What are My Flower Options at Pure CBD Now?

Updated September 6th, 2020

Have you heard about CBD flower? 

While many of us enjoy taking our edibles, tinctures, vape oils and topicals throughout the day, there’s a new type of hemp product that’s changing the industry as a whole.  Now, maybe what we just said is a bit misleading.  There’s nothing actually “new” about CBD flower.  In fact, this is the oldest form of CBD that there is.  But, only now has the industry woken up to the fact that this product is highly valuable, and as a result, the demand is growing.

CBD flower, essentially, is the purest and rawest form of hemp that there is.  See, the female hemp flower naturally produces the full variety of hemp compounds that we know and love.  This includes cannabinoids, which are compounds that work with the body’s endocannabinoid system, such as CBD, CBN and THC.  Then, there are terpenes which have exciting properties of their own, as well as flavonoids which may help make the plant more synergistic.

CBD flower is just the flowers that have been picked from the hemp plant.  By nature, this is a full spectrum product, as it contains the full array of compounds as they exist in nature.  CBD flower is also unique in that it hasn’t been touched by the hand of technology.  Many prefer CBD flower over products containing extracted hemp concentrate, because they believe that this pure form of CBD is more chemically stable, and therefore more potent, dependable, consistent and bioavailable.

At Pure CBD Now, we are happy to supply our customers with a wide variety of CBD flower products to choose from.  CBD flower can be consumed in a number of ways, and we’ve got every option available here on our website.  Check out the different categories of CBD flower that we have to offer, as this will help you decide which method is ultimately best suited for you.

CBD Hash

CBD hash is unique in that it’s not exactly CBD flower, but it’s similar enough to be sold along with other CBD flower products.  CBD hash is, in fact, the sticky resin that comes from the hemp plant.  While the main compounds exist within the flowers, they can also be found in the resin that is excreted from the plant’s trichome glands that exist not only within the flowers, but also along the stems and leaves.  This resin is, in fact, even more potent than CBD flower in terms of its levels of compounds.  Therefore, CBD hash is essentially a pure hemp product that’s the most heavily concentrated of all in terms of its chemical composition.

We offer a wide variety of CBD hash products.  Hash is a sticky and dark substance that must be used with certain types of devices, so bear this in mind.  The CBD hash that we carry comes in a wide variety of strains, which is great for those who want to customize their experience by picking and choosing the compounds that they deem the most desirable.

CBD Flower Buds

If you’re a hemp purist all the way, you’ll probably prefer to buy our CBD flower buds.  These flower buds are simply the flower buds picked off of the hemp plant and dried.  By choosing this option, the choice is yours when it comes to how you consume your CBD flower.  You can smoke it, vape it, cook with it or even make quality topicals using your own tried-and-true recipes.

The CBD flower buds that we offer come in a variety of size options.  Even more exciting, you can choose from an enormous range of strains, including sativas, indicas and hybrids.  Our CBD flower buds come from trusted farmers known for producing top-notch industrial hemp.

CBD Flower Pre-Rolls

CBD flower pre-rolls make it easy to enjoy your pure CBD flowers.  These are rollies consisting of ground up CBD flower that has been conveniently rolled into rolling paper.  This way, all that you have to do in order to experience the full effects of those wonderful compounds is take out a pre-roll and light it up.  Smoking CBD flower remains a highly popular method, because it’s been around for so long.  CBD flower pre-rolls, like our other CBD flower products, come in a wide range of strains, meaning that users can easily customize their experience by seeking out strains that best suit their particular hemp-related goals.

Further, CBD flower pre-rolls don’t contain synthetic fillers or chemical additives.  They’re clean and pure, just as nature intended.

CBD Pipes

CBD pipes are for people who wish to smoke CBD flower, which is one of the most popular ways to consume this natural product.  They are small, handheld pipes made from reliable materials, and they come in a wide variety of absolutely beautiful designs.  They’re also conveniently portable.  To properly use a CBD pipe, you simply have to insert a small amount of CBD flower buds into the pipe’s bowl, and then light it from the top.  Then, you can inhale through the mouthpiece.  CBD pipes allow you to take in larger amounts of smoke than pre-rolls, making it great for people who desire an even more potent hemp experience. 

CBD Flower Pens

One thing that we’re seeing a lot of lately is people choosing to consume their hemp in vape form.  After all, CBD vape juices remain the most popular CBD product of all time.  Vaping CBD flower is a bit different, however.  Rather than using a vaping system that contains a cartridge or tank for e-liquid, it contains a chamber into which you can insert pieces of raw CBD flower. 

CBD flower pens are a must if you wish to vape your CBD flower.  You cannot use CBD flower with other types of devices, as this will only ruin the plant material.  At Pure CBD Now, we offer a variety of CBD flower pens so that users can vape their hemp on their terms.  The flower pens that we offer come in an array of sizes, designs, output capabilities and unique technological features.

The way that these pens work is simple.  They contain a heat-resistant chamber into which you insert your CBD flower.  Then, when you fire the device by pressing the power button, that CBD flower is vaporized as heat is applied to it.  This allows you to inhale smooth CBD vapor throughout the day.  Many people prefer vaping CBD over smoking it because it feels smoother along the throat, and also because it’s more discreet.  Vapor doesn’t linger like smoke does, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the aroma of hemp sitting around long after you’re done vaping.

Our Customers are Starting to Take an Interest in CBD Flower

And, we can hardly blame them.  By taking the hemp plant in its most natural form, you can enjoy the full variety of exciting compounds that it has to offer.  That’s why we have such a large and diverse selection of CBD flower products.  Read through them carefully in order to choose the one that best fits your unique hemp preferences.

Here are some more products from Pure CBD Now:

  • CBD Flower Pre-Rolls by For the People – This CBD Flower Pre-Rolls bring you closer to nature. A pack of seven pre-rolls total, with each containing the perfect amount of purely clean and raw hemp flower. It’s also loaded with cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential nutrients. 
  • Hempzilla CBD Connoisseur Select Flower Buds – The brand’s signature slow-curing process brings out the best flavor and quality of the cannabinoids and terpenes for maximum bioavailability and overall enjoyment. Choose between a ¼ and 1/8-ounce jar.
  • Jolly Green Oil CBD Pre-Rolled Flower – The strain used in our Hemparette’s is called “Otto” which is germinated indoors for its final flowering phase, this is one of Mission Lago’s most premium flowers with virtually zero seeds and a strong terpene profil
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