Delta Extrax Lights Out Gummies 2.0 | 3500mg

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Delta Extrax elevates the edible game with their latest Lights Out series, offering a potent blend of THC-H and THC-JD in each gummy. With a total of 3500mg per jar, these edibles promise an intense and flavorful journey. Nine unique flavors, from Purple Berry to Mango Coconut, ensure a delightful experience for all palates. Crafted with a proprietary blend, including live resin, for a peak euphoric effect, these are Delta Extrax’s most potent edibles to date. Enjoy the unparalleled taste and potency, all third-party lab tested for quality and safety, made in the USA.

Delta Extrax Lights Out Gummies 2.0 Flavors

  • Blackberry Acai
  • Kiwi Watermelon
  • Mango Coconut
  • Mystery
  • Purple Berry
  • Root Beer
  • Sour Peach

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