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What Key Questions Should You Be Asking Your Vet About CBD for Your Pet?

Updated 08/17/2020

The CBD industry is quickly expanding and evolving to produce a wide range of products specifically suited for our furry companions. Already, we’re seeing that some veterinarians (others are on the fence) are embracing the idea of hemp as a potentially suitable therapy for cats and dogs, though more research is required. 

If you’re here, we’re going to assume that you’re interested in starting your pet on a CBD regimen. Before you run out and start buying pet-friendly hemp products at Pure CBD Now, you should always consult with your veterinarian. With all that said, here are six questions to ask your veterinarian before beginning a hemp routine for your cat or dog.

#1: Do You Have Experience with Pet CBD Products?

First, we recommend asking your veterinarian about their own personal experience regarding CBD and pets. Perhaps they already possess some knowledge and experience in the CBD field. At the very least, a vet could help guide you through the process of beginning a regimen for your pet.

#2: What Strength is Ideal?

Respectable pet CBD companies or manufacturers clearly state the ideal milligram strength per pet’s body weight. But your vet may have unique insights, or they may decide that a specific milligram different from the one suggested is ideal because of a particular factor. The milligram strength directly determines how much CBD your pet will be receiving per dose, so this question is highly important.

#3: Do You Recommend a Particular Delivery Method?

As you probably know, there are several different ways to deliver CBD to your pet. Today’s market offers topicals, tinctures, treats, and more. The variety of administration methods available isn’t just about finding a format that will make your pet most comfortable. Different techniques have different absorption rates, which means that one approach may be more fast-acting and potent than others. Your vet may feel that, based on your pet’s unique situation, one method is superior.

#4: Do You Recommend a Particular Brand?

Another thing to ask about is whether or not your veterinarian has a particular brand in mind for your pet. They may have found that certain brands work better for your pet’s condition or specific breeds. They may have discovered a particular company with superior products.

#5: Is There Anything to Watch Out for After Administering CBD?

While starting your pet on a new CBD regimen, it’s essential to ask your veterinarian if there are any warning signs. Your vet may tell you that there are certain signs that show that the CBD is a success. They may also tell you that specific side effects can demonstrate that you need to reduce the dose or the frequency of the dosing.

#6: Can They Take Anything Else Alongside CBD?

If your pet is being treated for a wellness issue and is already taking medication, make sure that your vet is aware. They may feel that you shouldn’t combine the two products at the same time. Also, if you give your pet supplements, let your vet know.

Asking Questions Doesn’t Hurt

As you can see, more pet owners are giving their furry friends CBD under the guidance of their veterinarian. If you wish to begin a hemp regimen for your pet, speak to your vet before you buy a product. Ask them these questions (and others) to make sure that you have all of the information that you need before getting started.


Joshua Willard (Freelance CBD Content Writer/Editor)

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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