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Blue Moon Hemp Delta 8 Watermelon Gummies 250mg-2000mg (Choose mg)

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Blue Moon Hemp has given us a countless array of top-quality hemp products for years now, and it is no surprise that their Delta 8 Watermelon Gummies are fast becoming top-sellers on the delta 8 THC market. These gummies contain the perfect daily dose of delta 8 THC at 10 milligrams per piece, while bursting with fresh and juicy watermelon flavor that is absolutely irresistible. Plus, they are made with carefully selected ingredients to feel easy on the body while giving you the cannabinoid that you know and love. Great for daily use, these gummies check all of the boxes in terms of quality, potency, purity, and taste.

Quantity and Lab Reports

  • 10 Gummies – 25mg D8 Per Gummy (250mg) – View here
  • 40 Gummies – 25mg D8 Per Gummy (1000mg) – View here
  • 80 Gummies – 25mg D8 Per Gummy (2000mg) – View here

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Delta 8 Watermelon Gummies from Blue Moon provide the palate with exceptional watermelon flavor while ensuring an excellent dose of pure delta 8 THC extract made using the most advanced methods in the industry today. Lab-tested and clean in terms of formula, they are a great choice for someone who wishes to ingest the compound for longer-lasting effects, not to mention a satisfying experience for the taste buds.

10 Milligrams Per Gummy

Each watermelon gummy candy contains 10 milligrams of delta 8 THC extract, which is a good daily amount for most users. 10 milligrams will give you the effects of delta 8 THC in a way that’s not overwhelming, but still fully active in the system for hours at a time. Beginners may wish to begin with half of a gummy while they get acquainted with the properties of this unique cannabinoid.

Mouthwatering Watermelon Flavor

Blue Moon Hemp did not mess around when creating their flavor – the watermelon tastes fresh, juicy, sweet and crisp, all at the same time. With such great-tasting gummies, you’ll have absolutely no trouble remembering to take your daily dose, as you will find yourself craving that flavor throughout the day.

Third-Party Tested Hemp Extract

Blue Moon Hemp has all of their delta 8 extract batches lab-tested by a third-party facility that is fully registered and compliant with federal guidelines. This way, they can get objective, unbiased information pertaining to the quality, purity and chemical composition of the extract that goes into each gummy. The lab reports are available if you want to learn more.

Clean Formula

Blue Moon Hemp always uses clean ingredients in their formulas to ensure that you can feel good about taking their products on a daily basis. These gummies are no exception, offering a formula free of unnecessary or harsh ingredients.

Suggested Use:

Adults: Typically 1/2 a gummy or 1 gummy. Take gummies with food or eat within 10-30 minutes after taking them for best effects.

Storage: Refrigeration is recommended after opening. Do not store above room temperature or in a humid environment.

Product Ingredients

Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Distilled Water, Pectin, Delta-8 Hemp Extract, Natural and Artificial Flavors and Colors, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate.


Blue Moon Hemp

About Bluemoon Hemp

Few brands in our industry have had such mainstream success as Blue Moon Hemp. As you explore their exciting line of CBD products, it’s easy to see why. They check all of the boxes as far as hemp users’ needs and desires are concerned. For one thing, their range of products is nothing short of astonishing. They supply people with a wide variety of options when it comes to delivery methods, strengths and more. Additionally, they’re known for their exceptional production standards.

The company is guided by more than just mission statements, as its diverse product line continues to shine bright in this marketplace. Enjoy a roster that includes: CBD and hemp oil tinctures, CBD vape products, edibles and even CBD pet products. As one of the most well-reviewed brands here, enjoy these naturally pure CBD products intended to help ‘balance your body, balance your life.’ If you’re searching for a brand to help spirit a healthy CBD relationship with, Blue Moon Hemp will rise to the challenge.

Blue Moon Hemp really is a CBD star. From partnering with domestic farms in Kentucky to providing third-party testing results, their pioneering efforts to bring hemp to the mainstream and build its reputation as an essential supplement has gone well so far.

Blue Moon Hemp Delta 8 Watermelon Gummies 250mg-2000mg (Choose mg)

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Choose mg

250mg (10ct), 1000mg (40ct), 2000mg (80ct)

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Blue Moon Hemp Delta 8 Watermelon Gummies 250mg-2000mg (Choose mg)
Blue Moon Hemp Delta 8 Watermelon Gummies 250mg-2000mg (Choose mg)
From: $29.95