What Does CBD Mean?

“CBD” is a term that we see increasingly these days.  Plus, it’s the CBD products themselves that become more widely used and available in stores that we frequent.  But, still, a lot of people aren’t exactly sure what CBD is, or what the word actually means.  Today, we’ll be clearing that up.

Cannabidiol, Cannabinoids and the Hemp Plant

CBD is the abbreviated version of cannabidiol, which is the leading compound in the hemp plant, meaning that hemp naturally has more CBD than any other compound in its chemical composition.  CBD is a cannabinoid, which is a class of compounds unique from others due to their relationship with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which uses cannabinoids to perform regulatory actions that affect our overall wellbeing.

But here’s where things get a little confusing.  CBD and hemp are two words that are used interchangeably throughout the industry, sometimes to the point of confusion.  That’s because CBD is just one of the useful compounds found in hemp’s chemical composition.  There are actually over one hundred cannabinoids native to cannabis, as well as terpenes and flavonoids that are equally useful, and plenty of nutrients.

A product labeled “CBD” can contain any number of these compounds, as long as it contains CBD.  This is why it’s important to really examine a product before buying it, if you have a particular preference when it comes to the hemp compounds that you consume.

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Different Spectrums of CBD

Basically, a “CBD” product can contain one of the following: full spectrum hemp extract, broad spectrum hemp extract or CBD isolate. 

  • Full Spectrum: A complete array of compounds that naturally occur in hemp, which includes CBD and other cannabinoids.  Plus, the trace, non-psychoactive amount of THC, terpenes, flavonoids, and nutrients.
  • Broad Spectrum: A THC-free version of full spectrum, in which the THC has been chemically removed from the concentrate.
  • CBD Isolate: Just pure cannabidiol. 

No one of these extracts is objectively better for you or more effective than the other two.  It’s about your personal preference, and your experience. 

Factors to Take into Consideration for How Much to Take

Yes, there are some factors that you can take into account in order to determine just how much you should take on a daily basis. Now, let’s go over what those are.

Suggested Dose

It’s always good to start with the suggested dosage amount on the product’s packaging.  Because CBD can take up to two weeks to be fully utilized by the body’s endocannabinoid system, we recommend taking the suggested dosage daily for two weeks before increasing it, should you feel that you want more results.

Delivery Method

The delivery method plays a role into how much you should take.  For instance, 50 milligrams taken in vaping form will be far, far more potent than 50 milligrams taken in tincture form, due to the fact that the lungs absorb cannabinoids in a manner that’s different from the sublingual tissue.

Milligram Strength

Of course, the milligram strength of the product you’re using plays a huge role.  Taking a single dose of a 5mg edible is far different from taking a dose of a 25mg edible.  So, the higher the milligram strength, the less product you need per dose.

Your Particular Needs and Goals

Why you’re taking CBD should be taken into consideration.  Are you someone who wants to just generally support your endocannabinoid system, or are you someone who is dealing with, for instance, extreme head discomforts?  The more severe your circumstances are, the more likely you are to respond best to a higher amount.

Body Weight

We have a good idea that the more you weigh, the more CBD your body should be given per dose.  This is the case with most compounds that we consume to produce particular effects within the body.

Your Doctor’s Advice

Finally, you should take the amount that your doctor recommends.  Your doctor’s advice should be the thing that you follow more than anything else.  Always talk to your doctor before starting a CBD routine, as they would knOw your unique situation and can therefore give you the most accurate idea of how you should take CBD to best suit your needs.

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That Word of the Industry!

CBD, or cannabidiol, is without a doubt one of the top buzzwords in the wellness industry.  It’s legal, it’s natural and holistic, and is more accessible than ever before.  Knowing exactly what CBD means can help you better understand how it works with your body, and how to choose the best product based on your unique situation.

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