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Hempzilla LILAC CBD Bath Soak (4oz or 12oz) Jar

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When was the last time that you treated yourself to a nice, long, and relaxing soak in the tub?  Well, Hempzilla has given us a whole new reason to indulge in a bath with the CBD Bath Soak – Lilac.  A unique, all-natural blend of Epsom salts, coconut oil, lilac and, of course, CBD provides you with everything that you need to calm your thoughts and ease aching muscles.  Just a scoop transforms your bathing routine into a luxurious experience that helps you unwind when you need it the most.  As the CBD absorbs deep into the body, the lilac scent will lift your spirits and help you feel more focused and grounded.

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Hempzilla has given us yet another exciting and user-friendly way to indulge in some much-needed self-care with the help of spectacularly extracted, high-quality hemp. The CBD Bath Soak – Lilac combines the uplifting power of lilac flowers with CBD extract and Epsom salts to truly take your bath ritual to new heights. Each scoop provides you with a rich array of natural ingredients that work together harmoniously to relax your mind and body, leaving you feeling refreshed and restored whenever you hop into the tub.

Uplifting Lilac Fragrance and Healing Natural Ingredients

Lilac is one of the most beloved fragrances of all time, but these gorgeous flowers are only in bloom for a couple weeks out of the year. Hempzilla has sourced the finest lilac fragrance to make every bath experience smell like spring has arrived. It has aromatherapeutic value that can benefit your mood, making it ideal after a long day. The lilac is blended with Epsom salts that supply your muscles with healing magnesium, while coconut oil leaves your skin feeling silky soft.

Effective Potency Level

Each jar contains 60 milligrams of CBD, which means that every scoop offers a generous potency level to truly give you the full effects of transdermal hemp. Soaking in the tub for 30 minutes allows your body to fully absorb the compounds through the layers of the skin, which helps them reach the muscles and joints more efficiently.

High-Quality Hemp from a Trusted Brand

Hempzilla is one of the most trusted names in the CBD industry, and you can count on this formula containing only the highest-quality ingredients, including lab-tested hemp extract.

Product Ingredients

Sodium Bicarbonate, Epsom Salt, Citric Acid, Coconut Oil, Proprietary Fragrance Oil Blend, 60mg of CBD (4oz)/ 180mg CBD (12oz). CONTAINS: Tree Nuts (Coconut)


Hempzilla CBD

About Hempzilla CBD

Uncage the natural powers of full spectrum CBD with Hempzilla. This Colorado-based industry beast puts a premium on hemp quality. How? By using only organic, non-GMO hemp grown under the supervision of the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Fed by the Colorado sun and rocky mountain spring water, Hempzilla’s clean plant-to-product approach and c02 extraction unleashes optimal flavor and potency across a range of delivery methods. They provide lab reports that come from third-party testing facilities.

Their claim to fame is their absolutely amazing CBD e-liquids and CBD Compatible JUUL and Koi Devices Pods that come in unique flavors. Each captivates any hemp user’s taste buds. Recently they begun dabbling in the world of CBD flower buds, bringing their obsession with hemp quality full circle. Hempzilla CBD doesn’t stop there, either. Their CBD gummies are renowned for their clean and delicious taste.

With a growing reputation for flavor and quality, Hempzilla is well on its way to its mission of taming the beast in the CBD marketplace. Pure CBD Now is excited to assist its ‘Colorado-proud’ mission.

Hempzilla LILAC CBD Bath Soak (4oz or 12oz) Jar

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Hempzilla LILAC CBD Bath Soak (4oz or 12oz) Jar
Hempzilla LILAC CBD Bath Soak (4oz or 12oz) Jar
From: $14.99