What are Koi Delta 8 THC Disposable Vape Bars?

Are you looking for one of the most user-friendly and fast-acting ways to experience the exciting properties of delta 8 THC?  If so, check out Koi Delta 8 THC Disposable Vape Bars.  This product is one of the most exceptional of its kind. Offering a blend of high-end technology paired with exceptional delta 8 THC extract makes for a one-of-a-kind vaping session. Not to mention, a wide variety of popular strains that are available.

Koi: One of the Most Trusted Names in Hemp

Koi is one of the most notable names in the hemp business. They have stuck around for years, always finding new ways to provide some of the finest formulas made with organic, carefully extracted compounds. These are considered highly desirable, too, and include an array of terpenes, cannabinoids, phytonutrients and more.

What’s the Big Fuss about Disposables Anyway? 

Well, disposable vapes offer the easiest way to consume the compounds of hemp via the inhalation process.  Inhaling hemp compounds allows for the fastest-acting and most potent effects due to the heightened bioavailability of this delivery method.  Disposables eliminate the need to operate complex technology or maintain a bunch of moving parts just to enjoy a successful vaping routine with delta 8 THC.

Reasons to Choose Koi’s Delta 8 THC Disposable Vape Bars

If you’re looking for an easy way to explore the properties of delta 8, then this bar is an excellent choice for your new routine.  There are many delta-8 disposables on today’s market. However, Koi really went above and beyond when developing their delta 8 THC Disposable Vape Bars to ensure that both technologically and quality-wise, they are a step above the rest.

Reason #1: Carefully Extracted Delta 8 THC

Each delta 8 THC bar contains a delta 8 THC extract produced in their facility using the most up-to-date methods.  Their advanced distillation process carefully isolates and gently extracts the compound, lifting it away from the other plant material to ensure crystal-clear purity and high bioavailability, while allowing it to maintain its stability to be as potent as possible.

Reason #2: Enhanced with Naturally Occurring Terpenes

Each bar contains not only delta 8 THC, but natural hemp terpenes derived using natural methods.  These terpenes work together with the delta 8 THC to enhance the bioavailability through synergy, while providing a wider spectrum of desirable effects that these secondary compounds are known to offer.

Anyone who likes to experience a generous array of strains, each with its own distinctive terpene profile, these five are a must-have.

  • Lemon Haze: A sativa strain with strong notes of freshly cut lemons
  • Sunset Gelato: An indica-dominant hybrid with a fruity and creamy flavor profile
  • Super Sour Zkittlez: An indica-dominant hybrid with tropical fruity notes
  • Tropicana Cookies: A sativa-dominant hybrid with notes of citrus and fresh sugar cookies
  • OG Kush: A high-myrcene indica with pungent, spicy flavor notes

Reason #4: User-Friendly, Maintenance-Free, and Portable

Like all disposable devices, the Delta 8 THC Disposable Vape Bar is enormously easy to use, making it great for beginners.  It requires zero maintenance as the e-liquid is vaped until it runs out, thus requiring no charging or refilling.  The device is ultra-slim to be highly pocket-friendly and discreet.  Plus, it requires zero technological background.  Simply take the bar out of its package and pull on the mouthpiece. From there you are ready to vape some delta 8 THC – zero effort required.

Reason #5: Generous Battery Capacity

Built into each disposable is a powerful 280mAh battery. This battery is capable of delivering strong hits of vapor so that you can truly savor each and every puff.  With that comes a full flavor experience that is hard to come by when using this type of hardware.

Reason #6: Long-Lasting

Delta 8 THC Disposable Vape Bars were designed to be long-lasting, so that each can last you for a generous period of time.  This can save you money while allowing you to enjoy the convenience of not having to constantly replace your device due to limited amounts of e-liquid per piece.  Every bar contains 0.5 grams of e-liquid.

Reason #7: 430 Milligrams of Delta 8 Per Bar

With each puff, you’ll be getting a generous amount of the compound that you know and love.  You won’t have to take numerous pulls of vapor just to feel those effects, which can help each bar last even longer.

Reason #8: Ceramic Coil for Smoother, More Flavorful Inhales

Built into each cartridge is a high-end ceramic coil, which is an advanced piece of hardware designed to improve the vaping experience in numerous ways.  Ceramic material heats more evenly, so that the puffs are more flavorful while being refreshingly smooth to minimize irritation.  Ceramic coils also last longer than traditional ones. They simply do not burn out as quickly thanks to the durability that can withstand constant high temperature exposure.

Reason #9: Additive-Free Formula

Koi puts an emphasis on clean, natural products, and these disposables are no exception.  The e-liquid consists solely of hemp compounds extracted to be highly bioavailable and pure.  There are no chemical additives, fillers, or synthetic flavorings in the formula. In fact, the formula gets its taste from natural hemp terpenes that provide each strain its distinctive flavor profile.  Count on an all-natural e-liquid experience free of ingredients that you shouldn’t be inhaling on a regular basis.

Reason #10: Lab-Tested

Each batch of hemp extract that goes into a Koi Delta 8 THC Disposable Vape Bar has undergone an extensive testing process by a registered third-party laboratory.  During this process, the hemp is analyzed for its chemical composition, purity, and presence of microbes.  The lab reports are available for those who wish to learn more about the quality level that Koi has developed.

How to Use Koi Delta 8 THC Disposable Vape Bars

Using these disposable vape bars is extremely easy, as it was designed to be.  Simply remove a disposable device from the packaging in which it arrived and put the device’s mouthpiece to your lips to inhale a puff.  Eventually the e-liquid will run out, after which you can throw the entire device away and replace it with a new one.

Note: Beginners should start with one puff per session and work their way up as tolerated or desired.

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