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ECOPETS For Dogs 30ml (Peanut Butter) – CBD Oil for Dogs


Ecopets has produced a highly advanced CBD formula just for our beloved pups, with a rich peanut butter flavor along with the perfect daily serving of carefully sourced, organic hemp extract that works with their endocannabinoid systems. This 30ml bottle is easy to administer and can be given once a day for maximum results.

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Ecopets for Dogs CBD Oil is the perfect addition to your pup’s daily routine by providing them with the perfect amount of lab-tested, organic hemp extract blended with naturally derived peanut butter flavor to offer a lip-smacking taste that no dog can resist. The formula is holistic and clean, containing only MCT oil as an additive that dilutes the formula to ensure the perfect concentration of cannabinoid density per serving. Each dropper full offers the ideal serving size which can be administered under the tongue or added to your dog’s food bowl. Meanwhile, the recipe is vegan and cruelty-free, with zero GMOs.

Your dog deserves maximum care, and if you value a holistic approach to their daily needs, this tincture is an excellent choice.


Eco Sciences


If there’s one hemp company that should be on your radar, it’s ECO SCIENCES. While a lot of companies play it safe with predictable formulas and administration methods, these guys take hemp to a whole new level with a wide range of extremely clever, innovative, and user-friendly options for those who wish to customize the way in which they take their CBD each day.

ECO SCIENCES is renowned for its quality formulas that contain only the best ingredients that money can buy. Even better, they utilize the finest hemp around, and each batch is thoroughly tested by a third-party laboratory. You never have to worry about quality when exploring what these guys have to offer, as they hold themselves to the strictest industry standards.

ECO SCIENCES is of the belief that it’s time to feel better. We can’t argue with them there. When the body is out of balance, it’s hard to enjoy life, and they want you to take your life back with CBD. The company is all-in on wellness, and they’re proving it by offering CBD products across the delivery method spectrum. Capsules, drinks, sublingual tinctures, vape e-liquids, CBD for pets, they know their way around our marketplace. Plus, their stats to back it up, with over 1,000,000 units sold and 1,000’s of happy CBD customers. Just think, you could be one of them.

Browse our selection and get back to better living!

ECOPETS For Dogs 30ml (Peanut Butter) – CBD Oil for Dogs

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ECOPETS For Dogs 30ml (Peanut Butter) – CBD Oil for Dogs
ECOPETS For Dogs 30ml (Peanut Butter) – CBD Oil for Dogs