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Connoisseur CBD Tincture Lifter 500mg


Many people have come to expect only the finest offerings from the hemp plant, and Hempzilla has risen to the challenge with their Connoisseur CBD Tincture Lifter 500mg.  This oral tincture product offers a particularly dazzling sativa-dominant strain in the form of a user-friendly, highly bioavailable oil that can be delivered to the sublingual tissue for fast, potent effects.  With 500mg of full-spectrum hemp extract in each 15ml bottle, you can count on giving your body high levels of the compounds that you know and love while enjoying the mood-lifting, creativity-enhancing experience that this strain is known for.

This CBD Oil Product is for sublingual use only (not vaping).

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Hempzilla’sConnoisseur CBD Tincture Lifter isn’t your ordinary tincture, as it comes from the legendary brand’s Connoisseur line which goes above and beyond to deliver exceptionally formulated, uniquely potent and profoundly bioavailable CBD goods for the more particular consumer. This oil offers the Lifter strain in a user-friendly tincture formula that goes under the tongue to provide the body with a vast array of desirable compounds that work together harmoniously to promote feelings of positivity and wellbeing.

Full Spectrum for the Entourage Effect

The tincture formula contains full spectrum hemp extract, which is a type of extract that naturally retains its full chemical composition which is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, nutrients, and flavonoid. Each compound has properties that can promote desirable effects within the body, and when they are all taken together at onceallows the entourage effect to take place.

Potent Lifter Strain

Lifter is a sativa-dominant hybrid that lives up to its name by lifting the mood and promoting a boost to one’s mood, creativity levels and cognitive skills like memory, focus and motivation. It is great for both daytime and nighttime use, as it can also help calm the thoughts in order to create a more relaxing state.

Exceptional Purity Levels

This CBD tincture offers phenomenal purity levels that can be seen in the rich golden color of the formula. It has been processed only as much as is necessary to remove any residual impurities that exist beyond the extraction process, and it has a dazzlingly clean flavor as a result.

Lab-Tested for Quality

Each batch of hemp extract that goes into this tincture formula is thoroughly tested by a third-party lab for purity and quality, ensuring that it’s the most bioavailable and clean product possible.

Product Ingredients

Full-Spectrum Lifter Hemp Oil and MCT Oil.


Hempzilla CBD

About Hempzilla CBD

Uncage the natural powers of full spectrum CBD with Hempzilla. This Colorado-based industry beast puts a premium on hemp quality. How? By using only organic, non-GMO hemp grown under the supervision of the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Fed by the Colorado sun and rocky mountain spring water, Hempzilla’s clean plant-to-product approach and c02 extraction unleashes optimal flavor and potency across a range of delivery methods. They provide lab reports that come from third-party testing facilities.

Their claim to fame is their absolutely amazing CBD e-liquids and CBD Compatible JUUL and Koi Devices Pods that come in unique flavors. Each captivates any hemp user’s taste buds. Recently they begun dabbling in the world of CBD flower buds, bringing their obsession with hemp quality full circle. Hempzilla CBD doesn’t stop there, either. Their CBD gummies are renowned for their clean and delicious taste.

With a growing reputation for flavor and quality, Hempzilla is well on its way to its mission of taming the beast in the CBD marketplace. Pure CBD Now is excited to assist its ‘Colorado-proud’ mission.

Connoisseur CBD Tincture Lifter 500mg

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Connoisseur CBD Tincture Lifter 500mg
Connoisseur CBD Tincture Lifter 500mg