Modus Uppercut Blend Gummies 2000mg

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Unleash a carnival of flavors with the all-new Modus Uppercut Blend Gummies! Each pack serves up 20 vibrantly flavored gummies, each crammed with a potent 100mg proprietary blend of THC-H, live resin delta 8 THC, and THC-JD. Seven unique flavors, 2000mg total potency, one unforgettable experience! View Lab Report

Modus Uppercut Blend Gummies Flavors

  • Black Cherry x Limeade (Indica)
  • Blue Razz x Sour Strawberry (Sativa)
  • Mystery (Hybrid)
  • Passion Fruit x Juicy Guava (Sativa)
  • Sour Melon x Lemonade (Hybrid)
  • Tropical Mango x Golden Pineapple (Hybrid)
  • White Grape x Fuji Apple (Indica)

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