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What are CBD Edibles?

The CBD industry is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, and edibles remain an extremely popular option on the market.  CBD edibles are widely available and come in all different kinds of varieties so that users can customize several aspects of their daily hemp routines.

Someone who is new to CBD may not be quite sure as to what edibles are, how they work, and what to expect when taking them. 

Edibles: The Basics

CBD edibles are simply edible products that contain hemp extract.  This allows us to ingest the compounds of hemp into the body, acting as a unique delivery method alongside other popular options like vapes, tinctures and topicals.  The most popular form of CBD edibles is gummies. These are wonderfully tasting, easy to chew gummy candies that contain hemp extract.

How Edibles Work

Edibles, as we said, allow us to ingest CBD and other hemp compounds.  When we ingest hemp, the compounds take a while to be active in the body because they must travel through the gut tract and get processed by the liver.  Generally speaking, edibles can take 1 to 2 hours to become effective, and the effects are often described as being a bit more subtle than faster-acting methods like vapes and tinctures.  But the effects can last for up to 8 hours, which is unique from other delivery methods, and a feature that is undoubtedly desirable.  Edibles are great for people who want to maintain active levels of hemp in the body throughout the day.

CBD edibles have gained incredible popularity for numerous reasons.  Besides their long-lasting effects that we described above; they are a particularly easy way to experience a daily hemp regimen.  Edibles allow us to savor our favorite flavors on a daily basis.

Edibles also have the advantage of offering a more consistent way to maintain a routine.  Each edible in a package has the same amount of hemp extract, which means we do not have to bother with mindfully dosing out each serving.  We know exactly how much to take daily.

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Different Kinds of CBD Edibles

With edibles being so hugely popular, you will undoubtedly find a massive selection when you go shopping for this type of product.  This can understandably overwhelm those who are less familiar with CBD.

So, allow us to break down the different things to look for.

#1: Milligram Strength

Refers to the number of milligrams of pure CBD per serving, compared to the other ingredients in the formula.  Typically, a standard dose is 10 to 25 mg, with higher and lower options being available.  When shopping, pay attention to the milligram strength, taking into consideration how strong you want your daily dose of cannabidiol to be.

#2: Flavor

Edibles come in all kinds of delicious flavors, so make sure that you find a flavor that appeals to your palate.  You can find everything from mouth-puckering sour gummies to luxuriously silky chocolate bars. Really look at what’s out there to find an option that excites your taste buds.

#3: Texture

Yes, texture plays a role as well.  You can find hard candies, soft candies, chewy fruit snacks, honey sticks, etc.  If you’re particular about texture, make sure that you find an edible that has one that you agree with.

#4: Chemical Composition

Edibles, like most CBD products, can contain any number of hemp compounds.  Here are the three types that you will find on the market.

  • CBD Isolate: Made with isolate containing a pure cannabidiol extract. The only hemp compound you will be getting is CBD isolate.  This is free of THC and does not contain terpenes and additional cannabinoids.  It offers concentrated CBD basically.
  • Full Spectrum: Hemp extract containing every compound that exists in the hemp buds. This includes CBD along with other cannabinoids such as: CBN, CBG and the trace amount of THC. Also contains: terpenes, flavonoids, and nutrients.  Full spectrum hemp produces the entourage effect, in which all of the compounds work together to boost the efficacy of each other.
  • Broad Spectrum: A THC-free version of full spectrum hemp.  It does not produce the entourage effect. However, it still gives you the properties of a wide array of compounds in hemp, including CBD and terpenes.

#5: Formula

The formula of the edibles matters, so look at the ingredients before buying.  Natural ingredients are regarded as superior, and you’ll want to avoid ingredients that you don’t include in your diet, such as gluten, refined sugar and animal products.

#6: Quality

Quality can vary between different edible products, so look for a company that has a good reputation, and make sure that they do third-party lab-testing by looking for lab reports on their website.

How to Take CBD Edibles

Taking CBD edibles is extremely easy and intuitive.  On the package, you will see a dosing guide that tells you how many to take per dose.  Follow these instructions and wait about 2 hours to feel the effects.  You can take two doses per day if desired or increase your dosage if you feel that this would be beneficial.

CBD edibles do expire after about two years, so make sure that you avoid the temptation to stock up on way more than you will realistically use within this period of time.

Taking CBD Edibles with Other CBD Products

It is worth pointing out that you can take CBD edibles if you’re already using another type of CBD product, such as a vaping product, a tincture or a topical.  CBD is nontoxic to the body, which means that taking more than one dose per day is not associated with any major risks.  Keep in mind that exceedingly high doses may make you feel sleepy.

As you can see, the CBD edibles market is booming, with a huge selection from which you can choose.  Look for edibles that are made with quality ingredients, in the preferred milligram strength and flavor, and take them daily according to your needs and preferences.

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