Why Might Your Bottled CBD Vape Oil Lose Its Flavor After a While?

There are all kinds of ways to vape CBD these days, ranging from devices made specially for flower to disposable vape pens that are extremely easy to use and maintain.  But a growing number of hemp enthusiasts are gravitating toward bottled CBD vape oils, which give them more control over their vaping experience while allowing them to use more advanced vaping setups.

Bottled vape oils often have a distinctive flavor profile.  Hence, many vapers find that the flavor of a vape juice is a crucial component to the quality of the overall vaping experience.  However, once in a while, a vaper may feel that the flavor is no longer detectable, or at the very least it’s become weak or stale. 

So, why does this happen, and what can a vaper do about it?  Before answering these questions, we need to quickly discuss a CBD e-liquid’s flavor in general.

Does All Bottled CBD Vape Oil Have a Flavor?

Does All Bottled CBD Vape Oil Have a Flavor?

Most bottled vape oils have a flavor, but not all of them. The flavor can be the hemp plant’s natural taste if the extract in that formula is broad spectrum or full spectrum. This means that it’s full of the terpenes that naturally occur in the hemp plant alongside cannabinoids like CBD (cannabidiol).  Terpenes naturally flavor the plant itself, and therefore they give e-liquid a flavor profile.

Some bottled vape oils may also be flavored with added flavoring ingredients, ranging from naturally derived essential oils to flavoring agents that are synthetically produced.  You can find a bottled vape oil in just about every flavor under the sun these days, ranging from soothing lavender to rich and creamy custards.

A CBD vape oil that contains CBD isolate, without any flavoring ingredients added to it, will not have any flavor whatsoever.  Why?  Because CBD isolate is a type of hemp extract that contains pure cannabidiol without any terpenes. Therefore, it doesn’t taste like anything.

Why Might Bottled CBD Vape Oil Lose Its Flavor?

Now, we can go over the most common reasons why a CBD vape oil may lose its flavor.  Take note that none of these reasons imply that the CBD e-liquid is dangerous to vape.  CBD vape oil does not become toxic under certain conditions but may simply be less potent.

Reason #1: It’s Old

The most common reason why a vape oil may lose its flavor is because of age.  As the product sits around, its compounds start to degrade, including both the terpenes and cannabinoids.  This means that the hemp is no longer potent, because if you cannot taste its compounds, you will not be able to feel them either.  CBD vape oils tend to have a shelf life of about two years.

Reason #2: Low in Quality

Sometimes, the flavor can be lost because the quality of the product just is not there.  Certain extraction and formulation methods can cause the compounds to degrade quickly, which means that the flavor becomes weak shortly after purchasing it.

Reason #3: Not Properly Stored

Storage is so important when it comes to bottled CBD vape oils due to numerous environmental factors that can degrade the compounds quickly, including humidity, light, and heat.  This is why e-liquids should always be kept in a cool and dark place like a closet or a cabinet, where the area doesn’t fluctuate in terms of climate.

Reason #4: Packaging Leaves Something to Be Desired

CBD vape oils almost always come in glass bottles for a reason.  This helps keep the liquid inside relatively cool and stable.  Plastic bottles are less effective at preventing temperature and light fluctuations from destabilizing the compounds of the hemp plant inside of the formula.

Reason #5: Has Been Exposed to Cold Climate Conditions

If your e-liquid has just been exposed to extreme cold, you may notice a weak flavor.  Don’t threat, as this is only temporary. What is happening is the result of compounds changing molecularly to adjust to the change in temperature.  Just leaving the e-juice out at room temperature for about an hour should fix this issue entirely.

Reason #6: You Have Vaper’s Tongue

Vaper’s tongue is something of a sensory phenomenon that mostly affects heavier vapers.  It occurs when you develop olfactory feeling tired, due to constant exposure to the same flavor over and over again, or a flavor that’s particularly complex in its flavor profile.  Basically, the senses get tired and stop trying to pick up the flavor that you’re vaping.  This is a temporary condition and goes away if you take a break from vaping for a few hours. 

Also, vaper’s tongue is more likely to occur if you chain-vape your e-liquids.  So, consider breaking that habit to reduce the risk of developing this benign but annoying condition.

Reason #7: The Formula Has Separated

If the formula has separated, meaning that some ingredients have floated to the top while others have sunk to the bottom, you may notice a weak or totally undetectable flavor because the flavor molecules are not evenly present throughout the vape juice.  Try giving your bottled e-liquid a gentle shake to get the ingredients mixed together again.

What You Can Do About CBD Vape Oil That’s Lost its Flavor

Again, CBD vape oil that has lost its flavor is not necessarily a goner. 

  1. First, check the expiration date to make sure that your e-liquid is not old. 
  2. Then, use the guide above to figure out the most likely reason for the issue. 
  3. If the e-liquid is cheap, then there is a chance that you’ll never get that flavor back. That’s because the formula was not made to give you long-lasting flavor for the duration of having the bottle in your possession.
  4. Otherwise, the issue is often temporary and requires minimal effort to remedy.

Even though we vape CBD e-juices for the properties of the hemp plant, many of us want to enjoy a tasty flavor while we take in each cloud.  While CBD liquids can lose its flavor, in most cases it’s not any real cause for concern, and it certainly doesn’t mean that the juice is unsafe to be vaping.

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