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CBD Flower Pre-Rolled Joints: Variety Counts

Strains are the spice of life. We prefer top-shelf variety in every CBD product category and CBD Flower Pre-Rolls are complete with signature hemp strains and familiar pot shop names. All without the stony-side effects. These CBD Flower strains lean on different hemp compound ratios, carry different aromas, and may flex those classic sticky crystals.

Their main feature is containing hemp in its raw form, rather than relying on an extract that is manmade.  This means that hemp purists can partake in a CBD experience that’s closer to the way in which mother nature intended.

CBD flower pre-rolls are user-friendly, portable, and completely natural.  They come in many unique varieties. But, what they have in common is that they offer a very fast-acting delivery method, Basically, it produces more potent effects than many other CBD types.

What Exactly are CBD Flower Pre-Rolled Joints?

CBD flower pre-rolled joints are simply raw hemp flower buds that have been rolled in paper. The paper is nontoxic, and the pre-roll is lit on one end so that the user can inhale the smoke produced by putting the flower buds through the combustion process. CBD pre-rolls typically come in two forms: CBD cigarettes and standard pre-rolled joints, which are thicker and looser by nature, and may or may not have a filter.

They each contain the same number of milligrams of hemp so that each pre-roll is just as potent as the last. Almost always, they contain only raw hemp flower without any other ingredients. Expect a clean experience free of unnecessary chemicals and flavoring agents.

Why Smoke CBD Flower?

Smoking CBD flower allows you to consume hemp in the most natural way possible. Other CBD products, like vape oils and tinctures, contain a hemp extract, which implies that the hemp was put through a manmade extraction process. Overall, there’s nothing wrong with this. Hemp extracts are incredibly useful and high in quality. But, some believe that the raw flower of the hemp plant provides the most benefits. It being untampered with. Therefore it’s more likely to retain full chemical integrity.

The raw hemp flower that’s put into these pre-rolls naturally contains the full spectrum of compounds in hemp. This means every draw supplies an astonishing array of cannabinoids. These include CBD, flavonoids, and terpenes. Also allows you to experience the entourage effect, in which the synergy of these compounds is at work in order to offer more potency and bioavailability.

Hits with Benefits

It seems like we’re always talking about bio-availability. But really, what good is using CBD without achieving euphoria? Like vaping, CBD smoke enters the lungs and diffuses directly into the circulatory system. In contrast to the 30-60 minutes it generally takes for an edible to kick in, the timely efficiency of smoking is vastly superior. It’s potent, fast, and hits with all the desired qualities. 

Whether rolling one up or choosing from our selection of pre-rolled joints, the act of lighting up puts the focus on the flower. This throwback might still be the best way to kick back.

CBD Flower Pre-Rolls Make Your Life Easier

You can buy the raw hemp flower buds if you’d like, and many do. But, pre-rolls make your life easier. That is, if your goal is to smoke CBD regularly. The raw flower buds come loose, and must be broken up and either rolled into papers or placed in a bowl. Traveling with them is difficult because rolling them or putting them in a bowl is hard to do if you’re not sitting at a table. Pre-rolls are a very convenient alternative. They’re already rolled up. So, all you need to do is grab one and light it up. Whether you’re at home or on the road, it works.

Choose from a Wide Array of Strains

CBD pre-rolls all contain raw hemp. Meaning that by nature, they’re available in a generous array of strains. Each strain has a unique chemical composition mainly based on its terpene profile, and as a result, different strains produce slightly different effects. For example, some strains are better at promoting sleep, while others may actually make you feel a mild energy boost that’s great for the daytime.

How to Use CBD Flower Pre-Rolls

The great thing about CBD flower pre-rolls is that they couldn’t be easier to use. All you need to do is light one end and inhale through the other. Make sure to inhale the smoke as deeply into the lungs as possible for maximum absorption.

Maybe you’re wondering if it’s better to smoke an entire pre-roll or only have a little at a time. If you’re totally new to hemp, you may wish to have only one-third to one half and see how it makes you feel.

If you’re used to vaping a certain number of milligrams of vape oil, and you’ve just grabbed some pre-rolls, there’s a way to make sure you consume about the same milligram strength with this type of product. The pre-roll has a specific number of milligrams of hemp. This means you can mentally divide the pre-roll into sections.

Let’s say you’re used to vaping 10 milligrams of CBD a day, and you’ve bought a pre-roll that has 50 milligrams of hemp total. To get the same amount, just smoke a fifth of the pre-roll, and you’ll be good to go.

We’ve gathered a few of our favorites here from brands such as Jolly Green Oil and Hempzilla. Pick up the whole bouquet and find your flower today.

Common FAQs

  • What Are CBD Flower Pre-Rolls?

    CBD flower pre rolls are CBD flowers that have been rolled up into paper so that they can be easily consumed. They contain a specific concentration of CBD per pre roll.

  • Will CBD Flower Pre-Rolls Get Me High?

    CBD flower cannot get you high because it does not contain enough THC to produce psychoactive effects.

  • Do CBD Flower Pre-Rolls Contain THC?

    CBD flower pre rolls do contain CBD, but it’s not enough to get you high or make the product illegal according to federal laws.

  • What is CBD Flower?

    CBD flower is simply the flower that’s removed from the hemp plant. The flower contains all of the compounds that we know and love about hemp.

  • How is CBD Flower Different from CBD Oil?

    CBD flower is unique in that it’s completely pure and unadulterated, while CBD oil is created using an extraction process.

  • CBD flower is perfectly legal since it comes from the hemp plant rather than the marijuana plant.

  • How Many CBD Flower Pre-Rolls Can I Consume in a Day?

    How much CBD flower you consume via pre rolls is up to you, but we recommend starting with one per day.

  • Do CBD Flower Pre-Rolls Contain Terpenes?

    CBD flower pre rolls are naturally rich in a wide variety of terpenes.

  • Do CBD Flower Pre-Rolls Expire?

    We suggest using this product within one year for the best results.

  • Do CBD Flower Pre-Rolls Have a Taste and Smell?

    CBD pre rolls taste and smell like the hemp plant, which is known for its pungent earthy, citrusy and minty flavor and aroma.

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