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What Does the World of CBD Dabs, Waxes and Shatters Consist of?

A lot of hemp enthusiasts are perfectly satisfied with their standard-potency vape oils, topicals, edibles and tinctures.  However, more CBD enthusiasts are deciding that they wish to use something a bit more, well, concentrated.  And, this is why CBD dabs have become so popular. 

You may find that dabbing CBD is a more ideal method of delivery for you due to its unique properties.  We’ll be discussing what makes this category of products so unique, as well as the most popular options that are available on the market today: wax, dab oil and shatter.

CBD Concentrates: Not Your Standard Hemp Products

So, what are CBD concentrates?  Well, as the name implies, they’re highly concentrated hemp products.  They are all used with dabbing devices, which we will get into at a later time.  What’s most important to know about CBD concentrates is that they will not get you high.  Although they almost always contain the trace amount of THC that’s found in the hemp plant, this amount is still too low to have psychoactive effects, even when it’s highly concentrated along with all of the other compounds found in hemp.

CBD concentrates can only be used with devices intended for these specific types of products.  This means that you can’t just add a CBD concentrate to a standard vape pen intended for hemp e-liquid.

Also, it’s important to know that most CBD concentrates are considered butane hash oils.  This means that butane has been run through the plant material, and this lifts the desirable compounds from the plant in a far more concentrated away, allowing for a thicker consistency and higher volumes of the compounds removed.  Butane hash oil is commonly referred to as “BHO.” 


CBD wax is amber in color, and it looks a lot like room-temperature coconut oil.  Needless to say, it’s extremely waxy in consistency.  It’s also opaque in appearance.  CBD wax, like all CBD concentrates, is very high in hemp’s many compounds.  It also tends to have some crystallization going on due to the way in which it is cooled after being extracted.  Due to its consistency, it’s easy to remove small pinches at a time in order to consume them.


  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to measure
  • Easy to produce


  • Less stable so it may break down sooner than other types of concentrates

CBD Shatter

CBD shatter is a lot like wax, only it’s been created slightly differently.  Rather than turning the hemp concentrate into a wax, it’s turned into an amber-colored, translucent liquid that’s left to dry.  This gives it a glass-like appearance and texture.  And, as the name implies, it can shatter due to its glass-like nature.  It comes in what looks like sheets and can be broken up in order to be portioned out. 


  • Longer shelf life
  • Pretty to look at


  • More fragile, so it must be handled carefully
  • Harder to produce
  • Can be difficult to measure

CBD Dabs

Now, we know what you’re thinking.  We just talked about how dabbing refers to consuming CBD concentrates.  But, there’s also a type of concentrate called “dabs” and it’s slightly different from the two mentioned above.  CBD dabs are also referred to as dab oils.  They’re thinner in consistency than waxes, being oilier.  But, they’re still very thick and must be used with the proper type of device.


  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to measure
  • Less messy


  • Can be less stable than the other two, meaning it degrades faster

Which Type of Concentrate is Best Suited for Your Needs?

Well, it really all comes down to personal preference.  All three of these types of products will give you highly concentrated levels of the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids native to the hemp plant.  In fact, the exact levels don’t really differ from product to product.  So, how do you make your decision?

We weighed the pros and cons of each, and so you can see how they differ from each other.  It’s all about the consistency of each product, and which one you’d like to be handling on a regular basis.  Also, unique types of concentrates are compatible with different types of devices, so if you prefer one type of unit over the rest, that can determine which concentrate is suitable to have.

The most important thing is that whichever you choose, you seek out high-quality concentrates.  Because of the way in which these types of products are extracted, it’s even more important that you choose your concentrates from the right brand.  The nature of producing concentrates requires meticulous attention as the compounds that are being extracted are being exposed to a specific heat source that is capable of ruining the chemical integrity of hemp if the producer isn’t being careful.  Needless to say, if you’re going to consume a hemp concentrate, you want the end product to be stable.  Otherwise, the compounds won’t do anything. 

At Pure CBD Now, we offer all three types of concentrates.  Each type is carefully extracted using the best techniques in the industry.  This ensures that each compound is heavily bioavailable and naturally abundant.  We go to great lengths in order to ensure that each concentrate that we produce is high in quality and fully capable of giving you the potent hemp experience that you desire and deserve.

Additionally, all of our hemp concentrates have been tested for quality and potency levels by third-party laboratories.  This way, when you buy a dab oil, wax or shatter from us, you can know that it is rich in the compounds that you want out of hemp.

CBD Wax, Shatter and Dabs Have Their Own Specific Uses

But, at the end of the day, these are three different types of products, and most hemp users have a strong preference over the other two.  Use this guide to understand all three of them thoroughly.  This way, you can decide about which type of product at Pure CBD Now you’d like to go with.

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