Common Myths & Misconceptions About CBD

When it comes to wellness and wellness products, people are usually pretty skeptical. After all, if you are buying a product to help you recover and manage ailments, you will likely approach the purpose with some concern — being that it is something that you will be putting in your body.

As CBD products began to emerge in online marketplaces, people treated it exactly as you might think — with skepticism and discomfort because of their lack of knowledge in regard to the subject. Like any product that is generally unknown by the masses when it hits the shelves, CBD products were a subject of conversation long before people had done their research on the benefits and uses of the valuable wellness and wellness tool — and when people talk about something before they do their research, falsehoods, myths, and misconceptions are bound to develop. 

Common Myths and Misconceptions About CBD

At Pure CBD Now, we sell a wide variety of CBD products on our online store. As an online retailer in the CBD industry, it is our goal to oust major misconceptions that people have had in regard to CBD and educate them on the various benefits of high-quality CBD products. So what are some of the most common myths and misconceptions about CBD products? Continue reading to learn more. 

Disclaimer: When we make claims speaking towards the value of CBD products, we are doing so while talking about the various brands and deliverables that we carry in our online store. Being that the CBD industry is largely unregulated, there are plenty of brands that can claim the quality of their products without verification from a third-party source. At Pure CBD Now, however, all of our natural CBD products are tried and tested by third-party laboratories. If you are interested in any of the lab reports for the products that we carry, we urge you to visit our lab test results page and find the product report for the CBD product that you are interested in knowing more about.  

Myth - CBD gets you high

While some claim that CBD can get you high, a true CBD product — used in the recommended amounts — will not.

Myth - there is little science backing CBD

Sure, it’s not regulated by the FDA, but universities and third-party labs have been testing CBD for years.

Myth - Thelarger The Doese, The better

When it comes to CBD, less is more. There is no correlation between large doses and enhanced effect.

Myth - CBD Won't cause a failed drug test

Being that full-spectrum CBD products have up to .03% THC, using too much CBD product can cause you to test positive.

Myth - CBD from Marijuana > CBD from Hemp

While some might think that CBD sourced from marijuana is better, it is not. CBD from hemp is equally as good.

Myth - All CBD is the same

CBD products aren’t regulated by the FDA — meaning any producer can claim to have a good product. Do your research.

Common Myths & Misconceptions About CBD Products

Below, we have listed a few of the most common myths and misconceptions that people have about CBD products, as well as why those myths and misconceptions are false. Continue reading to learn more and check out our large inventory of CBD products once we have brought to light some of the falsehoods within our industry. 

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Myth: CBD Can Get You High

One of the most common false claims that people make about CBD products is that they can get you high. In reality, CBD is a compound that has been defined by the National Institute on Drug Abuse as non-psychoactive.

While CBD doesn’t have psychoactive qualities, you can still feel its effects. Rather than causing mind-altering effects, CBD is known to have mood-altering effects and has since proven to be a powerful tool for people with uneasiness, depression, chronic discomfort, or even people that simply want to settle down and get some rest and relaxation.

If you are interested in getting high, trust us when we say that there are products out there for you — but they aren’t our natural CBD products. Your next question might be “Well, some CBD products have THC in them? So how do CBD products not get you high?” 

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While full spectrum CBD products have trace amounts of THC (under .03%), there is nowhere near enough THC to manifest psychoactive effects. Additionally, broad spectrum and isolate CBD products are 100% THC-free. So in short, no, CBD products cannot get you high. 

Myth: There Is Little Science To Support The Benefits Of CBD

When people don’t know much about a product and are skeptical of the value of the product, they will attempt to discredit it. Whether stating that CBD isn’t researched is an act to avoid showing your friends that you truly don’t know what you are talking about or a deliberate act to discredit a product that you personally don’t believe in, if you say that there is no science behind CBD products, you are very wrong. 

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While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may not have many rules and regulations in the CBD industry, there are plenty of other checks and balances for the research behind CBD and its benefits. Some examples of the scientific community who is in support of CBD research and the discovery of CBD’s benefits are the hundreds, if not thousands, of university research teams, commercial research teams, and third-party laboratory teams that study and assess CBD’s quality and benefits. 

At Pure CBD Now, we only sell products from reputable CBD manufacturers whose products have been evaluated for quality in a third-party laboratory. Why do we go to such lengths to guarantee the quality of our products? Well, we understand that some people are skeptical of CBD products — and we would like to change their minds by providing them with scientific evidence proving the quality and benefits of the products that we sell. 

Myth: The Larger The Dose, The More Effective It Is

When it comes to product consumption, people always tend to think that more product means an enhanced effect. For example, if you buy a large meal, there is a direct correlation between the amount of food you eat and the feeling of being full that you experience. So using more product is the same, right? The more CBD product that you use, the stronger the effect should be, right?

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Wrong! CBD has biphasic properties — meaning that low doses and high doses of a CBD product can develop entirely different effects. So the question shifts from “How much is the perfect dose of CBD?” to “How much is the perfect dose of CBD to achieve the effects that I am looking for?”

Generally speaking, larger doses of CBD product will products a calming and potentially drowsy effect while lower doses can provide relaxation while being focused and energized. So deciding what is right for you is critical. Check out our “How Much CBD You Should Take” page today to learn more.

Myth: CBD Won’t Show Up On A Drug Test

Everyone has experienced the moment of uncertainty before a drug screening similar to thinking of the poppy seed muffin that they ate three weeks ago and how they overheard someone in high school saying that a poppy seed can show up as an opiate on a drug screening. 

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While yes, a poppy seed muffin is from the opium poppy, a plant used to make dangerous drugs like morphine and heroin, the poppy seed itself only carries a small amount of the compounds that could flag a drug test. 

CBD is similar. Full spectrum CBD products all contain THC, a compound that could be flagged on a drug screening. However, full spectrum CBD products contain only 0.03% THC or less — meaning that like the poppy seed it is likely not to show up on a drug screening.

All of that being said, we can’t guarantee you that you will not fail a drug test after taking full spectrum CBD products. Why? Well, simply because we don’t know how much you are taking. If you consume more than 1,000 milligrams per day (around ten times more than the average person) you could be at risk of triggering a false positive on your drug screening.

Myth: CBD From Hemp Isn’t As Good As CBD From Marijuana

One of the most common, and most blatantly false, claims that we hear is that the CBD derived from marijuana is much better than CBD derived from hemp. At Pure CBD Now, that claim leaves us scratching our heads. 

Hemp and marijuana are both adequate producers of CBD. We do think the disconnect, however, is that when people think of industrial hemp, they typically think of the tall, stalky male hemp plants that are used to create textiles and other modern products. Female hemp plants, however, are the hemp plants used in modern CBD farming — and they are just as full and robust as any marijuana plant. 

The true difference between the two plants, however, is the type of CBD product that they become. Isolates and broad spectrum products are all made using industrial hemp. Full spectrum products that contain trace amounts of THC are often derived from marijuana. Learn more about the differences between the two on our “Beginners Guide To CBD” page

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Myth: All CBD Is The Same

When most people think of CBD products, they think of edibles, vape oils, tinctures, smokeables and all of the different CBD delivery methods. While yes, that is a differentiating factor in CBD products, it is not what you should really be considering. Instead, you should think of all of the different CBD deliverables AND the level of quality that each CBD product brings to the table. 

As we stated earlier, a CBD product from one company does not necessarily match the quality of a CBD product from another. Because of this, it is important that you find a reputable CBD product marketplace that sells CBD products that you can trust — a marketplace like ours, here at Pure CBD Now. 

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Pure CBD Now — A CBD Marketplace That You Can Trust 

If you are looking for CBD products for the first time or the 100th time, it is important that you do so at a place that you can trust. For years, it has been our goal to be that place.  
Offering our customers a premium inventory of CBD products from over 25 brands, complete transparency in the product testing process, and pricing on our CBD products that is second-to-none, Pure CBD Now is here to help you with your CBD shopping experience. So browse our extensive online store today to find your new favorite CBD product.

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