What is THC-V? Why Should I Buy THC-V?

Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THC-V) is a very unique cannabinoid with more to it than meets the eye.  It does have a psychoactive potential, and aside from that, has some pretty unique properties that affect how we feel on a daily basis.  THC-V is becoming increasingly popular, so it’s still important that those who are interested in trying it, gain a better understanding of what’s to be expected.  Why?  Well, in order to decide whether or not it’s worth adding to their daily rotation. 

So, what makes THC-V different from all of the other tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-based cannabinoids found in the hemp plant?  Let’s find out.

What in the World is THC-V?

Tetrahydrocannabivarin is a naturally occurring minor cannabinoid in hemp that acts as an analog to THC.  Because it’s present in such trace levels, the only way to experience its distinctive effects is to buy THC-V-specific products that contain a concentrated extract of the cannabinoid.  THC-V was discovered back in the 70s, with a lot of research backing its various properties.

What is the High of THC-V Like?

Tetrahydrocannabivarin’s high is unique, to say the least.  Perhaps the most peculiar aspect of it, is that unlike other cannabinoids that’re in the class of THC compounds, THC-V only becomes psychoactive after a certain amount of it has been consumed, and this exact amount is different for each individual.  Taking a low amount of THC-V means that it actually works against cannabinoid receptors responsible for intoxication.

Also, its high, overall, is very mild compared to other THC compounds.  And, it lasts for about half as long.  The effects are usually described as uplifting, and usually feel more like a mild buzz than an actual intoxicating experience.

What is the High of THC-V Like?

What are the Other Effects When Taking THC-V?

Tetrahydrocannabivarin is a cannabinoid that has been studied over the last couple of decades. So, its distinctive non-psychoactive properties make it extremely worthwhile for many reasons.  Research shows that THC-V works on 5ht receptors in the brain that impact neurotransmitter balance, and most specifically, serotonin levels.  This research shows that THC-V may be useful when it comes to certain types of mood conditions.

Just as promising, is the data into tetrahydrocannabivarin’s role in managing blood sugar, insulin, and fat storage in the body.  In fact, THC-V has been tested for its usefulness in diabetic individuals, with results that have left researchers feeling hopeful about future applications.

Types of THC-V Products Out There

Tetrahydrocannabivarin is certainly a cannabinoid that’s worth exploring for a multitude of reasons.  Still, it’s the product type/delivery method that you purchase, which can say a lot about how you experience its effects.

  • THC-V Vapes: Available in a large variety of strain options, with the vape oil consisting of refined Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabivarin, and terpenes extracted from plant material. Comes in two forms (pre-filled cartridges and disposable vape pens), as each delivers tetrahydrocannabivarin in an identical manner, in order to provide high bioavailability that results in effects felt within minutes that’re felt quite potently.
  • THC-V Flower: Refers to raw hemp flower buds that’re infused with Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabivarin distillate.  That way, you can get a full spectrum hemp experience along with a concentrated serving of tetrahydrocannabivarin.  Flower comes in a large variety of strains in both pre-roll and loose bud forms.  Also, because flower is usually smoked or vaporized, it’s as strong and fast-acting as vapes.  When baked with, the effects are still strong but take a bit longer to be felt, as it’s being used in an edible form.
  • THC-V Dabs: Concentrates that are flash-vaporized or dabbed at high temps using a dabbing device.  Due to tetrahydrocannabivarin being exceedingly concentrated, the effects are incredibly potent compared to other product types (more geared towards experienced hemp users).
  • THC-V Tinctures: Absorbed sublingually, being oils that are poured below the tongue, available in a variety of milligram strengths, and some companies make them in different strains/flavors.  Effects last for about 4-5 hours, activated in less than an hour.
  • THC-V Edibles: Taste delicious and deliver up to 8 hours of effects paired with a distinctive body high sensation.  Can be found in all kinds of sensational flavors and different milligram strengths.  Edibles such as gummies or candies are known for being easy to take.  Why?  Because each piece already contains an equal amount of tetrahydrocannabivarin.
  • THC-V Capsules: Ingested just like gummies for instance; except they’re swallowed whole and contain fewer ingredients.  Available in either hard caps or softgels, these absorb in the same manner as other edible products.  Essentially then, the same body high and long-lasting effects occur.

Purce CBD Vapor’s line of THC-V products are the best in the industry from reputable manufacturers. They only carry products that pass their standards to assure customers that what they buy is clean, safe and above all of quality.

  • Koi THCV and ACV Gummies – Strawberry Acai Flavor – For those looking for added benefits from a gummy, this product has 600mg of apple cider vinegar and 75mg of acai which are anti oxidants. The gummies each has 10mg of hemp-derived THC-V. A good choice for a smooth buildup throughout the day.

Awesome Reasons Why You Just Gotta Try THC-V

Once you decide which product type/delivery method you wanna experience, there are certain things about tetrahydrocannabivarin that make it unique.  So, consider these reasons below to see if they apply to your hemp-related needs and potential objectives.

Reason #1: You Want to Test the Psychoactive Waters

If you’ve never tried a psychoactive cannabinoid before, THC-V could make for a good starting point. Why? Because of how mild it is.  Remember that the high will only occur if you cross a certain threshold amount, so if you don’t feel anything at all, it could very well be because you didn’t take enough. A lot of today’s THC-V products combine tetrahydrocannabivarin with delta 8 THC or delta 10 THC.  It still remains a mild product as the THC-V balances out the stronger effects of the other cannabinoids.  Also, their presence serves the function of guaranteeing a mild high, no matter how much you consume.

Reason #2: You Find Other Psychoactive Cannabinoids Too Powerful

With tetrahydrocannabivarin being considered the mildest of all intoxicating hemp derivatives, it’s also a good choice if you have tried other cannabinoids but simply found that you couldn’t tolerate them due to the strength of their effects.  THC-V can definitely offer a much gentler type of high that’s still enjoyable.

Reason #3: Simply Interested in the Non-Psychoactive Properties of THC-V

A lot of people take THC-V not for its intoxicating qualities, but its noted potential effects that we talked about earlier, such as its effects on blood sugar and serotonin production.  This can make THC-V an extremely useful addition to your routine.  Regardless even of whether or not you actually experience its psychoactive effects.

Reason #4: Desire a Cannabinoid to Combine with Other Psychoactive Cannabinoids

Yes, tetrahydrocannabivarin can be taken with other types of cannabinoids, too. This to take the edge off of the more powerful effects of, say, THC-O or HHC.  Combining THC-V with a stronger cannabinoid will produce a synergistic effect that can feel more manageable, while offering a distinctively soothing effect to whatever other cannabinoid you choose to take.

THC-V is Clearly a Valuable Cannabinoid

Despite its elusive psychoactive properties, tetrahydrocannabivarin a very useful compound in terms of its various effects on the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS).  Besides that, once again, most THC-V products currently on the market blend their tetrahydrocannabivarin with other psychoactive cannabinoids in order to deliver a noticeable high.  At Pure CBD Now, you’ll find an awesome selection of THC-V products.  All of these product formulas are crafted by the leading brands in our industry.  This of course, is to ensure that you will feel satisfied with your experience.

Note: If you’re new to taking tetrahydrocannabivarin or are currently on any prescription medications, it is best to speak with your doctor first.  Essentially, your physician has access to your wellness records and can make the proper determination if THC-V is okay for you to use.

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