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5 Things to Look for When Purchasing CBD Flower Pre-Rolls

While the CBD industry continues to introduce new types of products to the market, more enthusiasts are gravitating toward the oldest form of cannabidiol that exists- raw flower.  CBD flower, also referred to as hemp flower, is nothing but the buds of the hemp plant which are picked and naturally cured, without any level of processing performed on them.  Flower offers the purest approach to consuming the compounds of the hemp plant and allows us to take CBD “as nature intended.” 

Flower is most commonly inhaled through a smoking or vaping process. This offers the fastest-acting and most potent effects out of any delivery method.  When shopping for CBD flower, you can either purchase it in the form of loose buds or pre-rolls (our main focus for this article). 

What are CBD Flower Pre-Rolls?

CBD flower pre-rolls refer to the raw buds that have already been rolled up in paper.  This is for the convenience of the user, who doesn’t need to go through the trouble of grinding up the flower and rolling it themselves.  Pre-rolls can be smoked right out of the package, without any work required. 

CBD flower pre-rolls are supposed to contain only one ingredient, which is hemp flower.  In other words, they should not contain any additives or filler ingredients that dilute the properties of the hemp plant. 

What Kinds of CBD Flower Pre-Rolls are Available?

When shopping for CBD flower pre-rolls, you have many choices to make as there are a lot of qualities that can vary between products.

Filtered or Unfiltered

Today’s pre-roll market offers a generous amount of both filtered and unfiltered pre-rolls.  Filtered pre-rolls tend to look and feel just like cigarettes, and many even come in cigarette-like packs.  Of course, the difference is that filtered CBD flower pre-rolls don’t contain any tobacco or nicotine whatsoever.  The main appeal of filtered options is that they filter the flower so that you do not accidentally get any in your mouth or on your lips.  They may produce slightly weaker effects, however, due to the filtering process.

Unfiltered pre-rolls do not contain any filter, and therefore deliver the smoke directly into the mouth.  The smoke may be slightly harsher due to the lack of a filter. On the flip side, you may experience stronger effects as a result.


Pre-rolls come in various sizes, which should be considered based on how much flower you wish to smoke in a session. Keep in mind that some people do take only a few puffs of a pre-roll and then put it out, lighting it up again hours later when they desire more CBD


Paper types include rice paper and bamboo paper, and it is important to check out the paper that’s used if you have some type of allergy.


Flower used in pre-rolls comes in a wide array of strains, just like loose flower buds that are also widely available on the market.  Most companies that produce pre-rolls offer their flower in a variety of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, knowing that today’s hemp enthusiasts are more strain-conscious than ever before. 

5 Things that Should Always Be Considered When Buying CBD Flower Pre-Rolls

Now that you know the different kinds of pre-rolls that are available, let’s talk about the things that you should always look for to ensure you’re getting a high-quality product that’s the most likely to give you the results that you’re looking for.

#1: Organic Hemp Plant Material

Pre-rolls should always contain hemp that was grown organically.  Organically grown hemp is simply superior, as it is more compound-dense due to growing practices that preserve the stability of each cannabinoid, terpene and other compound deemed desirable.  Further, organic hemp is free of pesticides and other potentially toxic materials.

#2: No Additives or Fillers

Like we said earlier, pre-rolls should only contain raw flower, without any additives or fillers.  If a company puts preservatives or artificial flavoring in their pre-rolls, this can greatly reduce the quality of the flower and ultimately your experience.  You should have no trouble finding out whether or not a pre-roll contains only flower, because companies are required to list the ingredients that they use in a hemp product.

#3: Third-Party Lab Reports

Like all other CBD products, flower products are supposed to be tested by a third-party lab.  Part of the reason why this is essential is because it is how companies are able to sell their hemp products legally.  The law says that hemp products can only be sold legally if they contain a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC.  During a lab test, the chemical composition is analyzed to ensure that the product complies with this restriction.

Lab-testing also tests the purity levels of the hemp and looks for any microbes that could be harmful.  Therefore, lab reports are a way to verify the overall quality of the product.  Lab reports should be accessible on a company’s website so that you can see for yourself that the flower used in a pre-roll is of high quality and purity levels. 

Many of us have specific goals in mind when we take hemp, based on the properties that the plant has to offer.  Therefore, when shopping for CBD flower pre-rolls, make sure to choose a strain that suits these goals as much as possible.  If you must, research the strain options that are available to understand the unique effects of each one, as this will help you personalize your experience.

#5: Freshness

Raw hemp flower can expire after six months, when its chemical compounds start to degrade and completely lose their potency as a result.  In other words, expired hemp has lost its desirable properties, making it almost useless. 

Find a company that has a good reputation, as they are more likely to sell fresh product.  If you must, contact the company to ask how fresh the flower is in the pre-rolls that they produce, since they should be able to provide this information.

Make Sure to Purchase Only the Best CBD Flower Pre-Rolls Out There

CBD flower pre-rolls are becoming extremely popular due to their convenience as well as the fact that they provide the purest and most unadulterated form of cannabidiol that there is.  When shopping for pre-rolls, it’s important to know that you’re getting a fresh, high-quality product with the properties that you’re looking for in the flower’s cannabinoids and terpenes.  Fortunately, now you know what to look out for in order choose the best pre-roll for a successful hemp experience at Pure CBD Now.

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