Where to Buy Delta 8 Dabs Near Me

Delta 8 THC is a mild psychoactive that offers a uniquely uplifting high that’s about 70% as potent as the high associated with delta 9 THC.  While many people find its intoxicating effects extremely enjoyable, there are some enthusiasts out there who desire something stronger. For those people, they would buy delta 8 dabs.  For anyone unaware, dabs/concentrates provide a distinctively potent high derived from the concentrated nature of the type of product.  And, like all delta-8 products on the market, dabs are completely legal under federal law.

If you want to dive into the world of dabs, it’s important to know where you can buy them from, especially near you, in order to guarantee that they’re legitimate, high in quality, and compliant with the law.  As you’ll see, some types of vendors are far better than others when it comes to getting the best dabs available.

What are Delta 8 Dabs?

Dabs are a term for concentrates.  It involve taking the hemp plant and using various methods to concentrate its compounds to make them incredibly potent.  Dabbing requires a dabbing device, such as a rig, e-nail, or dab pen.  Concentrates essentially require exceedingly high temperatures in order to vaporize.  So, standard vaping and smoking equipment just won’t cut it.

Because delta 8 dabs are just that concentrated, their psychoactive effects are incredibly strong. Mainly, compared to other types of delta-8 products.  For this reason, dabbing is not recommended for delta 8 THC newbies, who first need to work up a tolerance to the cannabinoid’s effects.  Dabbing’s effects are felt within minutes, and peak almost instantly while wearing off, usually, within an hour or so.

Dabs come in a variety of forms, but certain ones are more popular than others. 

  • Wax is the most popular, getting its name from its consistency, and yielding great terpene flavor. 
  • Shatter is the result of processing wax further until it takes on a brittle texture and has more cannabinoid potency but less flavor. 
  • Dab wraps are a new addition to the market that act like standard wraps which are infused with concentrate. 
  • Syringes contain a pure delta 8 THC distillate within them.

Where You Can Buy Delta 8 Dabs

Dabs aren’t as easy to find as, say, vape cartridges.  Why?  Because with such high potency levels, they appeal to a specific demographic of hemp enthusiasts as we touched upon earlier.  Still, there are certain types of vendors that are more likely to sell dabs than others.

#1: Convenience Stores

Convenience stores may carry delta 8 dabs, but we do not recommend buying from this type of business.  These stores are simply unlikely to have strict quality standards when it comes to the delta-8 products that they carry.

#2: Vape Shops

Vape shops may also carry delta 8 dabs. However, since these stores don’t specialize in hemp products, storeowners may have varying levels of quality standards.  If you see a delta-8 dab in a vape shop, research the brand before you buy. That way, you’ll know if they’re trusted on the market or not.

#3: Online Distributors

Best course of action it seems is to go with an online distributor that specializes exclusively in hemp. 

  • These types of businesses have the largest variety of concentrates.
  • More importantly, they must maintain strict quality standards. Why? Well, or else they will go out of business, since they don’t have other products to rely on for revenue.

#4: Delta 8 THC Brands

You can also buy delta 8 dabs directly from manufacturers through their websites.  This lets you identify that you’re buying a fully-authentic product.  Makes it also easier to learn more about how exactly a particular concentrate is produced.

Pure CBD Now have different Delta 8 dabs to choose from.

  • Blue Moon Hemp Delta 8 Dab 900mg – A new Delta 8 product that has a strong effect in a short period of time with only a small amount placed. You can use this with a wax pen and enjoy 900mg hemp-derived Delta 8 per container. Available in 4 flavors – Wedding Cake, Sour Tangie, GSC and Gelato.
  • D8 Factory Delta 8 Shatter – Available in 900mg and 1 g. This product is a strong one that contains a higher concentration of Delta 8 THC that is good for dabbing purposes only.
  • iHemp CBD Dabs 91% – Allows you to enjoy the full effect of CBD while dabbing. Recommended for exprienced users.
  • For more Delta 8 Dab products, click on the link.
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Buying Your Delta 8 Dabs Online: Why It’s the Better Option

It is generally better to buy delta 8 dabs online.  Local stores aren’t specializing in hemp. This means there is less motivation to maintain strict quality standards or offer a wide selection of product options.  Plus, products may not be fresh if local demand isn’t high enough.

  • Great Prices: Most online stores offer more affordable delta 8 THC dabs because they don’t have to work into the prices the high overhead costs that come with operating a physical store.
  • High Quality Standards: Basically, online stores are far more likely to maintain strict quality standards, because the online hemp market is such a competitive environment that online brands must work extra hard to stay afloat.
  • Deals and Bundles: Online retailers typically carry sales and special offers throughout the year to attract customers and keep their inventory moving.  Besides that, you’ll find lots of bundles that let you stock up on your favorite delta 8 THC while paying a reduced price per unit.
  • Unique Selection: Online retailers offer a generous selection of products compared to what you’d find in person, since they can carry more inventory.  This means being able to choose between more types of dabs, strains, brands, and more.

What to Look for in a Delta 8 Dab Formula

If you really want to make sure that you’re buying the top delta 8 dabs possible, these are the things to pay attention to before you make a purchase.

  1. Third-Party Lab Reports: All delta 8 products must be lab-tested by a state-licensed third-party testing facility.  This proves that the product is pure, clean, and authentic, as well as federally compliant.  Look for lab reports on a brand’s website.
  2. No Added Ingredients: Delta 8 dabs should contain no additional ingredients of any kind, consisting of 100% hemp compounds.  Any additives need to be completely avoided.
  3. A Reputable Brand Name: Only purchase delta 8 THC from a trusted brand that has lots of positive reviews for their products.
  4. The Right Purity Level: When it comes to delta 8 dabs, as we cannot overwhelm this enough, purity is crucial.  Anything with less than 90% purity is going to contain unwanted components like solvents that are leftover from the concentration process.  Basically, this should be avoided.
  5. Federal Compliance: Never buy delta 8 dabs that are derived from marijuana or contain more than 0.3% delta 9 THC.  These products are illegal.

Get Your Dabbing On Thanks to Pure CBD Now

Delta 8 dabs are not created equally as you can now see.  Not to mention, with such a powerful product, you really want to get a clearer idea that you’re receiving only top-quality and lab-tested concentrates.  That’s why we recommend checking out the selection of delta 8 dabs at Pure CBD Now.  Here, you will find only the finest, cleanest wax, shatter, dab wraps, and more, each for a dabbing session on your terms that provides you excellent purity, quality, and flavor. Dab away today!

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