How to Avoid Burning Flower When Vaping it

There are all kinds of ways to inhale the compounds in hemp to experience unique effects. These range from disposable vape pens containing flavorful e-liquid to powerful vaporizer devices that take concentrates, which are extremely potent. One method becoming enormously popular is vaping dry herb CBD flower. This consists of placing the raw flower buds of the hemp plant into a specially constructed vaporizer device intended for this type of product. 

Overall, vaping dry herbs is easy. All you need to do is install your herb into the chamber and fire the device as you normally would any other vaping product. But, like all vaping goods, CBD flower can burn if you are not using your setup properly.

How to Avoid Burning Flower When Vaping it

Why Could CBD Flower Burn, and What Happens When It Does?

CBD flower, also known as hemp flower, hemp buds, or dry herb, is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and other desirable compounds that naturally occur in industrial hemp.  These compounds have not yet been activated by heat in order to be bioavailable, as extracts used in other CBD products like tinctures and edibles have.  What does this mean? Well, in order to take in those compounds. the dry herb must be heated. 

That is where vaping comes in.

Vaping flower is different from smoking it in that what you inhale is vapor rather than smoke.  Today, an array of vaporizers exist that are made just for flower products. They heat the product using either conduction or convection.  The flower is placed into a chamber that is heated via power from the battery, which in turn produces vapor that is inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Sounds pretty simple, right? 

Well, the thing about vaping is that there is always the chance of burning your product.  Various factors can cause the flower to burn rather than vaporize properly, and when that happens, you will end up disappointed. 

  • Burnt CBD flower doesn’t taste good. 
  • If the flower gets too burnt, the compounds that you’re trying to get from it will degrade and no longer be capable of delivering their properties.

How Can You Tell When You’ve Burnt Your CBD Flower?

You’ll know that your CBD flower is burnt when there is a distinctive burnt taste to the vapor.  Dry herb vapor should have a hemp-based natural flavor profile, which is herbal, with notes of pine, citrus, and earthiness.  Different strains have unique flavor notes, but overall, herb should never taste burnt.

Avoiding Burnt Flower

Luckily, there are ways to avoid burning your flower while vaping.  Although most vapers will accidentally burn their flower at some point or another, there are a few things that you can do to minimize the risks of this happening.

Tip #1: Use the Right Kind of Vaporizer

One big mistake that beginners make is using the wrong kind of vaporizer to vape their dry herb.  Like we said, there are vaporizers on the market which are made specially for this type of product.  That’s because dry herb is not like e-liquid or wax.  It is dry, which means that it cannot be heated directly in the manner that liquids and sticky concentrates are.  This is why dry herb vaporizers use either conduction or convection.  They don’t apply harsh direct heat to the product, but offer a more even, gentle heat that’s gentle on the herb.

It’s essential that if you’re going to vape your hemp flower, you seek out a vaporizer that specifically states it is made for this type of product.  Otherwise, you will burn your flower. Not only that, but ruin its ability to provide the effects of CBD.

Tip #2: Do Not Go for the Cheapest Device

Another common mistake is opting for the least expensive herbal vaporizer on the market.  We know that a low price can be very tempting.  However, there are, unfortunately, a lot of poor-quality models on the market. There are made by companies who are more interested in making money off of naïve CBD enthusiasts than producing quality products.  Cheaper devices may have unstable heating mechanisms or poor materials. Both of which can cause the flower to burn.  Do some research before settling on a particular vaporizer device to make sure that it has good reviews so that you can count on it protecting your flower.

Tip #3: Be Mindful of Your Settings

Probably the most common cause of burnt flower is having your device at the wrong settings.  Most dry herb vaporizers have various power settings, either based on wattage or temperature.  It’s natural to assume that the highest setting will give off the most potent hits. But the reality is that often or not, the highest setting just burns your product.  It is better to start vaping at the lowest setting available and work your way up in increments until the vapor output and flavor are satisfying to you.

dry cbd flower

Tip #4: Avoid Chain-Vaping

Chain-vaping is the act of taking hit after hit with little time between.  This can lead to burnt flower because this action tends to allow the chamber to get too hot, since it needs time to cool down between hits.  The result is burnt flower, as the chamber sustains a high temperature that the flower just can’t handle. Thus, leading to the compounds breaking down quickly.  Always be mindful of how frequently you’re hitting your vape to avoid this problem.

Tip #5: Using Old Flower

CBD flower is fresh for about 6 to 12 months depending on how tight the seal of the container is.  It can dry out if not stored properly, or left sitting for too long.  Once it’s dehydrated, it will almost definitely burn when you attempt to vaporize it.  This is why you should only use fresh flower when vaping.

Enjoy Your CBD Flower During Every Vape Session

Vaping CBD flower is a great way to experience the pure power of full spectrum hemp in its most natural form.  But, if you’re going to go this route, it is essential that you know how to choose the right type of vaporizer device and use it properly.  Otherwise, you can ruin your herb in a way that is irreversible.

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