What are Pre-Rolls, and How it Works?

As more people discover the unique nature of CBD flower, it’s not surprising that pre-rolls are fast-becoming a top-selling item on the hemp market.  Pre-rolls are convenient, all-natural and user-friendly, making them great for beginners and experienced CBD users alike.

Pre-Rolls: The Basics


A pre-roll is an amazingly simple product consisting of raw hemp buds that are ground up and rolled in a paper.  They are sort of like cigs, although usually larger in size and unfiltered.  Pre-rolls, generally speaking, contain only pure, raw hemp buds inside, with no other ingredients.  Also, they do not contain tobacco or nicotine compounds.

Because pre-rolls contain the raw buds of the hemp plant, they’re naturally full spectrum products.  This means that they contain every compound that is present in the hemp buds, including, besides CBD, every cannabinoid that occurs in hemp, along with terpenes, nutrients, and flavonoids, which each offer properties to the body that are generally deemed desirable.

Full spectrum hemp also has the advantage of giving you the entourage effect, which means that the presence of every compound as it occurs in nature produces a synergistic experience that may increase overall effectiveness.

Smoking vs. Vaping

When using a pre-roll, you are smoking the hemp plant’s compounds.  There are a lot of people who prefer smoking to vaping, which is equally popular, for a few reasons.  One is that some feel that smoking offers more potency than vaping due to the nature of combustion compared to vaporization.  Others enjoy the fact that smoking relies on the raw product, feeling that raw hemp is more high-quality and effective, generally speaking.  Smoking the buds tends to produce larger amounts of inhalable material as well, which can be more flavorful and more powerful.

Pre-Rolls vs. Loose Buds

If you choose to buy raw CBD flower, you can choose between pre-rolls and loose buds.  Pre-rolls are great for those who don’t want to deal with breaking up the flower buds and placing them into some type of smoking or vaping device.  The pre-rolls come ready to go, so you can just take them out of their packaging and light one up.  They do not require any maintenance or effort on the part of the user.

Different Kinds of CBD Pre-Rolls

CBD pre-rolls come in different varieties, and as this product grows in popularity, we’re seeing more options on the market than ever before.  Here are some things to take into consideration when choosing the best CBD pre-roll product for your needs.

Strain Type

Usually, when we opt for CBD flower over a product made with hemp extract, we have a wider selection of strains to choose from.  For those who don’t know, the strain refers to the breed of the hemp plant.  Hemp can be bred for certain characteristics based on its chemical compounds.  Hemp breeders will come up with specific strains based on desirable levels of specific compounds, so that different strains can produce different effects.

Strain Type

There are three categories of hemp strains: indica, sativa and hybrid.  Indica strains are more calming, having higher levels of compound associated with relaxation.  Sativa strains are more energizing, as they contain specific compounds that are known for having more stimulating properties.  A hybrid strain means that it contains elements of both sativa and hybrid strains, developed using cross-breeding techniques.  It is worth researching different strains to find one that most appeals to your particular hemp goals.


Pre-rolls come in various sizes, which means that some pre-rolls contain more hemp than others.  Choosing the right size is more important than you may think.  If you light up a pre-roll and do not finish it, leaving it around for too long can cause it to become stale and unpleasant.  Therefore, you want to consider your unique preferred dosage when choosing the right pre-rolls. 

  • Light CBD User: Go with smaller options, such as ones that mimic the size and shape of cigarettes. 
  • Users Who Enjoy Lots of Hemp in One Sitting or Day: Go with a larger choice.

The Type of Wrapper

CBD pre-rolls can be made from various wrapper materials, including the raw hemp leaves, rice paper and synthetic materials.  Some wrappers are flavored, which allows you to enjoy a nice taste alongside the hemp itself.  Before choosing a particular pre-roll, check out the different wrappers that are available.

Overall Quality

The quality matters a lot, as you want the product to smoke easily and give you the desired effects.  Look for a CBD company that is known for making high-quality products, and make sure that they do third-party lab-testing.  Also, feel free to check out reviews of a particular pre-roll product to hear what others are saying, to have a better idea of whether or not it can satisfy your specific needs.

How to Use CBD Pre-Rolls

The great thing about using CBD pre-rolls is how easy they are.  Simply remove one from the packaging, put it into your mouth and light the other end.  Many people like to take a few hits of their pre-roll at a time, going through about one a day.  But there is no real rule about dosing as it’s all about smoking the CBD until you feel satisfied.

How to Use CBD Pre-Rolls

When smoking CBD, you will find that the effects can come on rather quickly, usually taking about ten minutes or less.  They are felt in a uniquely potent way but tend to wear off in about an hour or so.  This means that you can choose to smoke your pre-roll throughout the day as desired.

Using CBD Pre-Rolls with Other CBD Products

As a final note, we want to mention that it’s okay to use a CBD pre-roll daily if you’re already using another hemp product, like an edible or a tincture.  Combining two different CBD products in one day is not associated with anything harmful. 

Now You’re on a “Pre-Roll”

CBD pre-rolls come in all kinds of varieties, but what they all have in common with each other is that they deliver the compounds in the hemp plant to your body in a natural, user-friendly, and uniquely raw way.  Explore the pre-rolls that are out there and see for yourself if this delivery method gives you the type of hemp experience that you are looking for.

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