaporizer chamber.  The flower is fully organic and grown in the Pacific Northwest under high quality standards.

Choose Americana Premium CBD Shake Because…

  • 4 grams
  • Shake form
  • Blend of premium strains
  • Organic
  • Grown domestically 

Enjoy the Hemp Plant in its Raw and Natural Form at Pure CBD Now!

The selection of CBD & CBG flower at Pure CBD Now allows you to choose from a huge selection of strains, sizes, flower types, and more, all while providing you with the assurance that you’re getting only the finest organically grown plant material from trusted, reputable farmers.  Check out our collection of flower today to experience the plant’s properties like never before.

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