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What Does the World of CBD Wellness and Beauty Products Consist of?

Updated 09/06/2020

If there’s one thing that we can confidently say about the CBD industry, it’s that it is not going anywhere.  How do we know this?  Well, just look at the way in which the hemp market is growing, expanding and diversifying at such a rapid pace.  Remember when the most commercially available products were limited to edibles, vape oils and tinctures?  Well, not anymore.  Today, hemp companies are constantly dreaming up new ways to deliver CBD to the body using a wide variety of applications.

You see, companies are finding innovative ways to put hemp compounds into beauty creams, topical ointments, personal care products and more, and honestly, we are completely here for it.  Knowing what we now know about hemp’s unique effects when absorbed in a transdermal fashion, we believe that topicals of all kinds will be the trend of the decade to come.

Today, we’ll be talking about some of the CBD wellness and beauty items that we are especially excited about.  Most of these products are available at Pure CBD Vapors, so if anything below sounds especially appealing to you, check out our product selection and start experiencing the wonder of hemp in this new and exciting way.

Topicals for Bliss

The first major wellness and beauty advancement in the CBD industry was the development of topicals intended for blissful purposes.  We now know, thanks to scientific research, that hemp’s compounds are fully capable of absorbing through the skin and may possess many advantages compared to oral applications.

As a result of this discovery, companies have produced loads of topical products that give our bodies potent levels of hemp without having to be consumed internally.  It’s easy to find a vast selection of topical creams, lotions, ointments, gels, salves, massage oils and adhesive patches, with each consisting of CBD and other top-of-the-line ingredients. 

Skincare Products for Beauty Enthusiasts

We’re delighted to see that CBD is being incorporated into beauty products, because we know that the unique properties in hemp are too good to be left out of skincare.  These days, we’re seeing CBD-infused moisturizers, serums, scrubs, chemical exfoliators, cleansers, spot treatments, facial masks and more.  Each can be used regularly, supplying the complexion with quality hemp in addition to other ingredients.  We’re even seeing top beauty companies embracing CBD in their formulas.

Haircare Products Infused with Hemp

It’s not surprising to see that hemp has made its way into the haircare industry as well.  After all, the scalp has needs too, and we know that hair wellness starts with a healthy scalp.  That’s why we’re thrilled to see CBD shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners, deep conditioners and styling products.  While these haircare items help you maintain your haircare routine, they simultaneously give your scalp solid doses of CBD that absorbs easily into its many layers, providing the skin with its unique variety of chemical compounds.

Bath Products for Total Relaxation

Who among us doesn’t need to chill out with a nice, long bubble bath from time to time?  Well, if bubble baths weren’t relaxing enough, just wait until you start using CBD-infused bath time goods.  CBD can take your bath to new levels by allowing you to soak in hemp-infused water that’s rich in compounds.  Our favorite CBD bath products of the moment are bath bombs, bubble baths and bath salts.  If you’re a heavy bath enthusiast, you can try all three at once while you take a long, hot soak.

Personal Care Items Enhanced with Hemp Power

We talked about CBD skincare, but there are personal care items that aren’t necessarily for beautifying purposes only, such as foot creams, hand creams and lip balms.  And, the CBD industry has managed to upgrade these daily products with the power of hemp.  CBD-infused creams and balms can be used on the parts of our body that need a little extra love, supplying them with hemp compounds in order to help us maximize their usage. 

What We Expect for the Coming Decade

Now that you know about some of the more exciting CBD wellness and beauty products to hit the market, let’s talk about what the future holds, based on our predictions.  We do know that economic experts have predicted big things for the CBD industry in the 2020s, and so we can say with certainty that the wellness and beauty market will only evolve and diversify more and more over the coming years. 

Below are some of the things that we expect to see right around the corner.

Water-Soluble Hemp for More Versatility

One thing about hemp extract is that it’s oil-based, meaning that up until now, it could only blend well with other oil-based ingredients.  But, now, thanks to huge industry advancements using nanotechnology, we’ve found a way to produce water-soluble hemp.  What does this have to do with wellness and beauty products?  Well, a lot of wellness and beauty goods are water-based formulas, and by making water-soluble CBD, it opens up the doors for companies to find even more exciting ways to add hemp to commonly used items.

Advanced Skincare Solutions with CBD as Their Star

CBD skincare is only just beginning, as it’s a relatively new development in the industry.  But hemp users and skincare enthusiasts alike are embracing this development wholeheartedly.  Therefore, we expect to see more advanced skincare formulas that utilize CBD to its fullest potential.  We’re talking anti-aging creams that combine hemp compounds with synergistic plant compounds known to reverse the physical signs of aging.  Or, highly advanced retinol creams that combine vitamin A with the nutrients native to the hemp plant.  As the industry grows, we think additional science will be applied to the creations of CBD skincare formulas.

High-End Companies Embracing Hemp

Something we couldn’t be happier about is the fact that high-end and commercial retail companies are finally beginning to catch CBD fever.  We’re starting to see some of our most beloved companies finding ways to formulate their products with a little help from the hemp plant.  That being said, we expect to see an influx of this in the years to come.  Don’t be surprised if luxury beauty brands begin creating hemp-infused eye creams, skin serums and more. 

Prescription Topicals

We wouldn’t be surprised if prescription topicals hit the market at some point during the next decade, meaning that we can get high-strength hemp creams and gels from wellness establishments.

CBD Spa Treatments

Given the fact that there’s such a high demand for CBD these days, it’s really only a matter of time before the spa industry developments beauty and personal care treatments that revolve around hemp.  Imagine CBD body scrubs, hemp-infused seaweed wraps, CBD facials and, of course, massages that utilize CBD oil to get deep into those muscles.  Sounds dreamy, don’t you think?

Check Out What’s Available Today and Start Adding to Your CBD Regimen with These Types of Euphoric Products!

At Pure CBD Now, we’re proud to offer a wide range of wellness and beauty products that combine tried-and-true formulas with potent levels of high-quality, pure CBD and other hemp compounds.  As you can see, the wellness and beauty market is evolving very quickly, which means that we have more ways to incorporate hemp into our daily routine than ever before.

Here are some health and wellness products that you can purchase from Pure CBD Vaprs:

  • Hemplucid Full-Spectrum CBD Lip Balm 50mg – Made from whole plant CBD extract. Designed for topical application and absorption. Has 0.3% YHC added,
  • Hempzilla UNSCENTED CBD Bath Soak – An exceptional wellness CBD product. Unscented but this provides the body with transdermal administration of cannabidiol in addition to ingredients that do the mind, muscles and skin good, An all natural formula for rejuvenation of skin.
  • Active CBD Oil Deodorant 50mg – This CBD infsed deodorant will help you feel refresh and dry all throughout the day. The Active CBD oil deodorant has a bergamot lime citrus aroma and contains 50mg of CBD with no aluminum or parabens

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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