What Type of Generational Impact Does Delta 8 THC Have?

No doubt folks, delta 8 THC is the most talked about psychoactive hemp derivative. Not only that, but the first to hit the market, too.  Delta8’s relatively mild high paired with its various noticeable effects through the endocannabinoid system (ECS) make it extremely sought-after. And, it would be a mistake to assume that only younger generations are getting in on the delta 8 action.

We know that cannabinoids hold a lot more value than their ability to offer a high. In fact, delta 8 proves this better than any other as it’s been rigorously studied since 1964. Thus, allowing us to verify what we already know about all it can do for us by taking it regularly.

That being said, delta 8 THC truly is a multi-generational cannabinoid, that has something to offer to every age group.  Let’s take a closer look at the key generations in society and what they’re loving most about their delta 8 vapes, gummies, tinctures and more.

Generational Delta 8 THC: What Has It Done So Far?

Delta 8 THC has become a top-selling component of the hemp industry. Still, a lot of people wrongfully assume that psychoactives are only for young adults. Reality is, the more we discover about the hemp plant’s cannabinoids, the more we realize that they’re extremely beneficial to our daily lives. They’re essentially the only natural compounds to supply our ECS’s with what’s needed to regulate important processes throughout the body.  Delta 8 is particularly well-known for its extremely helpful abilities that are compatible with every generation.

Gen Z

Gen Z are embracing delta 8 THC thanks to its accessibility. Since, of course it’s easier to acquire than delta 9 given its unique legal status.  Delta 8 is particularly popular in states where Gen Z-ers can’t legally buy marijuana, acting as a great alternative due to the similarities between the two cannabinoids.  Delta 8 is also unique from delta 9 in that its effects are more soothing and mellowing, proven through its well-researched anxiolytic effects that come from the cannabinoid’s interaction with CB1 receptors in the body’s nervous system.  We know that this generation in particular is seeing high rates of anxiety and stress. Delta 8 then, can act as a nice, gentle, and holistic way to get a sense of ease. Especially, throughout the day.  Gen Z-ers are particularly fond of delta 8 vapes, as this technology came about as they were coming of age.  Dabbing is also popular, since it offers extremely potent effects due to how concentrated dabs are. 


Millennials and Gen Z-ers have a lot in common, being so close of age, as they’ve also largely embraced delta 8 vapes. They, too, have watched the technology evolve during their formative years. We’re even seeing this generation flock to delta 8 gummies.  Like the younger generation, millennials are loving the more soothing effects they get from delta 8. This is another generation that seems uniquely prone to anxiety and chronic stress.  It’s also a generation that grew up with a more lenient attitude toward cannabis. So, they aren’t shying away from the delightful high that delta 8 can provide.  And, are eager to check out all kinds of psychoactive cannabinoids in the hemp plant besides delta 8, as well. 

Millennials, like Gen Z-ers, are particularly excited about delta 8 if they live in a state where cannabis laws remain strict, since they can just order delta 8 online and enjoy it on their terms without worrying about breaking the law.  Of course, millennials also appreciate the potential analgesic qualities of delta 8 since they’re not immune to the occasional aches and pains, especially if they live active lifestyles or work office jobs where they’re sitting all day.

Gen X

Gen X grew up in the 90s, when marijuana first reentered the mainstream in a big way.  You can see why then, many of them are quite familiar with delta 9 THC. And, haven’t hesitated to give delta 8 THC a try.  Because delta 8 is milder than delta 9, and less likely to interfere with focus, motivation, and physical energy levels, it serves a unique purpose in the daily life of a Gen X-er, acting as a way to enjoy the psychoactive side of cannabis while being able to remain productive at home, since so many Gen X-eres are juggling busy careers and family obligations, and may not be able to get super high all the time. 

Another reason why this generation craves delta 8 THC is because in a lot of ways, it reminds them of the strains that they used to have a couple of decades ago.  While strains of cannabis have gotten extremely potent in recent years, some Gen X-ers have decided that they’re too strong for them. And, like delta8’s gentler side, which’s more in line with the THC experience they’re more used to.  Gen X-ers may also be more attracted to the natural, plant-based properties of delta-8. Specifically pertaining to things like pain, inflammation, and stress management. Basically, this generation has largely embraced the holistic movement in the last couple of decades.


Don’t write off boomers’ love for THC compounds – after all, this is the hippie generation.  And, like Gen X-ers, it’s not surprising that a lot of boomers love the milder nature of delta 8 THC, which is more like the potency of the strains in circulation during their era.  Not only that, but delta8’s physiological effects can be incredibly useful to this age group. And, in particular its analgesic properties, which can regulate the nervous system’s response to different kinds of physical discomfort. 

Overall, delta 8 THC seems to be more popular in the forms of gummies and tinctures with this particular generation, and even adore the fact that edible-based products in particular supply effects for up to 8-hours at a time.  Boomers may also take delta-8 daily due to its cognitive-boosting potential. This in turn, helps them feel more focused and motivated as their lives generally start to slow down.

The Elderly

The older adult population can be divided into three life-stage subgroups:

  • Young-old (approximately 65–74)
  • Middle-old (ages 75–84)
  • Old-old (85 years of age+)

The elderly actually get a surprising amount of value out of delta 8 THC.  We talked about how delta 8 focuses primarily on CB1 receptors (cannabinoid receptors found in the nervous system that’re responsible for regulating a lot of local functions).  A number of the properties related to delta-8, including its anxiolytic effects and analgesic effects we covered earlier, paired with its abilities to do things like boost appetite and promote sleep regulation, are particularly handy to this age group. 

Meanwhile, delta8’s neuroprotective properties can be vital to someone of that age. In this sense, offering neurological balance that may play a role in addressing cognitive decline. This is something that happens more with each passing year.  Also, let’s not discount the fact that there are plenty of elderly folk who enjoy delta8’s high. Particularly, it can help with negative thoughts, irritability, and more.

Generational Delta 8 THC: An Inclusive Cannabinoid for All Ages 

As you can see, delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid that has found its way into every age group and demographic, which isn’t surprising considering how immensely rich in properties this compound is.  What’s amazing is that researchers have already studied a lot of delta8’s effects and confirmed that it’s the real deal  Part of the reason why then, a lot of generations are comfortable incorporating delta 8 into their routines. 

Bottom line, no matter how old you are, you can get a lot out of a delta 8 regimen.  Go check out Pure CBD Vapor’s collection of top-quality and lab-tested delta 8 products to find a ‘generational delta 8 THC’ formula that fits your daily needs for maximum results:



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