Torch Haymaker Heavyweight Disposable Vape 4 Grams

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Get ready to embrace the versatility of the Torch Haymaker Heavyweight Disposable! This pioneering device lets you flip between two unique strains, delivering a total of 4 grams of a potent blend infused with delta-11 THC, THC-H, and THC-JD. With live resin terpenes, a pre-heat function for optimal hits, and USB-C rechargeability, it’s a user-friendly ticket to a custom CBD experience. Choose from 10 exciting strain combinations! View Lab Report

Haymaker Heavyweight Disposable Vape 4G Strains

  • Banana Punch x Do Si Pie (Indica)
  • Gunpowder x Georgia Pie (Sativa)
  • Louis XIII x Great White Shark (Indica)
  • Lychee Snow x Cherry Blossom (Sativa)
  • Mango Cream x White Truffle Mac (Indica)
  • Peach Ringz x Apple Sundae (Sativa)
  • Pineapple Glaze x Rainbow Sprinkles (Sativa)
  • Pink Rozay x Strawberries & Cream (Hybrid)
  • Rainbow Sherbet 11 x Zkittelz Mints (Hybrid)
  • White Runtz x Tangerine Kush (Indica)

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