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Dank Labs CBD Vape Cartridge 100mg (Choose Flavor)


Dank Labs 100mg CBD Vape Cartridges are sweet and juicy cartridge flavor containing no traces of THC and clocks in at a rate of  99.99% pure CBD isolate.

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Product Ingredients

Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, 99.999% pure cbd isolate, and USP grade flavoring.


Dank Labs

About Dank Labs CBD

Dank Labs has produced an enormous variety of wonderful and innovative formulas using their signature CBD isolate hemp extract. These consist of edibles, vape oils and cartridges. Using CBD isolate ensures you’re getting a totally THC-free experience. Plus, an extra potent dose of pure cannabinoid goodness is never a bad thing. In addition, they use the best ingredients to produce clean and tasty formulas.

All of their CBD products are thoroughly and carefully tested by a third-party laboratory. This gives customers the assurance that their products are high in quality; capable of being effective and free of harmful impurities. Even their flavoring ingredients are superior, and you can taste the difference, without a doubt.

With so many customers asking us to carry Dank Labs, we had to bring them on. A small company that specializes in CBD Isolate products – get ready to experience the Dank Labs difference today!

Dank Labs CBD Vape Cartridge 100mg (Choose Flavor)

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CBD mg



Pineapple, Blue Raspberry, Peach, Strawberry

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