CBD Drip Additives & CBD Concentrates

When you need that extra kick, vape drips and concentrates (additives) are an extremely potent way maximize your CBD dosage. All of our products are lab tested. Just add some drops to potentize your favorite vape juice. We carry 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 1500 mg bottles of vape drips and concentrates.

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What are CBD Vape Drips and Concentrates?

CBD vape drips and concentrates is concentrated CBD additive made specifically for adding to an existing CBD e-juice, one drop at a time. These products are so highly concentrated that even a single drop can go a long way. They boast clean formulas that are unflavored, so that they can mix well with any hemp vape juice that you’re already using.

Different Choices for Different Vaping Preferences

We know that every hemp user has a different goal and set of preferences in mind when they set out to start a CBD vaping routine.

  • CBD isolate options are great for those who want to enhance their hemp vape juice with nothing but pure cannabidiol.
  • Full spectrum options enhance an existing vape oil with the full variety of compounds that naturally occur in the hemp plant. These include a number of cannabinoids and flavonoids.

How to Use Vape Drips and Concentrates Properly for the Best Experience

You can incorporate this product into your vape oil in two ways:

  • Method #1: Add the desired amount of product directly to the CBD e-liquid that’s in the bottle.
  • Method #2: Add the desired number of drops into the tank or cartridge after you’ve filled it with standard vape oil.

Note: These products are not designed to be vaporized on their own.

Common FAQs

  • Does CBD Drip Get You High?

    That stoney THC high? You won’t find that here. Properly derived from industrial hemp (and not cannabis), CBD does not carry psychoactive effects.

  • What is a CBD Concentrate

    A CBD concentrate is the broad term given to a family of more solid CBD substances that include waxes, shatter, crystals and oil. Yielded by hemp-extraction methods, concentrates offer up a pure, flavorful, and versatile expression of the CBD spectrum.

  • Do Concentrates Have CBD?

    Yes, CBD concentrates have CBD and then some. Highly potent, they present an enhanced CBD experience along with natural flavor profiles from the hemp plant. Pure nature.

  • What Are CBD Drips?

    Vaping e-juice by the drip. Flavor intensity, smoother hits, and the ability to easily switch up juice sources highlight the user benefits of CBD drip.

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