D8 Factory CBG Delta 8 Hemparettes 1000mg Pack


Certain cannabinoids in the flowering buds of the plant material offer uniquely desirable effects. Two cannabinoids that have got everyone talking are CBG (cannabigerol) and delta 8 (delta-8 THC). CBG Delta 8 hemparettes combine both cannabinoids for one phenomenal hemp experience. These user-friendly hemparettes are renowned for their fresh flavor, smooth smoke, and the ability to provide bioavailable levels of desirable cannabinoids.

CBG Delta 8 hemparette contain 50mg Cannabigerol and 50mg Delta-8 per piece, so a single one provides a dazzling sensation of cannabinoids at work. They come in a wide range of flavors and contain hemp that has been thoroughly tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure maximum purity and quality.

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