IKONIK Vegan THCp + D8 Gummies 4000mg


Discover Ikonik’s Vegan THCp + D8 Gummies, the ultimate in vegan edibles. Merging delta 8 THC’s calming effects with THCp’s intense euphoria, these gummies offer a potent 400mg blend per pouch. Crafted with 100% vegan ingredients and rigorously lab-tested, they promise purity, potency, and a lasting high. Choose from exotic flavors like guava, juicy pear, and more for a deliciously profound experience.

IKONIK Vegan THCp + D8 Gummies

  • Guava
  • Juicy Pear
  • Fruity Mix
  • Lemon Drop
  • Mango Punch

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