What Goes into Creating Delta 8 Vape Oil?

If you’ve been following the hemp industry, then you know that delta 8 is becoming a huge trend on the market right now.  This unique form of THC, which is technically degraded delta 9 THC, offers gentler effects along with unique properties, all while being protected under federal law as it is a hemp derivative. Easily, the most popular way to consume delta-8 THC is by vaping it.  And, as a result, hemp companies have already developed their own unique delta 8 vape formulas, combining an extract of the compound with ingredients that make it friendly toward vaporizer hardware.

How Exactly is Delta8 Vape Oil Made?

Well, let’s walk you through the process so that you can understand this product better.

It Starts with the Hemp Plant

We said that delta 8 is legal because it comes from hemp.  Federal law states that all hemp derivatives, including cannabinoids, can be legally sold and purchased thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018 which legalized the entire hemp plant.  Therefore, delta 8 vape oil starts with – you guessed it – industrial hemp.  Any company that prioritizes overall quality will ensure that they get their delta 8 from organic hemp plant material, as organic hemp is more chemically stable and less likely to contain impurities.

Extracting Delta-8

Now, the hemp plant must be run through an extraction process to lift the compounds away from the plant material.  This method requires that all of the compounds are lifted together.  After this process, individual compounds can be isolated.

Any good company uses the CO2 extraction process. Why? Because, this is the cleanest method. It’s also one that best keeps the product chemically stable.  Furthermore, CO2 extraction, unlike other methods, doesn’t introduce impurities into the product.

In hemp, there’s only about 0.1% of delta 8 naturally occurring.  This is an extremely trace amount, and so isolating the compound is a remarkably tedious process.  Companies can create a delta 8 extract from one of two methods. 

  • Method #1: Isolating the naturally occurring delta 8 compound in the hemp plant’s chemical composition.
  • Method #2: Rearranging the atoms of the CBD compound to turn it into delta 8. 

See, delta 8 is an isomer of CBD, which means that the atoms present are the same, except they are arranged in a different fashion.  Therefore, converting CBD into delta 8 is a surprisingly efficient method.

Isolating Other Hemp Compounds

Now, some companies will want to add additional hemp compounds to their delta 8 vape oils, but this is not necessary.  Companies that will do this may want to add CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, terpenes, and other desirable compounds to the finished product. 

Purifying and Decarboxylating the Hemp Extract

Once the desired hemp concentrate is complete, having the chemical composition that the manufacturer desires, the extract is purified and decarboxylated.  Purifying means using some means of removing impurities from the extract, and various methods are available and viable.  Decarboxylation involves activating the compounds by applying a controlled level of heat to them, so that they can be absorbed into the body properly and be fully effective.

Testing by a Third-Party Lab

With a finished hemp extract ready to go, it must be sent off to a third-party laboratory for testing.  Note that any company that does not do this part should be avoided.  Third-party testing is the only way for hemp companies to provide objective information to consumers regarding the quality, legitimacy, potency and purity of a hemp product.  It’s essentially how the industry self-regulates. 

The testing process involves analyzing each individual batch of hemp extract according to specific criteria.  Then, the extract is returned to the company, along with a certificate of analysis that can be shared with customers.

Creating the Formula to Make it Vape-Friendly

Now that the company has their lab-approved hemp extract, it’s time to use it to create a vape oil.  As you know, many companies use their own vape oil formulas with various ingredients and proportions.  Typically, a delta 8 vape oil will have a base of some combination of MCT oil, VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol), although more and more companies are gravitating away toward PG these days.

The formula must be just right so that the e-liquid can vaporize when heat is applied to it.  The wrong consistency or balance of ingredients can cause the delta 8 to burn, can interfere with flavor or leave you with a clogged tank.  Therefore, this is not a step that should be rushed.


From this point, a company can add flavoring.  Most hemp vape oils are flavored in some manner. Although, unflavored options do exist.  A vape oil can be flavored by two means:

  • Adding flavoring extracts that are naturally or artificially derived.
  • Use naturally occurring hemp terpenes, as terpenes have flavor profiles that can be combined to create a delicious taste. Typically, a delta 8 vape oil is flavored with terpenes. It’s a specific strain of cannabis that is fairly well-known.  Therefore, when buying a delta 8 cartridge, you may be purchasing according to the flavor profile or the strain of hemp.


Now, the company will package their delta 8 vape oil so that they can sell it in stores.  But this part isn’t always a breeze. 

  1. They must choose a high-quality bottle that can prevent the formula from degrading. 
  2. Usually, glass bottles are preferred. However, amber glass is even better. It prevents light from oxidizing the compounds too quickly.
  3. Create a label
  4. That label must be visually attractive, of course, but it must also be informative. 
  5. Companies are required to state specific pieces of information, like the serving size and ingredients. 
  6. Information regarding the type of hemp extract used to produce the vape oil, as well as the milligram strength, which reflects the amount of hemp extract in the bottle is crucial.  This number is important, because it determines how potent each hit will be. Therefore, this is information that customers should absolutely be aware of.
  7. Every vaper has their own preferred potency level with delta 8 and other hemp compounds.

A Lot Goes into Creating Quality Delta-8 Oil

Delta 8 vape oil is the result of many tedious yet ultimately beneficial manufacturing methods that come together to deliver a clean, high-quality and vape-friendly product.  The next time you go to purchase delta 8 vape oil, take note of the many steps that went into producing it so that you can better appreciate it and know what you’re vaping.

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