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Which Delta 10 Product Should Newbies Choose?

Delta 10 THC is now available at Pure CBD Now! And, we cannot wait for our customers to see for themselves what this new and exciting cannabinoid is capable of.  In the meantime, we thought it would be helpful to offer a guide to first-timers who aren’t sure which type of delta 10 product delivery method to start with.

Why is Choosing the Right Delivery Method Crucial as a Beginner?

Delta 10 THC is quite unique. How come you might be wondering? Primarily, it is because unlike cannabidiol (CBD), which many of our customers are accustomed to, its psychoactive.  It’s about as psychoactive as delta 8 THC. That means it’s high is notably milder than that of delta 9 THC,. Still, we must be a little more conscious of how and when we take it to ensure that we can actually enjoy this effect, rather than have it interfere with our daily routine. 

For instance, some delivery methods allow the high to last longer than others. This can be inconvenient if we need to work, drive, or engage in some other type of responsibility during the day.

Delta 10 Tinctures

  • Dilute a delta 10 extract in a carrier oil
  • Come in dropper bottles
  • Administered below the tongue
  • Noted for their user-friendliness
  • Each dose is simply a full dropper of oil
  • Tinctures come in a variety of milligram strengths
  • They typically take effect in about 40 minutes to an hour, lasting for up to 6 hours
  • Effects are less potent than inhalable methods, as they’re more spread out

Delta 10 Vape Cartridges

  • Small
  • User-friendly
  • Pre-filled with delta 10 e-liquid
  • Compatible with low-wattage vape pen devices
  • Come in various strains and strengths
  • Vaping delta-10 allows us to feel the effects within minutes after exhaling
  • Effects usually last for around an hour depending on how many hits were taken
  • Dosing is easy as the user can simply control how many puffs they take
  • Single puff is a mild dose and 4 puffs being a strong dose

Delta 10 Gummies

  • Taste good
  • Can take up to 2 hours to really peak in the body.
  • The effects can go on for 9 hours
  • Effects also tend to be felt more strongly in the body and mind

Delta 10 Flower

  • Simply raw hemp flower infused with delta 10 THC
  • How much delta 10 is in the flower depends on the strain as well as the manufacturer
  • Flower is inhaled just like vapes
  • Tends to be more bioavailable which results in slightly stronger effects
  • Like vapes, flower comes in a wide array of popular strains
  • Requires either papers for rolling, a pipe device, or a vaporizer made just for flower

Delta 10 Concentrates

  • Extremely concentrated forms of the compound which results in a uniquely high potency level
  • Dabs include: Wax, shatter, and sauce
  • Vaporized using a special type of vaping device made just for dabbing

Which is the Best Delta 10 Product Type to Start With?

Ultimately, this depends on one’s particular goals with delta 10. Not only that, but their experience with delta 8 can play a role too, as this may have given them an idea of which delivery method they prefer for mild psychoactive effects.

Our Opinion: We feel that vape cartridges are the way to go for first-timers, for a few reasons:

  1. User-friendly.
  2. Require next to no maintenance. 
  3. Easy to dose by simply controlling the number of puffs you take. 
  4. Because the effects of vaping wear off the most quickly out of any method, this is useful to beginners. 

Now, let’s say the effects of delta 10 are quite strong the first time you use it due to tolerance.  Well, those effects will likely wear off in an hour, in case you do end up getting higher than you had anticipated.

Once familiarizing yourself with vapes, you can move onto flower if you still like the fast-acting and potent nature of inhaling the compound.  Or, you can try tinctures, which are a bit more long-lasting and fast-acting, but still wear off within a few hours.  Then, you can try gummies, which offer the long-lasting effects of all, which your body at this point are likely very used to.

Finally, you can move onto concentrates once you feel that you’ve worked up a good tolerance to delta 10, and that your body and mind can handle such a potent dose.  Even after trying all of the other methods, you should be careful when dabbing because it can catch beginners by surprise with how quickly the properties come on and how strongly they are felt.  With dabbing, you should start with just one puff, as this alone can create a very potent delta 10 experience.

When Can a User Switch to a New Delivery Method?

How long you should wait before gravitating to a new product type depends on the user’s desires, coupled with how quickly they are developing a tolerance to the stronger effects of delta 10.  So, as a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t switch to a new type of delta-10 routine until 2 weeks of daily use have passed.  This is about the amount of time it takes for the body to adjust to any new cannabinoid’s effects.

Can Two Delivery Methods Be Used in a Day?

So, what if you’ve found success with one type of delta 10 product, and wish to try another at the same time?  Ultimately, you can use more than one delta-10 product in a day, but only after a couple of weeks of getting used to the first product that you have tried.

Other Delta 10 products from Pure CBd Vapors that beginners should check out:

  • iDELTA – Delta 10 Preroll 1.25g – For those on the go and would live an easy way for their daily dose of Delta 10. Each pre-roll is wrapped and sealed to retain freshness. You can choose the flavor or strain.
  • DELTA 10 Vape Cartridge Full Spectrum 1ml – These full spectrum vape cartridge is full of Delta 10 for maximum effect and for consumption. Choose the strain best suited for you.
  • Koi Delta 10 THC Gummies 500mg – For those who want to experience Delta 10 thru edibles. Each gummy has 25mg hemp derived Delta 10 THC.
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