Is Delta 8 Legal in Georgia? Where Can I Buy Delta 8 in Georgia?

Delta 8 THC is a hemp-derived cannabinoid that is best known for offering a mildly psychoactive experience.  This property-rich compound has been getting a lot of attention all over the country. Not only that, but has proven to be one of the most sought-after hemp derivates on today’s market.  But, does that mean that anyone in the United States can walk into a store and buy it?  If you’re a Georgian, you’ll want to know both about its legality and its availability where you live in Georgia.

How is Delta 8 THC Different from Delta 9 THC?

Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid that’s often compared and contrasted to delta 9 THC, and for good reasons. 

  • Delta 8 THC is a unique cannabinoid in that it results from oxidized delta 9 THC.  As delta 9 ages in the plant’s structure, it naturally converts into delta 8, which offers about 30% less psychoactive activity to create a milder high. 
  • How they double bond in each of their structures can also differ, as delta 8 is double bond on the 8th carbon atom, while delta 9 has a double bond on its 9th chain. With its different double bond location, delta-8 binds to the endocannabinoid system (ECS) uniquely, so it’s less potent than delta-9.
  • Delta 8 enthusiasts describe the high as bliss-inducing, blissful, and capable of keeping the mind relatively clear compared to delta 9. 
  • Delta-8 has a strong affinity for CB1 receptors in the nervous system, which explains many of its unique effects.
How is Delta 8 THC Different from Delta 9 THC?

Yes, like most states across the country, Georgia recognizes delta 8 THC as a legal substance.  The 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized all hemp products containing a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC, and Georgia simply adheres to federal law on this matter.  Residents can enjoy any product type they desire, with no limit on milligram strength or possession amount.  These laws apply to all areas of GA, including Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, Athens, Macon, Helen, Marietta, and elsewhere.

Keep in mind that the intoxicating nature of delta 8 means that you should not drive or go to work after taking it.  And, delta 8 is processed in the body by the same metabolite that processes delta 9, which is why consuming delta 8 can lead to a failed drug test.

Where to Purchase Delta 8 THC in Georgia

It’s extremely important to be mindful of who you’re buying from, because not all delta 8 is created equally in terms of quality.  Worse, there is fake delta 8 hiding on the market.  To know you’re getting the best delta 8 possible, there are a couple of avenues that are recommended.

Marijuana is illegal in Georgia. Why does this matter? Well, you want only buy hemp-derived delta 8, since it’s the sole form of delta 8 THC recognized as legal.

Local Shops

A quick Google search or search through Weedmaps can tell you if a local shop is carrying delta 8 products, but note that a lack of specializing in hemp combined with low local demand can lead to disappointing selection and quality standards.  Check a store’s reviews before purchasing delta 8 from them.


Overall, buying delta 8 from a trusted online hemp retailer is the better way to go as it comes with numerous advantages.

  1. Larger selection of products available, with different milligram strengths, delivery methods, and formulas for more precise customization of how one takes delta 8.
  2. More affordable prices due to lower overhead costs.
  3. Higher quality standards due to more competition and higher customer demands.
  4. Special offers, clearance sales and promotions throughout the year.
  5. Options to buy in bulk, and purchase money-saving bundles.
  6. The convenience of shopping from the comfort of home.
  7. Products that are fresher due to a faster product turnover rate.

Pure CBD Now specializes in the hemp plant. We even maintain strict standards when it comes to lab-testing, quality of ingredients, and other important aspects involved in making delta 8 THC.  There is a huge selection of delta 8 formulas, delivery methods, strains, strengths, and more. All, while providing you with fast shipping and refreshingly affordable prices.

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Here are some products that Pure CBD Now carry and can be delivered to Georgia:

What Places Should You Avoid Purchasing Delta 8 THC From?

At the end of the day, some sources for delta 8 products should be avoided altogether. This is due to the higher risk of ending up with poorly made or fake delta-8 product.

Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

Although these can be convenient locations, it is unlikely that these places are selling high-quality delta 8.  They simply do not screen for quality, and instead are simply looking to sell hemp goods cheaply and quickly.  There really is no level of expertise needed to spot a fake delta-8 product.

Non-Business Entities

Never buy delta 8 or any hemp-infused product for that matter from an unlicensed business.  Companies that sell hemp goods must be registered with their state.  If they are not registered, they aren’t compliant to begin with and should be avoided at all costs.  Also, avoid buying delta-8 from strangers online, in social media outlets, forums, or on Craigslist/Facebook/eBay.

What Kinds of Delta 8 THC Products Can I Buy in Georgia?

Delta 8 can be found in a wide array of product types, each promising a unique delta 8 experience.  Knowing ahead of time how each product stands out can help you find the best formula.

  • Vape CartridgesD8 vape carts are 510-threaded cartridges pre-filled with a blend of pure delta 8 THC distillate and terpenes, in lots of great strain options.
  • Disposable VapesD8 disposables are all-in-one systems that require zero charging, assembly or refilling, offering the same type of vape oil and strain selection as above.
  • EdiblesD8 edibles come in lots of great flavors while providing very long-lasting effects and a unique body high experience.
  • TincturesD8 tinctures offer a means for sublingual absorption of delta 8 THC, boasting simple formulas that are easy to administer, and producing a potency level somewhere between vapes and edibles.
  • Capsules: D8 provide the same types of effects as edibles but come in encapsulated form with fewer ingredients.
  • FlowerD8 Flower is raw CBD flower infused with pure delta 8 THC distillate, offered in numerous strain options and both loose bud and pre-roll forms.
  • DabsD8 dabs are concentrates that are flash-vaporized with a dabbing device.  They are extremely potent, and therefore best suited for experienced users.
  • Topicals: D8 topicals are absorbed through the skin to provide localized effects to the deep tissue, and will not get you high.

Top-Shelf Delta 8 Awaits Those in the Peach State

Now that you know that delta 8 THC is completely legal for all Georgia adult residents, you can start looking for the perfect delta 8 product to incorporate into your routine.  Just remember that when it comes to quality, online retail is always better. Essentially, since you’ll find more federally compliant and lab-tested products made with clean, carefully chosen ingredients.

Note: Best to check up on the laws periodically as that can always change.  With delta 8 THC being new, most states haven’t had the chance to give statements on this cannabinoid.  Still, delta 8 is likely here to stay, since it’s a compound that’s legal as CBD is on a federal level.

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