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What Exactly are CBD Vape Drips and Concentrates?

As it’s becoming more popular to vape CBD, we’re seeing loads of new and exciting vaping products hit the market that allow us to inhale those hemp compounds in a variety of ways.  Nowadays, we have CBD disposable vape pens, flavored e-liquids, refillable cartridges and more.

One especially innovative product that we can’t stop raving about is CBD drips and concentrates.  This type of product allows us to turn any e-liquid into a CBD-infused vape oil that’s both flavorful and full of hemp compounds.  CBD vape drips and concentrates are essentially the same thing, and they’re made by a number of quality companies that are known for their exceptional hemp extracts. 

At Pure CBD Now, we offer a wide selection of CBD vape drips and concentrates that come in a number of concentrations, strains and more.  As you’ll see, choosing which one is right for you requires some concentration.  We’re going to break down these unique products and help you figure out how to make the best choice.

How to Use CBD Vape Drips and Concentrates

Vape drips and concentrates aren’t just extremely innovative products, but they’re also super user-friendly, making them perfect for those who are new to CBD and already familiar with vaping.  All vape drips and concentrates come in very small dropper bottles, and what they contain is a highly concentrated CBD extract.  They can come in CBD isolate, full spectrum and broad spectrum variations, allowing you to select the variety of compounds you’d like to consume on your own terms.  They also come in different strains and concentrations.

How Do You Get Started?

Well, choosing the right drip or concentrate is the hardest part.  Once you receive your bottle, you’ll find that it’s extremely easy to add this product to your e-liquid.  Basically, if you utilize some type of vaping system that allows you to manually fill your own tank or cartridge, you already have the right equipment.

Those of us who vape know how to fill our tanks or cartridges with the right amount of vape juice in order to get many satisfying puffs out of our setup before it’s time to refill.  Well, when you’re using a CBD vape drip or concentrate, all that you have to do is top off your existing e-liquid with one of these products.  Each drop contains a certain number of milligrams of hemp, and so you choose how many drops to add to your e-liquid based on how potent you want your vape juice to become.  Simple, right?

Who Might Prefer Vape Drips and Concentrates over Other CBD Products?

So, you’re probably wondering if vape drips and concentrates are right for you.  Obviously, this product really only appeals to people who already vape and are looking for a way to easily add CBD to their daily routine.  So, if you’re an existing vape enthusiast who uses an open pod system, sub-ohm system or other type of refillable setup, grabbing this type of product should be a no-brainer. 

It’s also great because it lets you enjoy a variety of vaping styles without having to own multiple setups.  In other words, rather than having to have a designated vaping system for nicotine e-liquid and a designated system for CBD e-liquid, you can enjoy both types of e-liquid with one vaping system.  This is especially helpful for those who are away from home a lot and don’t want to have to carry around two separate vaping kits with them throughout the day.

Different Potency Levels of Vape Drips and Concentrates

One thing that is important to pay attention to is the potency level of a CBD vape drip or concentrate product.  Because these products are so concentrated, the amount of CBD in a single drop can vary tremendously.  There is a wide range of milligram strengths available, generally ranging from 500mg to 5000mg.  This number refers to the total number of milligrams in the entire bottle.

The Importance of Using CBD Vape Drips and Concentrates Properly

Now, it’s important to know how to use these products properly for the best results.  First, you have to be conscious of the quantity of a drip or concentrate that you add.  For instance, adding one drop to a full tank of e-liquid is quite different from adding one drop to a tank that’s about to run out of vape juice.  Also, because each drop is so concentrated, how many drops you add can dramatically change your experience.  We always suggest starting with one drop, and then seeing how you like it.  From there, you can gradually increase your concentration as desired.

Also, it is not recommended that you simply fill a vape tank with a vape drip or concentrate.  This would be extremely high in potency, and may not give you the experience that you want.  Besides, the thick consistency of these concentrated products can burn if they’re not combined with standard e-liquid.

CBD Vape Drips and Concentrates at Pure CBD Now

Next, let’s talk about the variety of CBD vape drips and concentrates that we offer at Pure CBD Now.  As our customers know, we go to enormous lengths to find only the very best hemp companies out there right now.  And, this applies to our vape drips and concentrates just as much as the many other products that we offer on our website.

The CBD vape drips and concentrates that we offer come in many different milligram strengths, as well as types of hemp extract.  This allows customers like you to customize their experience by choosing between several factors when making a purchase.  We know that our customers like to customize their hemp experiences, which is why we ensure that we offer as wide a selection as possible.

Every single CBD vape drip and concentrate that we have available contains carefully sourced and meticulously extracted hemp.  This way, you end up with a high-quality product that’s free of harmful impurities, naturally rich in the compounds you desire, and is chemically stable enough to handle the demands of a standard vaping setup.

The Blissful World of CBD Vape Drips and Concentrates Awaits!

CBD vape drips and concentrates are a great way to enhance your existing e-liquid with the power of CBD and other hemp compounds that are highly desirable.  Use this article to understand this type of product and choose the one that’s best for you.  And, don’t forget to explore the selection of CBD vape drips and concentrates at Pure CBD Now.  We’ve got a great variety of quality products that each enhance your vapes in their own special ways.

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